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Postby NUKELIES » 05 Dec 2011 10:34

German Court Rules "HIV Never Isolated"


Note: Dr. Stefan Lanka is one of the foremost critics of "official" AIDS theory, and I believe the most intelligent. He claims -- and has proved scientifically --that viruses do not and cannot infect, and are not what allopathic mainstream science purports them to be.

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:18:45 +0100 From: Stefan Lanka <
German Court Rules "HIV Never Isolated"
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson The
United Nations Centre for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva
8-14 Avenue de la Paix 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
To all Heads of Government and all Heads of State To all NGOs
Legal proceedings against the "Deutscher Bundestag", the Parliament of
the Federal Republic of Germany: Because of the intentional continuation
of acts of killing and manslaughter ( 220a StGB Germany) by the German
During the last six years proofs have been collected for the following
actions that have taken place inside Germany:
The State intentionally is using non-valid tests to persuade healthy
persons to take a deadly long-term medication. The persons, being healthy
before being tested die during the long-term-medication. The German
Parliament, since years intentionally is securing that this crime
Course of Events on January 15th 2001 at the District Court (Landgericht)
of Dortmund:
Judge Hackmann announced the statement of the "Bundesgesundheitsbehrde",
the Federal German Health Authorities, which says that in connection with
AIDS there has never been isolated a virus (Dr. Marcus,
Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) Berlin). The judge figured out that the
German Bundestag had been backing the lie of the Federal Health
Authorities (RKI, Dr. Marcus, 9.3.95) about a successful isolation of a
virus in connection with AIDS in the course of a petition (Art. 17,
Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, Pet.
The trial was based on actions of the defendant which were caused by the
misleading statement made by the RKI (Dr. Marcus) on the 9th March 1995,
that there were photographs of the isolated HI-virus inside the
publications of Montagnier (1983) and Gallo (1984). The judge proved the
untruthfulness of this statement using Dr. Marcus' statement itself. The
court imposed a suspended sentence of 8 months of jail because of
attempted coercion of the authorities to adhere and act according to law
and order.
The document of the German Bundestag DS 12/8591 holds proof that the
Bundestag had already known in 1994 that neither Montagnier (1983) nor
Gallo (1984) had isolated any virus in connection with AIDS. Based on
this the Bundestag safeguarded the persistent lie of the AIDS information
campaign (RKI) from 9th March 1995 about the successful isolation of a
virus in connection with AIDS. As a consequence of non-tolerating this
lie and because of non-tolerating the deadly consequences of this lie,
the trial took place on 15th January 2001.
It is impossible-as far as laboratory conditions are concerned-to develop
a valid Virus-antibody-test, if the virus has not been isolated before.
Every layman understands that an individual proof for an infection with a
virus is impossible, if the existence of the virus has never been
generally proven. This knowledge of the German health authorities, that
the tests are not validated, can be proven via the authorities' documents
themselves. The error concerning the test's validity is spread and
supported by the authorities-against better knowledge.
With two more petitions the Bundestag safeguarded the default of the
responsible authorities, not to carry out the law (63 AMG, Stufenplan
II), to do studies and observations to protect persons taking the
AIDS-Medicine, the chemotherapy AZT (Pet. 5-13-15-2002-058744 and Pet.
The health authorities and the Bundestag know that there will be no test
method to prove an HIV-Infection, as long as HIV has not been isolated.
And there is no doubt that AZT-as well as the HIV-medications in general
- are deadly themselves when used as long-term-medication.
In the course of the proceedings of the petitions the Bundestag created
an apparent peace of law, by means of deliberately untruthful statements.
President of the German Parliament Wolfgang Thierse regards untruthful
behaviour of this kind (as shown by the Bundestag) as being justified by
the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court). A videotape
documenting an interview (28th June 1995) shows that his predecessor in
office, Prof. Rita Suessmuth did know, that there had never been any
proofs for a virus in connection with AIDS and that there are no proofs
for the claims of infectivitiy.
Still pending in the Bundestag is the petition Pet. 2-14-15-212-02608. It
is lodging a complaint against the legal authorities, which stayed
passive after getting the attention of the proofs for these act of
killings. Enclosed with the complaint were so many proofs, which had made
it necessary for the Bundestag to take actions right after perusal, to
stop the continuation of these acts of killings by the state. Within the
last six months every single member of the German Bundestag was informed
six times via mail about these acts of killing by the state.
The intention of the German Bundestag to safeguard killings by the state
after gaining insight into the facts must be regarded as proven,
especially because of the fact that several petitions were rejected by
means of untruthful statements. The German Bundestag and every individual
member of the Bundestag intentionally safeguards acts of killings by the
state by deliberately misleading the public. Healthy people are
intentionally lead into a deadly medication via tests with invalid
results-and then die.
The criminal law of the BRD and especially 220a StGB (Genocide) protects
citizens from act of killings organised by a state which is deliberately
misleading the public. It also protects the citizens binding the legal
authorities to take actions after perusal. The prosecuting attorneys
attended the trial on 15th January 2001 at the Landgericht Dortmund and
learned about the facts, in front of the public. Their passivity
afterwards serves as a further proof for their further intention in this
matter. (LG Dortmund, Ns 70 Js 878/99 14(XVII) K 11/00)
Karl Krafeld und Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dortmund und Stuttgart, den 14.3.2001
Science, Medicine and Human Rights, Germany
Wissenschaft, Medizin und Menschenrechte e.V.
Officially registered humanitarian organisation
President: Karl Krafeld, Albrechtstr. 17, D-44137 Dortmund
Vice-President: Dr. Stefan Lanka, Ludwig-Pfaustr.1b, D-70176 Stuttgart
T (+49) 0711 2220601
F (+49) 0711 2220600
M (+49) 0171 3281070
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Postby voerioc » 05 Dec 2011 12:17

