"Alex Jones ... Possible STRATFOR Double Agent" ... Possibly Bill Hicks

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"Alex Jones ... Possible STRATFOR Double Agent" ... Possibly Bill Hicks

Postby rerevisionist » 06 Mar 2012 19:21

Post added by rerevisionist 19 December 2012: There's a theory, new to me, that Alex Jones is in fact the comedian Bill Hicks, though, of course, he would be twenty years older than when he supposedly died. Search Youtube or elsewhere for evidence. This and the following suggests Hicks was offered some sort of contract to front a new style of Internet channel, which could be used to collect information on people interested in revisionist topics. After many years of wearying comedy routines, the Jewish cents may have been welcome to him.

"Alex Jones Cancels Speaking Tour 3 Days After Exposure As Possible STRATFOR Double Agent"

Article in David Icke, truthernews, and no doubt elsewhere, apparently following after David Chase Taylor of Truther.org. This is the nearest evidence on truther.org is a youtube video of Alex Jones (it hasn't had many hits and may not be interesting!)

But there's also this (I've changed a few typos)---
Feb 16 2012 As detailed in the original article (see below), STRATFOR admits to being an intelligence gathering center and therefore it stands to reason that Alex Jones and his affiliates of Infowars and PrisonPlanet have likely been gathering intelligence, data and info on patriotic Americans since 1996, coincidently the exact same year that STRATFOR was founded.

Feb 12 2012

Austin, Texas
The city of Austin is the capital of Texas and home to both STRATFOR and Alex Jones. The city also boasts other political intelligence operatives; namely: Karl Rove, top Republican Strategist, Steven Jackson, founder of the Illuminati card game, Jehmu Green, founder of Rock the Vote, and Silona Bonewald, founder of the League of Technical Voters. Austin is located only 199 miles away from Lake Jackson, Texas, which is home to U.S. Congressman and 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Needless to say, Austin represents a majority of the Republican/Right Wing power structure in America.

Founded in 1996
A global intelligence company, Strategic Forecasting, Inc., also known as STRATFOR, was founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas, by George Friedman. Alex Jones’ career was also founded in 1996 when he began his radio career with a public-access television cable TV program, but was quickly promoted and hired on at KJFK in Austin hosting a show entitled “The Final Edition”.

STRATFOR WEBSITE: “STRATFOR’s global team of intelligence professionals provides an audience of decision-makers and sophisticated news consumers in the U.S. and around the world with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments. The company uses human intelligence and other sources combined with powerful analysis based on geopolitics to produce penetrating explanations of world events. This independent, non-ideological content enables users not only to better understand international events, but also to reduce risks and identify opportunities in every region of the globe. The company delivers content daily on its Web site, in videos, e-mails and books, and an iPhone app.”

STRATFOR WEBSITE: STRATFOR delivers critical intelligence and perspective through:
Situation Reports: Snapshots of global breaking news
Analysis: Daily reports that assess key world events and their significance
Quarterly & Annual Forecasts: Rigorous predictions of what will happen next
Multimedia: Engaging videos and information-rich interactive maps
Intelligence Guidance: Internal memos that guide STRATFOR staff in their intelligence-gathering operations in the immediate days ahead

Currently STRATFOR’s products are oriented around individual subscriptions, of which the “Premium” product is the most comprehensive in content offered. Some of STRATFOR’s work remains available free to the public. STRATFOR has some products available to the public including private briefings, corporate memberships, a publishing business that includes written and multimedia analysis and an iPhone application.

The Oranges
Alex Jones and his team of reporters, writers, and producers routinely schedule, host and quote former and current intelligence officials such as Dr. Steve Pechenik (DOD), Wayne Madsen (NSA), Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (Senior Fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies), David MacMichael (CIA), Ray McGovern (CIA), and James Wesley Rawles (ARMY Intelligence) just to name a few. These intelligence operatives provide Alex Jones’ listeners with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments. Alex Jones and Infowars use live reporting, websites, podcasts, video streams, videos, books, iPhone applications and a host of other media to attempt to explain and make understood world events.

