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AIDS—Opposing the Myths.
Remember 'AIDS' was invented in 1984 by the American Health Secretary, who believed herself to be a 'Jew'. Ten years later, I present here examples of progress made in debunking the myths. However, media control remains so great that the truth has barely leaked out to average people even thirty years later.

1994 Bryan Ellison of Rethinking AIDS Christmas Day 1994. This was a radio interview by the publisher of Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS with one joint author, Bryan Ellison PhD. The other author was Peter Duesberg. The two authors fell out, and the book is almost unobtainable. However, it was and is a brilliant book, not just on AIDS, but other medical frauds and scares. Audio taped radio broadcast interview in the USA; a copy was mailed to me from the USA. Click here for Bryan Ellison 'Rethinking AIDS' [59min 53]
1994 Joan Shenton 29 April 1997 interview in the offices of Continuum in the concrete Stalinist-style Brunswick Centre near Russell Square. Continuum lasted for some years and specialised in trying to expose the truth about 'AIDS'. (Some PDF copies are online see www.altheal.org/continuum). Joan Shenton ran Meditel; her company made many TV programmes, including some on the myth of AIDS. These were I think commissioned by, and broadcast on, Britain's Channel 4; the other channels including the BBC would of course never show such programmes. This is an informal chat, recorded on a small hand-held tape recorder, with little preparation. Joan Shenton [Just over 1 hour]
1997 Neville Hodgkinson author of AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science. Tape recorded at South Place Ethical Society with good equipment. SPES organise Sundays based around morning and afternoon lectures; originally they were an alternative to church. Prepared talk, followed by Q/A Session, at this long-established venue. Hodgkinson was a journalist under Andrew Neil of the Sunday Times, who invited him to cover medical issues. Neil ran Hodgkinson's accounts—possibly the only courageous thing Neil ever did. Neville Hodgkinson [1 hr 13 mins - .ogg format]
June 1997 Michael Verney-Elliott RIP. Interview of over three hours in his London flat; he worked with the help of Ken Russell, the filmmaker's, son, who would find medical papers in London University's libraries. Michael was ill (from smoking-related emphysema) but worked tirelessly and intelligently on AIDS. Two 90-minute tapes, good equipment, but not well prepared on my part. Michael Verney-Elliott at home in London [3 hr 9 min]
May 2002 Perth Group Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Valendar 'Val' Turner in Perth, Western Australia. Opposed the 'AIDS' consensus. Small hand tape recorder; recorded on impulse as I happened to be there, and they didn't mind. Crits of uncertain electron microscopy identification of viruses. Perth Group - Australian AIDS thinkers [c. 1hr 35min]

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Anarchism. Long interview with Peter Cadogan, who worked for some years at the South Place Ethical Society (SPES) in Red Lion Square and I think allowed the BNP to present its case there on free speech grounds, a decision disliked by the Jewish people trying to run the place. This may have been related to the death of Blair Peach. At any rate he was expelled or removed.
    He was a likeable man who ended up I think near Abbey Road (of the Beatles recording studio) in a council flat with his books and with little money; he seemed to eat mainly eggs. He was well known in alternative left circles.
    This recording is something like his autobiography; each tape was nominally 90 minutes, and in practice more like 100. So the files are l o n g.
Peter Cadogan in 1996 Part 1 of 3
Peter Cadogan in 1996
Part 2 of 3
Peter Cadogan in 1996 Part 3 of 3

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Anti-white Racism.

Arthur Kemp speaking in June 2009. Arthur Kemp has written many books and republished many previously out-of-print books. His magnum opus is his March of the Titans. One of his reprints is Professor John Baker's book Race, first published in 1974. Click for his website/blog—opens in a new window. Here's a half-hour talk (to save bandwidth, it's more blurred than I'd like) on "the recent Home Office report.. 40% of all under-20 year-olds in London are non-white." Click to download or view depending on your default software—I like VLC. [c. 28 mins flash video]
racist black woman on London bus Aug 2012 removed by Youtube Anti-White Racist rant by black woman on London bus   Story from The British Resistance website. Copyright owner not known to me.
Emma West and Jacqueline Woodhouse were both jailed in Britain for making similar comments to those in this video, which were caught on mobile phones. Youtube hosted, and has retained, phone videos of both West and Woodhouse, which have had large numbers of hits. However, following their anti-white race policy, and the obviously false idea that only whites can ever be racist, Youtube removed this video.
Racist black woman in London bus rant part 1 Click to download or view, depending on your default software—I like VLC. [c. 90 secs flash video]
Video by an onlooker of Coral Millichip, English girl, apparently reacting to immigrant sex molester and who was, unbelievably, jailed.
Compare with Four Somali Muslim girls attack 'white bitch' in Leicester. No jail sentence.
Weyman Bennet SWP Weyman Bennett on the Rise of the British Empire 1996—fairly short talk exhausts Bennett, who doesn't seem to know there were two British empires. Uploaded because this is the sort of thing forced upon people these days under the Jewish 'education' system, designed to dumb-down the 'goyim'. Bennett (black African) is (or was) paid to help intimidate whites.

Largely question-and-answer session.
Click to listen or save c. 80 minutes in total.

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Astronomy: Criticism of the 'Big Bang', based on the 'Red Shift' - itself almost a century-old idea.