rerevisionist wrote:Well, a convincing argument is that hot climates support a different range of life forms than colder climates. And they are more aggressive - plants grow faster, insects grow faster, long cold intervals don't occur. Guinea worm, bilharzia, yaws, tsetse flies, large woodboring insects, termites, carnivorous plants, Chagas disease are tropical. So it's presumably possible that the life-cycle of small creatures that can live in blood needs a hot climate. You don't address the issue of sickle-cell anaemias.

I have to say though, considering malaria is supposed to be very dangerous, it seems odd that the fastest growing human populations are in malarial areas - but maybe this reflects anti-malarial drugs?

The problem is that mosquitoes with malaria live in Mediterranean places as northern as south of France. So, as mosquitoes fly, you should find malaria up to north of France. It's not the case. And there are often quite warm winters in France. So, infected mosquitoes located in the center or north of France should survive and then infect people.

And there is the problem of human hosts. The plasmodium survives in the body of infected people, even if they live in cold countries. So, progressively, humans living in cold countries should all be infected. During the summer, human already infected would infect mosquitoes. And then mosquitoes would infect other humans. Thus, you would have 10 % of the population infected, 15, 20, 30, 40 %, etc...

There is also the problem of birds. You have birds migrating to Africa during winter. It is known that malaria can infect birds. So, when they come back to northern countries, they should infect people. But, what a convenient thing : the malaria of birds isn't the same than the one of humans. The plasmodium is able to infect very different kinds of organisms, but it can't adapt from birds to human.

About sickle-cell anemias and malaria, it's just a correlation. So, it's not a proof of anything. Physiology of black people is quite different from the one of white or Asian people. So, maybe sickle-cells are just another of those physical differences. Maybe it's an adaptation to the hot weather or something like that. Maybe it has something to do with water being polluted by arsenic.

And you don't understand why the plasmodium wouldn't be able to adapt easily to this unique mutation. It's a microbe. So, it is supposed to be able to mutate very easily. And, even without mutating, you don't see exactly what kind of protection sickle-cell would give to people against malaria.
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Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 05 Dec 2011 22:47

That is exactly what I realised during my first trip to India in 1996. I was trapped all night in a hot hotel room filled with biting mosquitos under a noisy whirling fan. I couldn't drink enough water - I ran out of it. I had to keep the balcony door open. As I lay there suffering, I realised that that was malaria.

That makes perfect sense.

I stopped in Arkansas one night, along the interstate, and rolled the car window down a bit, and hung my bare feet through the window. The next morning, my feet were swollen and red from the mosquito bites. But I didn't get malaria.

As a kid, reading about that doctor in Panama that studied malaria, I always wondered why he didn't get the malaria. The fault might be in the illustrations that went with the story; they showed a white doctor and White patients. Most of the laborers on the Panama Canal were black, or mixed black, from the islands. They were paid 25 cents a day, and charges 17 cents a day for room and board. You can't get many white people at them wages; even in 1912.
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Postby rerevisionist » 05 Dec 2011 23:48

Voerioc - I was being a bit vague, as I wasn't sure if you believed in the actual existence of plasmodia, and the claimed transmission methods etc. Also I'm not sure if the various claimed species have any life cycle outside mosquitoes and people, as (e.g.) things like tapeworms do. Moreover it's not entirely clear how the alleged damage is done - maybe simple numbers clogging up capillaries, or 'invasion' of organs. Anyway I googled 'malaria sceptics' and there's a whole intersection with 'climate change'. And also with falling mosquito numbers, DDT, and different mosquito species. (And possibly Anopheles races, too). It's interesting everyone states that curing malaria is 'good', even if Africa's population soars over a billion, and despite the fact their lifestyle is mostly the fast breeding/ little care of offspring model.