Alex Jones & Infowars delivers critical intelligence and perspective through:
Situation Reports: Snapshots of global breaking news (Nationwide Reporting- Nightly News)
Analysis: Daily reports that assess key world events and their significance (Daily Radio Show)
Forecasts: Rigorous predictions of what will happen next (Forecasting – Gerald Celente)
Multimedia: Engaging videos and information-rich interactive maps (Movies, Videos, Websites)
Intelligence Guidance: (Internal memos likely guide INFOWARS staff in their intelligence-gathering operations as they database addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses)

Alex Jones’ main product is merchandise in the way of DVD’s, books, stickers and clothing, but customers can obtain the “premium” Prison Planet TV membership which allows unfettered access to all of Alex Jones’ films, interviews and broadcasts in high quality. Alex Jones’ daily radio show, website and iPhone application remain free to the public.

People in High Places
According to STRATFOR, the company’s publicity list includes Fortune 500 companies and international government agencies, although their client list is allegedly confidential. Like STRATFOR, Alex Jones’ publicity list includes celebs like Charlie Sheen, Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura and Joe Rogan, as well as a number of other “elite” individuals within government, intelligence, Hollywood, and the corporate world. How and why Jones is so deeply connected to the “elite” despite being a “conspiracy theorist” is a mystery and quite baffling unless he is indeed part of an intelligence network.

9/11 Predictions
In the days before and on 9/11, both STRATFOR and Alex Jones were making predictions about what was going to happen and who would be allegedly responsible. According Wikipedia, STRATFOR has a connection to the 9/11 attacks: “At the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks, STRATFOR made its “breaking news” paragraphs, as well as some notable analyses predicting likely actions to be taken by al-Qaeda and the Bush administration, available freely to the public.

From the point of view of this site, there is some doubt over 'David Chase Taylor' (as well as the others, obviously!) ---
..... Published 4 days prior on January 28, 2011, David Chase Taylor’s free ebook, entitled The Nuclear Bible, specifically named Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011, in Dallas, Texas, as the target, date and location of the impending nuclear terror attack. After publishing The Nuclear Bible, Taylor conducted multiple radio interviews and phoned numerous intelligence and law enforcement agencies throughout America to personally ensure that no acts of terror were conducted on the American people. Based on the sudden interest in Taylor by U.S. intelligence services, Taylor, anticipating retaliation and fearing for his life, applied for political asylum in Switzerland on March 8, 2011. ....

This is the site of the 'free ebook' https://sites.google.com/site/davidchasetaylorasylum/the-nuclear-bible on a supposed nuclear false-flag (but real bang). Lots of detail on claimed thefts of 'nukes'. Anyone like to comment? I thought all this should at least be mentioned.
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Re: "Alex Jones ... Possible STRATFOR Double Agent"

Postby Exorcist » 06 Mar 2012 22:11

From David Chase Taylor's Ebook

"I. Pre-Super Bowl XLV Evidence

1. The 6 Hijacked Nukes
Roughly 3 years prior to Super Bowl XLV on August 29, 2007, an unprecedented event occurred which wasn’t reported until September 23, 2007. Under the Bush and Cheney administration, 6 thermo-nuclear 150 kilo-ton nuclear warheads disappeared. What role these 6 nuclear weapons would have played in the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot on is unknown, but Barksdale Air Force Base, where the nukes were last seen is roughly 100 miles from Dallas, Texas. Although the Air Force has since stated that the nuclear weapons were recovered, the deaths of at least (10) U.S. Air Force servicemen surrounding the incident makes it impossible to confirm that the hijacked nuclear weapons are not in the hands of Zionist terrorists.

More psyops lies and bullshit in the manner of Eyres. Chase Taylor is a "fake" truther seeking "fake" asylum to escape "fake" threats from "fake" Zionist terrorists possessing 6 hijacked "fake" nuclear weapons. Like the Jaws films each one of these sequels gets less convincing. The best episode in the Jaws genre featured the Goodies in a speedboat being chased across a reservoir by a giant set of dentures. Whoever thinks up this Zionist propaganda crap would be far better employed as comedy scriptwriters.
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