Halton Arp lecture in November 2000, London. Arp is well-known for having been excluded from his observatory, possibly under a pretext, to keep him out of the way. He believes the 'Red Shift', which gave rise to the pre-1939 'expanding universe' idea, and itself dependent on very difficult observing conditions with very expensive equipment, is false. And doubts the 'Big Bang'. Recorded on a small portable tape recorder. His lecture had slides of galaxies which are of course not shown here. I asked him a few questions after his lecture. Halton Arp on the 'Big Bang' and 'Red Shift' [c. 1hr 24min]

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BBC as Junk Propaganda - Two Examples

2011-11-11 Panorama on "BNP fraud". This is a small part of the BBC's campaign against the BNP, and indeed part of the anti-white policy of the BBC's controllers. This edition of "Panorama" seems to have been thoroughly 'scrubbed' (Miles Mathis's word) without explanation, despite having been broadcast to a few million people in Britain. I found a copy and here's the MP4 version (file name 2011-10-10-bbc1-tv-panorama-bnp-fraud-exposed.mp4); apologies for the poor lip synch. Unedited in any way. May be of interest to people looking into infiltration, destabilisation, obfuscation...
2011 October 10 BBC1 TV Panorama "BNP Fraud Exposed"   [c. 30 mins - c. 375 MB]
2012 Panorama supposedly dealing with a 'new housing crisis', amongst some middle class people. Note various aspects of this video (put here on grounds of public interest. The quality is nowhere near as good as the original - it's for informational purposes only).

Notes: (1) All the people are white. There's no comparison with immigrants of any sort, many of whom are housed ahead of the British. (2)The suspect staged filming: how could they contact the 'ex merchant banker' to arrange filming sessions? (3) The tiny number of cases considered, and the potted life histories which sound unreliable. (4) The complete absence of any overview: who gets the rents? How many people are being planned for? Why are those responsible for promoting immigration not named? How much money ends up borrowed from Jews, adding to the national debt? ..... Just a few questions that come to mind.
BBC 'Homelessness' 13 December 2012   [c.50 mins]

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1996 McLibel Group Pub meeting in London by the 'Alliance for Workers Liberty' on 'BSE and the Politics of Meat'. Organised by people involved in distributing leaflets against McDonalds. (They are not sound on BSE and organophosphates; nor on the manoeuvrings recorded by Rudy Stanko of Texas). 1996 BSE and the politics of meat [c. 1hr 36min]

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Cell Biology: Mistakes in Techniques and Misunderstandings these cause in Biology

Stills from Harold Hillman's films, including 'The Living Cell' My recorded interview with Harold Hillman in 1996 when he was aged 65 - three hours of very detailed and carefully-planned interview. His life's work and discoveries, and clashes with the biology establishment. Recorded on good equipment; unedited; Hillman's work, and life experiences, in chronological order. Intelligent people, including non-biologists, shouldn't have much difficulty with the technical material, or the academic manoeuvres.
Harold Hillman - part 1
Harold Hillman - part 2
Note: at the time of making this recording I was unaware that the 'holocaust' is a fraud, and that nuclear weapons are also almost certainly a fraud.

  30 minute video incorporating Harold Hillman's 1977 film
made for biology students. With my own title and introduction.

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Climate Change? Ice Age? Ozone Hole? Nuclear Winter? Global Warming?

1995 Global Warming John Mason at Kew Gardens, West London. Recorded with a small tape recorder; quite a bit of tape hiss and noise. However, Mason has a strong voice. [Note: there's an important aspect of cloud physics not known to these people, which makes their forecasts weak-RW] Sir John Mason on 'Climate Change - Fact or Fiction?' [1hr 34min with introduction]
Eco-Refugee Scam short video of Arthur Kemp in 2009 on climate change as a scam, used by fanatical anti-whites as an excuse for more immigration; they want to destroy white homogeneous groups. Scams include 'eco-refugees', from for example low-lying islands. Another scam involves Jews and China: 'carbon credits' are just another money-making scheme. China produces as much carbon dioxide as the USA, and yet is not penalised.
Click to download or view depending on your default software—I like VLC. [c.3 mins flash video]

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Conspiratorial: Science Frauds and Duplicities from about 1940, and the USSR.

Kitty Little talks: her school then 1940s Oxford; 'nuclear power'; 'Communists' at Oxford and at schools; Richard Doll on smoking, to hide diesel engine cause of lung cancer; contraceptive pills and thrombi and breast and cervical cancers; biological research given to USSR including drugs for 'mental patients'; virology and mutations; 'AIDS' material; Protocols of Zion; Victor Rothschild.

WARNING! This upload is taken from a CD posted to me; I don't know the date or place of recording, or the names of the three or so interlocutors, who clearly have little knowledge. This seems to have been recorded with one microphone, on tape; it's rather hissy and unclear. Sorry about that. If someone would care to transcribe, I'll put your transcription online.

Kitty Little talking, probably around 1990. [c. 70 mins mp3]

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Education in Reading and Writing

For many years there has been a movement to re-introduce what's called 'phonics' into the teaching of reading and writing to young children. There's a problem with methods introduced after 1945, which are detailed at some length in The Great Reading Disaster which I've reviewed here. (Click to open in new tab).Mona McNee

This (right) is a 15-minute Youtube talk by Mona McNee concisely outlining the problems: the look-say method of supposedly teaching reading just by showing the shapes of words, the institutionalisation of this method, and the consequences in adult misery, truancy and crime, and waste of public money. (Note that McNee and Coleman do not address the issues of race and IQ. Nor do they realise who was and is behind the push for immigration).

If you're interested in the social engineering aspect of education, you may like this incomplete 'Reading Disaster' spreadsheet which has some of the names identified in Coleman & McNee's book.

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Essential Fatty Acids

1995 David Horrobin (founder of Efamol) discusses the background, including the pioneer nutrtionist Hugh Sinclair, and the side-issues introduced by Ancel Keys

Recorded with a small tape recorder. Includes Q and A session.