Anyway; thanks for you comments. Seeing 'malaria control measures' printed next to 'AIDS' makes me think malaria could be complete BS, which I hadn't realised. On the other hand, the absurdity of AIDS doesn't prove all medical science, or all non-empirical medical science is wrong, though of course it's discouraging. Any more than legal money-making frauds like the 'asylum' system in Britain proves that the entire legal system is junk - though, again, it's discouraging.
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Postby voerioc » 06 Dec 2011 00:16

I don't think it' discouraging. To the contrary, I think it's exiting and the promise of great improvements in the medical field.

Of course, it doesn't give a very flattering view of the medical world, to say the least.

About the Aids affair, of course, it doesn't prove that all the medical science is wrong. But it leads to other medical fields. And then you become aware of other absurdities. For example, you learn quite quickly that vaccination is a swindle. And then, you learn that, surprise surprise, death were decreasing long before the introduction of vaccines. Thus, you come to the conclusion that in fact those so called contagious diseases were just diseases of poverty, poisoning, etc... Because, of course, if it is the case for diseases for which there are vaccines, there is no reason why it wouldn't be the case for all other contagious diseases. It's the contrary which would be surprising.

With Aids, you also come to the idea that maybe there is a problem of isolation for all viruses. And when you learn that hepatitis C has also never been properly isolated, the scam radar begins to ring loudly and the idea that maybe all viruses could be pure bullshit becomes stronger.
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Postby NUKELIES » 06 Dec 2011 02:46

rerevisionist wrote:the absurdity of AIDS doesn't prove all medical science, or all non-empirical medical science is wrong

That's a good point, but we have to look at the big picture. Allopathic medicine is fundamentally flawed because it is solely focused on cure. If I get a cold, I determine the environmental causes to which I subjected myself, and rest. Homeopathy is also curative medicine, although it is put forth as an opposite of allopathy. Prevention is better than cure.

I had to spend an entire month in India this past June, and of course got dysentery (excuse the mention). I suffered for days until someone gave me some pill to take for it. It worked immediately. So I figured that there was definitely an overpopulation of a given microbe - bacteria - inhabiting my digestive system. Dominant medical science would have it that that microbe was introduced into my system and infected it. I believe that any given microbe is present in and around one's body at any given time - regardless of where you are in the world. I think it was excessive environmental heat and the fatigue of travel in India that created an environment in my body conducive to microbial multiplication. I believe that microbes are opportunistic, and probably cannot predate bodies significantly larger than themselves. (It's like China - the collective [i.e. body] could never be overcome by a few rebels lol) I drank only bottled water and made sure it was from genuinely sealed bottles.

They say that minute quantities of fecal matter can contaminate foodstuffs and hence pass dysentery to new hosts, but if this were true then it would be more common in colder countries.

All dysentery means is 'afflicted in the bowels.'
ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French dissenterie, or via Latin from Greek dusenteria, from dusenteros ‘afflicted in the bowels,’ from dus- ‘bad’ + entera ‘bowels.’

The medical industry is a bloated, corrupt system - just look at the NHS! The NHS squandered a billion pounds over-expanding Manchester Royal Infirmary, and it looks like a giant pile of vomited-up spacecraft.

voerioc: you learn quite quickly that vaccination is a swindle.
A friend of mine works for the NHS and accidentally squirted a little flu vaccine on his skin and it left a serious burn welt on his arm! I couldn't believe that they are injecting that acid into people's bloodstreams!
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Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 07 Dec 2011 23:53

My mother had polio when she was in school. I always wondered about that because she was the only one in the family to get it. And as far as I know, no one in her school had polio but her. So, if it's contagious, who did she get it from, and why didn't she give it to anyone else in the family? She lived to 87 without getting it again.

And another thing interesting, is that my mother was grateful for DDT because the house had bedbugs. And her brother came back from the Army with DDT, and killed the bedbugs with it. But, I think that happened after she got the polio, and got over the polio, but I'm not sure, and now I am curious, and can't ask her.
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Postby rerevisionist » 08 Dec 2011 00:42

FistClassSkeptic, the polio-DDT possibility is a speciality of Jim West. This is a short sumary, probably copied from his work ---
I don't think he invented the idea. As far as I know, DDT was promoted widely against malaria, but there was a backlash. In fact, thinking about it, it may have been recognised that DDT was causing illness, but they preferred not to acknowledge this, but instead used Silent Spring style arguments to reduce or phase it out.

