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Note, added August 2012: when I first uploaded some of this, in 1998, I wasn't aware of the idea that Chomsky was part of 'controlled opposition', permitted to raise some issues but bury others. As examples, he discusses 'American Power' while ignoring Jewish controls over money and and profiteering; he deters interest in the reasons for JFK's murder and 9/11; his claim to support 'anarchism' is ludicrous; he was/is funded by the USAAF, which fact alone is enough to cast doubt on his integrity. He seems to have been co-opted after starting descriptive work on modern Hebrew. (Note that Stalin's last published booklet was on linguistics). So I now think the 'controlled opposition' hypothesis must be true, and advise readers to ask themselves what is omitted from Chomsky's articles and life.
Youtube comment by sssssjjjj1 April 2017:
Chomsky is a fake to the gills. hhahaha He always has stacks of books in the back ground. ahhahha What a trigger situation to make idiots right off the bat think, "Wow, he's smart...see all the books Tom, he must be smart, huh?" Then he starts EVERY damn sentence with, "We intellectuals.......blah blah blah!" Then always blames, 'the west' or 'America' or 'the U.S.'. Names of places DON'T commit crimes or do anything else. The policy makers (banker j's) do that. Then Deuchwitz starts sentences with, "I was having dinner with esteemed colleague...blah blah blah lie lie lie." The Bitchie Kaku [fake science 'guru'] starts with, "We theoretical physicists......blah blah blah". SEE THE J_ish pattern here? It's not hard to see.

Audio: Chomsky linguistics talk in London University, 1995 'Minimalist Explorations' (recorded with handheld tape recorder - hissy)
Text: 'AntiNoamianism'. Is Chomskyan Linguistics a Dead End? (Probably)

Here are a few highly critical revisionist book reviews (all in one long file; you may need to click to view:-
Noam Chomsky: Backroom Boys (1st published 1973; but not included in some bibliographies)
Noam Chomsky & Edward S. Herman: Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1st published 1994)
Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda (1st published 1997)
Noam Chomsky: Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (1st published 2003)

Discussion on Chomsky on Nuclear Weapons:-
Noam Chomsky on Nuclear Weapons etc: Just Another Jewish Phony? From Low-grade academic to guru?

Other relevant reviews:-
Edward Bernays: Propaganda Chomsky often refers to Bernays (a Jew related to Sigmund Freud) and propaganda (1st published 1928?)
John Pilger: Distant Voices Pilger has a similar writing style and outlook to Chomsky, but has television presence. If you believe the mass media publish honest accounts of world events, you'll believe John Pilger doesn't omit material (1st published 1993?). NB I've seen a suggestion that Pilger's real name is Pilinger or Pillinger, and that he's yet another concealed Jew.


Foreword to the Bertrand Russell Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal (1971)
‘After Pinkville’ (1971)  
Noam Chomsky: ‘In Defense of the Student Movement’ (1971)
‘The Pentagon Papers and US Imperialism in South East Asia’ (1972)
Long article worth pondering: does it mention weapons as money-makers? Does it identify other profiteers? Does it identify warmongers? Does it quantify? Does it mention the Jewish nexus between the USA and USSR? Does it mention the media control of 'news' by Jews? Does it show awareness of Asia? Does it identify groups that wanted war?

Human Rights in the New World Order (1995) with questions/answers/ + my endnotes
Noam Chomsky TV interview by John Pilger [Australian radical journalist] (1992)
Noam Chomsky on AIDS (1996)

Noam Chomsky: 'Minimalist Explorations' (transcribed 1995 lecture)

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