David Horrobin on essential fatty acids and nutrition (and smoking, Japan)

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1996 Susan Blackmore speaking on 'memes', the mental ideal approx equivalent of genes. The word was fairly new then. Blackmore, who investigated the 'paranormal', gives an attractive account of the general idea of memes, though she seems to me naive about propaganda, having little conception of deliberately-planted lies. Richard Dawkins was in the audience. Susan Blackmore on memes [c. 1hr 9 sec]

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Feb 2000 Jasper Ridley 'The Freemasons—are they dangerous?' Ridley was commissioned, or perhaps rented, to write on the Freemasons, who managed to work out that there is hostile publicity about them. This speech at South Place supposedly examines the Freemasons. With a question-and-answer session Jasper Ridley on Freemasons [1hr 35min]

Note: Freemasonry flourished in the days when travel and communications were difficult, and business operations relatively local, small, and not affected much by government. BUT these days travel and freight are much easier, and government much bigger: we have multinationals and huge bureaucracies. So Freemasons as part of Jewish activity are probably less importnat, replaced by things like Common Purpose, secretive organisations that allow financiers, bureaucrats (in town planning, hospitals and other medical installations, schools and academies), building companies, tax planners and others, to meet off the record.
New website with official information on British 'masons' including some of the old V.O.M.I.T. site, which is here unchanged. (Not my material).

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History and Official Pseudo-History

Nov 1996 Alan Bullock at an event at the LSE (London School of Economics, essentially a Jewish propaganda institution). The introduction was by someone connected with a 'political science' journal run or edited or owned by someone called Shapiro, unsurprisingly promoting Czech, Rumanian and other Jews. Bullock, who was made into Lord Bullock, has the curious cud-chewing moral imbecility characteristic of fellow travellers, paid dupes, and useful idiots. The point here is to concentrate attention on Hitler and Stalin as 'great dictators' and elide other actors. There's a question and answer session; no prizes for guessing whether the questions were checked in advance. Alan Bullock: Rôles of Hitler and Stalin [34 MB]

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Holocaust Revisionism

Holocaust 'denial' youtube still picture Oct 1997 Rae West on a Sunday at South Place Ethical Society, Red Lion Square, London. This has been slightly slowed, as the speaker spoke rather quickly. The audio video is based on the written article here,
Holocaust Revisionism, the Internet, and Free Speech which has endnotes and a lot of added detail and information. Bear in mind that the Internet was quite new at the time this talk was delivered. There are a few mistakes. Includes questions, comments, and answers. And tea and chat sounds.

Click for audio Holocaust Revisionism, Internet, and Free Speech [About 100 mins. About 58 MB]

Holocaust Revisionism Free Speech Internet - same recording, Youtube version

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2015 73 second Quiz. What have these 9 video clips in common? Very short video including Thatcher, Blair, fake demonstrations, Jewish 'personalities', snipers etc.

JEW SHOCK: Jews as a Learning Experience. It's Your Duty to Discover Jewish Lies. 52 mins
Audio May 2015;
Video Sept 2016; 52 mins, as above).
Shorter segment videos c. 15 mins each (thanks to Youtube): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
2014 Vox Pop "Have you heard the idea the 'Jewish Holocaust' was faked?" northern English towns; vox pops of people asked that question (8 mins 43)
1994 Leon Greenman professional 'holocaust survivor' who says he was in Auschwitz as a bricklayer. Part of a meeting in Red Lion Square, with John Pilger, Michael Foot, Tony Benn and others. Recorded with good equipment, but Greenman was some distance from the other speakers. Leon Greenman on Auschwitz [About 35 mins; Paul Foot intro]
1995 Noam Chomsky Minimalist Explorations, a talk to an excited crowd in a London University lecture theatre. Chomsky - Minimalist Explorations decide for yourself if Chomsky is just another Jewish BS artist. [Nearly 90 minutes]
My transcription of Chomsky's talk.
'Isaac Deutscher Prize' Justin Rosenberg's talk Justin Rosenberg on International Relations on Isaac Deutscher and the Lost History of International Relations. [Nearly 90 mins with question/answer session]
Eric Hobsbawm - historian apologist for mass murder Dec 1996 Eric Hobsbawm Can We Write the History of the Russian Revolution? (Isaac Deutscher prize). Rather packed meeting in two London University venues by an apologist for mass murders following the 1917 Jewish coup d'état ('Revolution') in Russia. Listen to the evasions Hobsbawm - Can We Write the History of the Russian Revolution? [Just over 80 mins]
    Youtube version of the same audio talk with Gulag photos and scrolling reminders of what makes up the Jewish world view.
May 1996 Frank Barnaby on Vanunu. At the Houses of Parliament. A meeting of the 'Free Vanunu!' group, probably to keep his name in the media. This group seems to have included Bruce Kent, Susannah York, and Julie Christie as well as Jeremy Corbyn; I'd guess all these are/were 'useful idiots'. Tony Benn's Diaries 1991-2001 (Jewish edited) doesn't mention the meeting recorded here, but does mention Vanunu several times; I leave my readers and listeners to assess the truth of Benn's statements:–
    21 June 1994: '... meeting in Committee Room 14 [typical large elegant room in the House of Commons] organised by the Committee to defend Mordecai Vanunu. To prevent him talking to anyone during the trial, he was put in a helmet so that he couldn't speak, and it was a secret trial. He's been in solitary confinement in a cell nine foot by six foot since 1986.'
    26 January 1998: 'Jeremy Corbyn asked me to support him in his nomination of Mordecai Vanunu for the Nobel Peace Prize. Vanunu is the Israeli scientist [sic] who has been held in solitary confinement for years because he told the Sunday Times that Israel has nuclear weapons. God, what a world!'
    Barnaby is or was part of the 'Oxford Research Group', a nuclear weapons supposed think-tank, who would not answer questions on fake nuclear tests I put to him. I have to assume he's probably a phoney. Judge for yourself if this shortish introduction material is intended simply to reinforce the media's planted story. Frank Barnaby on Mordechai Vanunu [10min 42s]
April 1998 Martin Gilbert on his book The History of Israel during his book promotion tour. He's best known for having been given sole rights to access Churchill's papers; no doubt he received other less publicised benefits. I'm afraid the recording quality isn't very good; but then neither is the material! Quite a bit of unfocussed material on various British governments. Martin Gilbert - Israel, a History
1999 Francis Wheen 'won' an Isaac Deutscher prize. He was part of the British Private Eye team. Click Private Eye for an unflattering survey (not on audio).