This is another site of Jim West's, which existed in smaller form from 2000 or before. It's very much more detailed than the summary in that first link: --
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Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 08 Dec 2011 13:16

b) The SOS Response: When a cell is critically threatened, accelerated genetic recombination (which may include virus proliferation) is just one of a set of events that may occur. This set of events is called the “SOS response,” which is known to be triggered by exposure to toxic chemicals or radiation.23

Arnold Levine, writing in Field’s Virology, provides an example:

“When lysogenic bacteria were lysed [split open] from without, no virus was detected. But from time to time a bacterium spontaneously lysed and produced many viruses. The influence of ultraviolet light in inducing the release of these viruses was a key observation that began to outline this curious relation between a virus and its host.”24

Is this mere irony? Common medical procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the use of toxic pharmaceuticals accelerate genetic recombination and thus the potential for a necessary virus proliferation.

So cells make viruses in the lab when stressed, and the scientists know this?
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Postby rerevisionist » 08 Dec 2011 15:53

FirstClassSkeptic, unless things have changed there are only two ways to detect viruses: the direct way, with electron microscopy; and indirect ways, typically by detecting proteins (the so called HIV tests do this), or maybe by detecting bits of DNA; or RNA.

Electron microscopy is tricky - the samples have to be in a vacuum and have to be dehydrated, because of the properties of electrons; they also have to be doped with heavy metals - osmium for example - or the structures are too faint. Note also that the sample is destroyed by the process - the fast moving electrons turn the sample into a lunar landscape style mess.

As you appreciate there is abundant scope for fraud, incompetence, uncertainty, secrecy and the rest. It's quite possible the stuff seen is simply bits of destroyed cell.

Incidentally the famous picture (I can't find it online) of the 1950s I think, like a space rocket, with the supposed legs which look as though they've been scratched into the emulsion, cannot be assumed to be genuine. There are plenty of photos which resemble artefacts caused by electron beam bombardment. I'm afraid nothing can be assumed reliable in the present state of science.
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Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 08 Dec 2011 16:57

AT that previous link, they mention rabies is not caused by a virus. I would like to know more about that.

In the USA, in most places, rabies shots for pets is mandatory.

There was an old book, Ole Yeller, about a dog, from which they made a movie. I read the book as a kid, and also saw the movie. Actually, the school teacher read the book out loud to us. And I read some to the class, in her place, when she had a sore throat.

Now, thinking about it, I can see that the movie was propaganda for rabies vaccination.

The movie went on to become an important cultural film for baby boomers,[2] with Old Yeller's death in particular being remembered as one of the most tearful scenes in cinematic history. It currently has a rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.[3] One critic cited it as "among the best, if not THE best" of the boy-and-his-dog films.[4] Critic Jeff Walls wrote:

Old Yeller, like The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars, has come to be more than just a movie; it has become a part of our culture. If you were to walk around asking random people, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not know the story of Old Yeller, some who didn’t enjoy it or someone who didn’t cry. The movie’s ending has become as famous as any other in film history."[5]
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Postby voerioc » 08 Dec 2011 17:26

About viruses, I think they simply don't exist. They are simply cellular debris, or just artifacts.

They have been invented during the great hysteria about pathogenic germs. Some "scientists" wanted to prove that some illnesses were caused by pathogenic germs. But they couldn't find any. So, they invented the concept of viruses. If they couldn't find them, it was because they were too small.

In order to "prove" that those illnesses were indeed caused by pathogenic germs, they took some soup of cells from a sick animal, and injected it directly into the brain of other animals. What an extraordinary thing, those animals began to become sick and even to die. They did the same thing with plants. The problem is that plants are very sensitive to injections. So, it was easy to reproduce again and again the so called infection, and thus "prove" that there was a contagion.

After that, they were obliged to maintain the lie. So, when electronic microscopes where invented, they had to find viruses with it. Otherwise, all virologists would have been fired. The problem is, you can't make the difference between cellular debris and viruses with electronic microscopy. And, as has stated rerevisionist, because of the limitations of this technique, it is perfectly possible that all those particles seen with EM are pure artifacts.

And about antibody tests, there are absolutely non specific. Since immune system doesn't exist and is just a sewer system, antibodies are just sticky particles. Particles which stick to all kinds of cellular debris, which are then recycled and eliminated by the liver. So, you can't identify any particle with antibody tests. They just estimate the concentration of particles in the blood, nothing more. Aids dissidence has shown us that aids test reacts positive to nearly 60 other illnesses. It can be possible only if antibody tests are absolutely non specific at all.

About dna tests, it's the same bullshit. Just look what happened to people who tried to know the sex of their babies before the birth with dna tests (like "tell me pink or blue" and other ones). Oooops, the supposed 99,9999999999 % specific tests were not better than trying to predict the sex by throwing a coin.
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