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Money: Pensions

Note this is Britain, before the big bank frauds. 1995 talk by Christopher Hird on The Great Pensions Fraud 1995 talk at a Marxist meeting on the growth and psychology behind pensions and compulsory savings since 1945, the resulting investment problems and small cliques taking 'investment' decisions. And of course the temptations to dip into such funds, as illustrated by Robert Maxwell. Lucid and crisp talk. This predates the operations of the 'Labour' Party and Gordon Brown, who diversified the methods for removing peoples' pensions.   [About 1 hr 17 mins]

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Mysticism, Oddity, 'New Age' etc

May 1996 talk by Colin Wilson based on a then-new book of his on the Egyptian pyramids. 1996 bookshop book promo talk by Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider, a book variously described as anarchistic/ existential, lower-class, psychologically insightful, and other things. Quite a lot of Wilson's speech is taken up by this book, which made him famous; at the time it was published, he was reported to live in a tent on Hampstead Heath. I'm afraid I left the tape recorder on during the book signing session, in the hope of recording interesting off-the-cuff remarks.   [About 1 hr 37 mins]

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Nuclear Scepticism and Nuke Lies

AND SEE Jews for comments on Mordechai Vanunu and the supposed revelations about Jews, Israel, and nuclear weapons. Presumably designed to preted Jews have nukes, while also precluding inspection.
FirstClassSkeptic (PriesthoodAgitator) on Photographic Evidence that 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' were Props, not Atomic Bombs.

Playlist: Fourteen Nuclear Skeptic Youtubes by Rerevisionist; the more important long videos are followed by a cluster of very short videos, picking out smallish details.
thumbnail hiroshima john friend youtube • HIROSHIMA? FIRESTORM?* What really happened at Hiroshima, and why? Discussion with John Friend. 90 mins, 19 Aug 2014. Background may have fire imagery.
lords of the nukes youtube thumbnail*  • LORDS OF THE NUKES 3 1/2 hour Youtube: Very fully illustrated, with many clips, drawings, photos, news and propaganda items. Here's a list of sources. Probably the most detailed discussion of nuclear issues anywhere. Three-way talk with Rerevisionist & FirstClassSkeptic & AbIrato/ Fakeologist. Recorded March 2013; graphics added May 2014.
*  • JEWS, GENES, NUKES, WHITES   106 mins Youtube: intention being to explore Jewish evolutionary violence and deception. Rerevisionist & others on web radio (Audio & Youtube April 10th, 2014)
*  • NUCLEAR BOMBS? NUCLEAR POWER?   91 mins Youtube: Deanna Spingola in Chicago & Rerevisionist overview nuclear issues (recorded April 2013; Youtube April 2014)

E. G. & G. Jewish Film Fakers to the Atomic Energy Commission! Includes an undated film, with no sound, presenting techniques pretending to film nuclear explosions (12 mins 44 sec)
* "Have you heard the idea nuclear bombs are a myth?" (7 mins, 2014, people in England. Most haven't).
Hiroshima Skepticism from an American WW2 newsreel commentary, before policy decision to go with lies. About 40 seconds
Kiloton explosion can be mimicked by explosives— extract from 1945-ish cinema newsreel showing Heligoland island being blown up
1955 US 'bomb' test fake; color film from newsreel with comments
1957 UK 'H Bomb' fraud; film proof (2 minute newsreel clip; British voiceover)
Standard black and white film insert from US 'atom bomb' test scare films (50 seconds) from one such film
Standard black and white film insert from US 'atom bomb' test scare films - frame by frame, negative, and slowed down. Shows fakery more clearly
'Daisy Girl' 1964 TV ad after JFK (Kennedy) murder. Campaign for 'LBJ' (Lyndon Johnson), shown once only possibly to hide fakery. About 90 seconds.
'Atom bomb' explosion examples, shown fake by goggles clips totalling about 1 minute
* The very first nuclear skeptic video (2008) by 'NUKELIES', made from clips; my subtitles on downloaded copy. 7:20

David Irving: Hiroshima to keep the USSR out of Japan (4:40)
David Irving: Was Hiroshima Justified? (He says it was not justified. Note that Irving is not (yet?) a nuke sceptic. 4 mins 40.)
AUDIO - NEWEST FIRST (some also used as soundtracks in my videos)
NEW! HIROSHIMA?   John Friend & Rerevisionist. What really happened at Hiroshima, and why? (90 min audio, 19 Aug 2014)
Deanna Spingola's online radio show with RBN - 'Republic Broadcasting Network - Because You Can Handle the Truth'. 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Chicago area 19 April 2013.
Rerevisionist explains nuclear bomb scepticism, and nuclear power scepticism, to Deanna Spingola. Audio. Second half has phone-in people. About 90 minutes. Ads removed.
Rerevisionist and FirstClassSkeptic and Fakeologist explain some of the complexities of the forum nukelies.org, and issues related to supposed nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Three-way phone talk on Skype Good Friday 2013 (March 9th). [Very long audio: 3 hr 20 mins. c. 80 MB. Ab Irato's radio ID theme recurs, but I removed his ten minute intro. The intro is included on Abirato's website www.abirato.info. It is a Canadian site, originally 9/11 only, which started late in 2012; 'ab irato' is a legal expression for activities likely to have been carried out in an angered frame of mind. The host re-nicknamed himself 'Fakeologist', an excellent nickname. Now I think of it, the fakes and false flags don't include USSR faked photos.]
Undated phone interview:- Jesse Waugh 'Talkshoe' interview with Jesse WaughJ Waugh Audio Interview—'Nukelies' video mentioned first at 36 mins   [About 1 hr 55 mins; opens in a new window; hosted on another site]

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Deep Revisionism: 2016

4th September 2016: About 100 minute audio survey of revisionism by topic, in 2016, as it seems to me, including science revisionism. Rerevisionist and Dion Wehrwolf. More or less the same soundtrack as the Youtube video which of course has graphics illustrating the talk. Includes mention of the idea that the 'New Testament' was faked by Jews, written something like film scripts to present an invented character, 'Jesus', in place of early Christian opinions. It was, obviously, successful.
4th September 2016: Short audio extract (about 16 minutes) overviewing science revisionism, by Rerevisionist. Same soundtrack and graphics as its Youtube video on science revisionism.

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Science Fraud, Pseudo-Science, Junk Science

1995 Hermann Bondi on The Image of Science including Question-and-Answer Session. Talk to a rather miscellaneous group. Not very satisfactory: Bondi continued the British Government, or at least Government, policy of putting Jews into positions of authority in science matters, which must have helped with nuclear frauds run by Jews. He was snappy when questioned on weapons. His comment on the inverse square law seems oddly indifferent to geometry. He actually says very little about science's image. Hermann Bondi on Science
Rushton Suzuki 'debate'
Maybe Suzuki, despite his Japanese name, is a Jewish mongrel? Japanese all have straight black hair, unless he has it permed. Another Coudenhove-Kalergi?
July 1996 Stephen Rose then Professor of Biology at the Open University.
Talk before a Marxist group on Is Our Behaviour in Our Genes? Many people by now are aware that the official Jewish answer is that there are no races, genetics means nothing, and everyone is potentially the same. Apart from Jews. Evolutionary biology, psychology and anthropology are just two sciences deliberately damaged by Jews. Judge for yourself from this talk. (Harold Hillman regarded Rose as a phoney, and disliked his using an agent; Rose's books provide a summary of all the errors Hillman spent his life trying to unmask. Some of Rose's work on memory involved trying to detect changes in newly hatched chick's brains). [c. 42 min]

There's a 'debate' online from a TV broadcast in London, Ontario, in Canada, from the same era—1989—between Philippe Rushton and David Suzuki (see photo), the latter following the Jewish line in a ridiculous manner. Possibly worth a look (e.g. search Youtube) to see how uninvestigated intimidation operates with media misreporting. Suzuki was described as a geneticist, but, as seems invariable policy with the junk media, his actual expertise was not spelt out—one of the symptoms of science fraud and parafraud.
November 1997 Basil Hiley on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and Strange Properties of Space-Time. Prof Hiley's department of physics in London was scheduled for closure, because of shortage of students, and I believe Hiley was coerced or requested to lecture to young people in the hope they'd decide to study physics. (He told me that in 1945, physicists "were supermen!" though he didn't explain, or perhaps know, why that status had diminished). This was one of a set of about six lectures. Try to judge for yourself if the material is sound.
Basil Hiley on Einstein, Relativity, and Strange Properties of Space-Time

Hedingham Castle Great Hall [Return to start of this page]
Shakespeare Authorship

Brilliant 1994 talk on Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as Shakespeare. (On Youtube; one 49-minute video. There's also question and answer session elsewhere. By an anonymous speaker who may have changed some of his opinions since this talk. Opens in a new window).
    Note the control experiment aspect of this 500-year-old dispute. It helps prove that careerism and money-making dominates the academic world, not the search for truth.

Audio only version of de Vere talk and questions

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cover design of Challinor's book on ordinary people in the Second World WarReal Socialism, and Attempts at Socialism

1998 Raymond Challinor genuine socialist historian speaking at the 'Alliance for Workers Liberty' in London. I say 'genuine' because he's in the British tradition, established by such orators as Keir Hardie; such writers as F D Maurice, William Morris, H G Wells, Wilde, and many others; and practical men such as Robert Owen and the founders of garden cities. – Not the Jewish-subverted and managed fake 'Red' 'Marxist' 'socialisms' and 'communisms'. Interesting talk on WW2 with questions and answers; first few minutes missing—I arrived late! Partly based on Challinor's own 1995 book of essays The Struggle for Hearts and Minds. Here's my review of Challinor's book which gives a more accurate account of the Second World War.
Raymond Challinor 'The Second World War - The Struggle for Hearts and Minds' [Talk made in 1998 at the 'Alliance for Workers Liberty'. About 70 minutes recording, with audience questions, some baffled as they'd been told it was an unqualifiedly 'good war'.]
1994 Tony Benn British 'Labour' Party faux-left politician, and useful idiot, most of whose life was spent as an M.P. in making speeches on socialism. Some of his books were on traditional British socialism; he correctly noted many people weren't even aware such a tradition existed. He married, lived in a rich part of London; his assets were held in trust with his American wife, in America (according to Louis Heren). I don't think he ever understood paper money/ e-money, or technology (incredibly, he was made Minister for Technology in the 1960s, his responsibilities supposedly including 'nuclear' issues, which this website maintains were and are frauds). He believed that Jesus had existed; a Christian socialist. His views on the Second World War naturally were the dominant Jewish-driven ones; to which he seems to have never applied any critical thinking whatsoever. Benn attempts to define what 'capitalism' is, and imagines the USSR was 'socialist'. Socialism 'however distorted it became under Stalin'—mass murder as brotherhood of man! 15-minute speech shows him puzzling over the start of WW2, and trying to define 'fascism' which he attributes to Hitler, and also, apparently seriously, suggesting that media workers might be anti-war even when the Jewish media owners wanted war.
Tony Benn on the first Iraq War and media workers.
1998 Tariq Ali & Susan Watkins talking in a bookshop promotion about their book 1968. 1968 has entered the official demonology, completely wrongly. The problems of Jewish militarism began decades earlier, certainly with the desire for war against Germany in the 1930s. Jewish-promoted immigration had been scene-set years earlier, in for example the US Hart-Cellar Act. It's obvious Susan Watkins had no idea about media control; she simply can't understand why 'we' only talk about 1960s music, psychedelia etc, not realising the owners of media can set the agenda. She agonises over bombing of Vietnamese villages, in my view correctly, without realising Jews were more likely to look at the bombs as dollar signs, and homeless Vietnamese women and children as prostitutes for American troops. Tariq Ali was described as a 'wealthy playboy' by an insignificant British politician, Denis Healey; worth bearing in mind. Certainly Ali's money roots were well-hidden.
Tariq Ali & Susan Watkins on 1968
Christopher Hitchens 20th century November 6th 1999. Christopher Hitchens talk delivered to a smallish group in a London University room. The Sound of the Century is a shortish attempt (the tape was about 40 minutes) to summarise the twentieth century. Christopher Hitchens got a BA from Oxford University in 1970; as far as I know this was his only formal qualification. He wrote for the Jewish media, and had several books published. He was 'visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research' in New York, which despite its name claims to have been founded in 1919, obviously as part of the 'Jewish' penetration of the USA, following the Fed and First World War and Jewish propaganda to get naive US men into fighting. It seems to have received another intake of 'Jews;' in 1933.
    Some reports say he 'discovered he was a Jew' in 1987, about twelve years before this talk; How true this is I leave to my sceptical audience to decide. Judging by Youtubes, he was hostile to Islam, hostile to Christianity, and said absolutely nothing about Jewish viciousness, cruelty, and lies.
    Christopher Hitchens established a niche: English-voiced, with European-based cultural references including Rome and Christianity, but excluding all science, and with carefully-worded material, he managed to sound urbane and reasonable, whilst praising discredited Jewish writers and avoiding the chief issues in a light snowfall of verbiage. He was not very well known; I hadn't heard of him when I taped this.

Anyway, here is Hitchens in rather informal mode, chatty and smoking. Included are some questions and answers from 'leftist' people sharing his 'panel'.
Christopher Hitchens Sound of the 20th Century [about 40 minutes]

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YOUTUBE VIDEOS     * means top twelve in 2016.

Short video introducing my Youtube Channel

2016 revisionism
REVISIONISM as a Subject of its own in 2016
About 100 minutes on the state of revisionism in 2016. Visual index to help navigation through. Includes the idea that the 'New Testament' was faked by Jews.
Youtube video on science revisionism extracted from the longer video; this part is about 16 minutes long.
'The Living Cell' 29:15 b/w film evidence the structure of cells has been got wrong; film made for biology students
Intro to Science Fraud and Biology in about 3 minutes
Richard Dawkins: 40 secs on 'Which Came First—The Chicken or the Egg?' Question at the very end of a lecture

Playlist: Fourteen Nuclear Skeptic Youtubes by Rerevisionist; the more important long videos are followed by a cluster of very short videos, picking out smallish details.
What happened at Hiroshima? * HIROSHIMA - nuclear blast or firestorm? What Really Happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And why? 90 mins, Aug 2014. Discussion with John Friend.

Lord of the Nukes youtube * 'LORDS OF THE NUKES' 3 1/2 hour Youtube: Very fully illustrated, with many clips, drawings, photos, news and propaganda items: here's the list of sources. Probably the most detailed discussion of nuclear issues anywhere. Three-way talk with Rerevisionist & FirstClassSkeptic & AbIrato aka Fakeologist. Recorded March 2013; graphics added May 2014.

* JEWS, GENES, NUKES, WHITES   106 mins Youtube: Rerevisionist & others on web radio (Audio & Youtube April 10th, 2014)

* NUCLEAR BOMBS? NUCLEAR POWER?   91 mins Youtube: Deanna Spingola in Chicago & Rerevisionist (recorded April 2013; Youtube April 2014)

rerevisionist youtubes E. G. & G. Jewish Film Fakers to the Atomic Energy Commission! Includes an undated film, with no sound, presenting techniques pretending to film nuclear explosions (12 mins 44 sec). Not the same as Lookout Mountain Studios and Labs.
* "Have you heard the idea nuclear bombs are a myth?" (7 mins, 2014, people in England. Most haven't).
Hiroshima Atom Doubt in 1945 taken from an American newsreel commentary of World War 2, before policy decision to go with lies. About 40 seconds
Kiloton explosion can be mimicked by explosives— extract from 1945-ish cinema newsreel showing Heligoland island being blown up with kilotons of explosives (gross weight is implied by the voiceover)
1955 US 'bomb' test 'Operation Cue' fake; color film of fake 'test' from newsreel with comments. My 'Armageddon impossible' comment was a keyword aimed at sections of the USA
1957 UK 'H Bomb' fraud; film proof (2 minute newsreel clip; British voiceover)
Standard black and white film insert used in many US 'atom bomb' test scare films (50 seconds) from one such film
Same standard black and white film insert from US 'atom bomb' test scare films, BUT - edited frame by frame, negative, and slowed down. Shows fakery more clearly
'Daisy Girl' 1964 TV ad (after JFK murder) for Lyndon Johnson campaign, shown once only possibly to hide fakery. About 90 seconds.
'Atom bomb' explosion examples, shown fake by goggles clips totalling about 1 minute
* The very first nuclear skeptic video (2008) by 'NUKELIES' (nickname of Jesse Waugh), made from clips; my subtitles on downloaded copy. 7:20

David Irving: Hiroshima to keep the USSR out of Japan (4:40)
David Irving: Was Hiroshima Justified? (4:40. Note that Irving is not a nuke sceptic.)

Holocaust Revisionism, Free Speech, Internet.1997 Talk, with Q & A Session, at South Place Ethical Society, London (c. 110 mins, with scrolling text. This link is the online text version with much material added since the original talk, including a survey of changes in fifteen years.)
"Was the 'Jewish Holocaust' faked?" Has there been progress in nearly 20 years? Vox pops of people asked that question in 2014 (8 mins 43)
Jewish Media Control, USA Faces from US media—film, TV, news media, owners and presidents and presenters etc. These are taken from a blog by Incogman. With appropriate musical accompaniment. (8 min 47).
Thanks, Jews! Illegal Immigrants in Britain Dallas Court in Manchester, where illegals are presumably offered housing, money, medical aid, translators, food, white goods for housing, assistance for relatives and others to come to Britain, legal aid against the British, etc. Also recommends Open Borders for Israel, to encourage Israel to enjoy the benefits of diversity which they force on others. (1 min 14 sec)
Holohoax mailorder bookshop in Kent attacked by paid thugs (1993). Not my video: I rediscovered this on a hard disk and it seems to have vanished.
Dead White Victims of Race Murder in UK Short video taken at Codnor, Derbyshire, showing some murder victims virtually unmentioned in the Jewish-owned press. Memorial 2008. RIP
Unprosecuted Dart Attack, 2010 Outside the Houses of Parliament, on College Green. 6 mins 30 secs. Again, not my video, and Youtube says 'Video blocked in some countries'. Low-level violence presumably paid by Jews.
Housman's Land of Lost Content as intro to my Youtubes 30 seconds taken from nostalgic documentary of Britain in the past, with links to some of my youtubes.
rerevisionist youtube Climate Change: Fact or Fiction? Video version of entire speech and question/answer session by Prof Mason in the late 1990s. How a simple and obviously useless 'computer model' (i.e. program, probably with some simple visual output) was the start of the scare. Very in-depth and reliable talk. The scrolling text is a fairly accurate transcription. (1 hr 38 min).
U Plane [Heavier Than Water Submarine Design] - telephone conversation with Karl-Heinz Lipschutz, a pilot and inventor who lived in Cardiff, unfortunately now dead. The first time I'd heard this idea discussed. Whether fish and seaweed and seabed rocks and crevices would make the idea unworkable, I have no real idea; but after all submarines have operated for more than a century now.(36 min)
Simone Clarke teaching children ballet 2 mins in 2010 of a Prima Ballerina at play
Odinists, Pagans 2009 dusk, somewhere in England (2:48).
Tents, Flags, BNP Annual Get-Together - morning stroll; perhaps reminisicent of so-called 'Jews' pretending Israel is their contry. 3 mins, 2009.
Muslim 'Free Palestine' Gaza demo. Lauren Booth in Blackburn 2009 - About 8 minutes of a meeting, relegated to a park outside Blackburn.
Diane Abbott. Racist block voting in Britain by black & Asian immigrants. About 20 seconds; from Andrew Neil's anaemic TV show
Heroin: Tony Bamber's newsletter on heroin and Muslims in Britain (About 7 mins).
Summer holidays in Europe, 2008! MEPs Collect Money, then Go. Five minutes, showing them not liking being interviewed. Downloaded clip.
Plan for large heritage building in Burnley to be made into lodgings just for immigrant Muslim women (2010. Approx 10 minutes)
Liverpool, 2008: Anti-free speech demo by thugs against BNP (About seven and a half minutes)
'Labour' PAY anti-free speech thugs from taxation Nick Griffin; about 1 minute
1999 Five-part Channel 4 UK TV, on NASA's moon landing scam. Thirtieth anniversary. Total c. 50 minutes; includes my subtitle info.
Would someone on the moon ignore the earth? 35 seconds on the earth, four times the moon's diameter, in the moon's sky
* Shakespeare: Brilliant 1994 talk on Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as Shakespeare. (Youtube of 59 mins. There's a separate questions & answer session.)
Mona McNee on Dyslexia as a Result of Look-Say (about 15 mins)

includes many old videos of NICK GRIFFIN who is widely believed to have removed rivals and not answered queries on money

Gary Aronsson on bank bailouts and real money; The Wizard of Oz as allegory
Jonathan Bowden (R.I.P.) talks on general political ideas (2009; one 35 minute video, replacing 4 shorter videos).
Andrew Brons MEP makes an elegant speech (About 20 mins in two parts, 2009).
Richard Edmonds on Race in London Three parts from a London teacher totalling 30 mins.
Hon. Roberto Fiore of Forza Nuova at a British BNP get-together in mid-2009. 3 parts, c 30 mins
Jim Laithwaite (2012) does his best to sketch the way for nationalists (15 mins)
Paul Morris of the moribund thebritishresistance.co.uk impromptu speech (two parts; about 25 minutes total. 2010)
Dr Paul Rimmer on the then-rise of the BNP Dr Paul Rimmer, MA (Cantab), has a first class degree in History and Philosophy. 45 minutes, 2009 (5 parts, each with notes).

Nick Griffin says Neocons offered BNP money in about 2007 on condition they only attacked Islam, and didn't criticise banksters. C. 3 mins new upload Sept 2013
Nick Griffin: Why Britain Belongs to Us (Three part speech, nearly 30 mins, at a 2007 Summer meeting.)
Nick Griffin on launch of booklet Racism Cuts Both Ways (late 2008. 51 minute single video (repalcing five parts; the separate parts are still available). PDF download)
Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time in 2009. The programme format was switched, for the only time ever. Edited down to 10 minutes: almost entirely Griffin speaking without noises from the picked audience of halfwits
Nick Griffin: Whites are Indigenous to Britain, the original inhabitants (Uploaded 2008. Nearly ten minutes).
Obama: Nick Griffin on black illusions and resentments early 2008, before Obama was 'elected'. 4 minutes.
Nick Griffin: Law Changed to Allow 'Labour' Party to Smear (previously only candidates could issue leaflets) 2009 3:29.
Nick Griffin 2008 on BNP Green Policy: Money, Energy, Industry, Population (10 minutes)
Enoch Powell MP was Correct. But Didn't Act Nearly ten mins. 2008
Rear Admiral Parry's Think-Tank (2006) predicts collapse in Europe after examining 70 diaspora groups in UK & demography and resources
Nick Griffin on Keith Brown's murder (2008 10 mins) Anti-white Racism and Violence and Official Indifference
Nick Griffin: England and the real St George, a Christian of Anatolia

BNP and Immigration (2008)
    Four Types of People in Britain: (1) British, (2) Assimilated whites, (3) Assimilated non-whites, (4) Unassimilated (NB: Griffin doesn't mention Jews; he claimed Jan 2013 he was offered a deal of some sort in exchange for not mentioning bankers, and only mentioning Muslims)
    4th category, to be expelled: Illegals, bogus asylum seekers, East Europeans. Leaving the undemocratic European Union (EU)
    Immigrants, notably Pakistanis, in local UK Politics

BNP and Afghan Wars
    Nick Griffin: April 2010, ten minutes on Afghanistan, TAPI pipeline, Margaret Hodge etc
    Nick Griffin in Sept 2010: 45 minute speech on the future; 'Equalities' Commission, war in Afghanistan etc.
    Ex-soldiers homeless, while immigrants get housed Ex-soldiers at the bottom of the housing queue, even below illegal immigrants. Shame of British Legion, Glasgow 'Labour' MP Jim Hood

BNP and Education
    Nick Griffin on Media Biases, Deception, Omission, Tricks, Pretences (5:22. 2008)
    Deliberate miseducation and undereducation of whites to dumb them down: mickey mouse degrees, no apprenticeships etc. 2008. Nearly ten mins).
    Another Labour Scam: 'Building Schools for the Future' Plan to demolish and rebuild EVERY Secondary School. 7 1/2 mins

BNP and Corrupt Quangos and Parties
    Post Office Stealing BNP Mail 2009. c. 90 secs
    Human Rights, Commission on Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), Laws, Corruption 2009. c. 4 minutes
    Nick Griffin: Families, Gender, Law, Images c. 6 minutes
    'Labour' vote 'research' policy, and connivance with Con and LibDem. Including the 'postal vote' scam. 2008. About 10 mins

BNP and Assets Sold to Jews (not their wording)
    Nick Griffin on priceless assets sold for nothing - Centrica, Qinetic, 'nuclear power', bankers pay politicians. 2008; two parts, 15 mins
    Nick Griffin Predicts Depression (March 2008; 10 mins)
    Privatised towns now? Nick Griffin on Liverpool's Wrecked Future if no BNP. 8 mins.

    * David Irving Table Talk on Himmler c. 40 mins 24 August 2013; rare video of informal chat. With permission.
    * David Irving on Heinrich Himmler 24 Aug 2013 C. 100 minutes shows Irving addressing a small group of truthseekers. Includes some photographs and documents produced during the talk. With permission.
    David Irving's 'Real History' conference in Cincinnati, 1999 2 hours, indexed at the start with list of speakers: David Irving, Bradley Smith of CODOH, Peter der Margaritas on Rommel, Joseph Bellinger on the Death of Himmler, John Sack, Brian Renk on Christopher Browning, Doug Collins of Freedom of Speech in Canada, Russ Granata on Carlo Mattogno, Germar Rudolf on Zyklon-B, Charles Provan on Massacre at Dachau. From VHS tape with permission from D Irving.

David Irving: Talk in Yorkshire. December 2009
David Irving England during World War 2     1 Irving's Wartime memories - Dresden book - non-conformist real history - decision to research and write on Hitler
    2 Hitler's staff as sources - Hitler's magnanimous peace offer 9:43
    3 Eavesdropping - Enigma - Bletchley Park - Cherwell papers 9:01
    4 Secrecy: Enigma code-breaking omitted from all official WW2 histories 9:41
    5 Hitler, Berlin Jews, and the Waffen SS 10:15
    6 Hitler Shielded from the Korherr Report 9:29
    7 Killings in four Reinhard Camps IF document Genuine 10:36. By 2013 Irving has apparently accepted it's genuine. As far as I know there is still no forensic evidence of remains.
    8 David Irving: Was Hiroshima Justified? (4:40. Irving says no, it wasn't. Note that Irving is not yet (2013) a nuke sceptic.)
David Irving: Questions & Answers in Yorkshire. December 2009
    * Did Hitler Allow the British to Escape from Dunkirk after Abandoning French Allies? 5 mins
    * Did Hitler Aim for World War? Provocations by violent Jews in Poland. 4 mins
    Did the Germans Build the Wrong Air Force? 2 1/2 mins
    What About the Problem of Archives Kept Closed and Secret? Bank archives and Jewish records generally
    Truth about Guernica Death Toll | Jews backed Hitler | Poland | Churchill knew there was no plan to invade Britain or USA | Canaris | more 10 mins
    David Irving on Franco, Hitler, and Spain (about 5:30)

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