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Insider look at intelligence issues?   Fearless exposures?   Hidden roots of wars?   Real humanist left-wing solutions?   Inside stories of national and international fraud? EU? . . .
. . . Fellow traveller of Jewish money power?   Leaks from intelligence sources?   Pretence that controlled parties differ?   Non-articles about nothing?   Repeat filler stuff?

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Lobster logo • CONCLUSION
Very obscure so-called 'leftie' or 'leftie rag' which circulated by mail and in some 'left wing' bookshops. Left-wing is to be understood firmly as Jewish Communism', not socialism in its original humanist meaning, aimed at simpletons, and financed by Jewish banks. It was started in 1983; I'd guess in response to events in Lebanon, but probably also to ramp up pressure on the then-white South Africa, and to control the increasing awareness of the history of the USSR. But there were of course many other issues: censorship of atrocities, nuclear frauds, Jewish financial scams being possibly the most important. Spycatcher (my review here) was published four years later, but the tenor of Lobster is somewhat similar: expose incompetence and crime, but do not mention the Jewish component. Another important technique is simply to print suggestive and inconclusive stuff, particularly on foreigners and on any shady enterprise where Jewish participation is hidden. 9/11 of course is a perfect example. I doubt whether any of the material is of any value. Probably it was aimed at the conspiratorial types who used to read Private Eye, but who became aware that official views were not credible. Whether the principals and writers were aware of being controlled opposition is not known to me. Either way, it's a sad commentary on the ease with which more-or-less educated whites can be subverted.
      I contacted Robin Ramsay by email; he said he wanted nothing to do with this site. Both Ramsay and Ramsey are recorded on the Avotanyu surname index. Possibly he's part of the Scottish/Jewish link; maybe he's just another person who thinks he's a Jew and considers he is entitled to tell lies in his host country. Or maybe Ramsay is a 'useful idiot', somewhat in the mould of George Galloway. Or maybe a coded Jew underling, a 'Stalinist' for example.
      The search engine at present includes only issues 58-69 (late 2009-late 2013). Early issues are available on payment, and I have paid, but I'm uncertain of the copyright position of serial liars. So these are not yet available.
      Note: this is unfinished and scrappy. Apologies. I may do more.
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Lobster logo • Description of online content
'Lobster' has been published continuously for 30 years, edited and partly written by Robin Ramsay, with intermittent contributions by Stephen Dorril, from an address in Hull. (These two collaborated on Smear! [Harold] Wilson and the Secret State 1991). Lobster issues are numbered consecutively and dated. Issue 01 was dated September 1983; Lobster settled down to twice-a-year publication, Winter 2013 being issue 66. Distribution started by mail, then extended into 'left wing' bookshops. The cover price started at 60p, rose to £1, was £3 recently. Lobster started a website in 2000, and went website-only in late 2009. The pdf downloads are free.

early Lobster
  Old style (this is Feb 1985)
middle lobster
  Later A4 coloured cover (this is Nov 1990)
late lobster
  Most recent PDF style (Winter 2005-6)
All the issues 1 - 57 are online, scanned or retyped from the originals; the online versions are, presumably, but not certainly, identical to the originals. The first three issues claimed no copyright; after this brief idealistic period, copyright seems to have been claimed, but this appears as a web address, which could not have existed at the time of the original paper booklets. There is at present a fee for viewing these; I downloaded them all, so I could search them exhaustively. When I quote figures and text, these are correct—unless I've blundered! Issues 58 and onward are all freely downloadable.
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Lobster logo • Typical contents of issues
  The Authors are almost always identified: some are from the conspiracy/anti-conspiracy world; some are conventional academics, with a few politicians or ex-politicians; very many are rather obscure, usually British or presented as British. Most of these people are what might unkindly be called 'scribblers': it's rare to find any with detailed knowledge of (for example) finance, law, science, technology, or military matters.
  The number of articles per issue varies, of course; I estimate a total of about 1,000 articles. Something like an average of 15 per issue. Totalling roughly 5 million words. Much of this material is of course cut-and-paste, both literally in the pre-Internet era, and virtually.
  The sales numbers are only guessable; the first issue had 200 copies printed or duplicated. About 1,000 seems typical later. I could find no download figures for the free PDF versions. The actual circulation figures of course are even more speculative.
  Aims and Intentions may have been sparked by their general interest in spies and lies. Their second issue was a special look at the J F Kennedy murder. 1983 saw Thatcher's re-election. The U.S.S.R. ['Union of Soviet Socialist Republics'] and nuclear threats dominated the official narrative of the Jewish media. (Commercial large-scale media were and are Jewish. It's true that for example the BBC uses English mostly, and some of their cultural and religious concerns are non-Jewish, but, when there's a possible conflict, Jewish interests, apparently dictated and accepted by all Jews, invariably predominate. Hence, 'Jewish media' it has to be. The Internet has significantly altered this; Lobster's existence is neatly bisected by Internet, roughly pre- and post-1998).
    Private Eye (a supposedly radical publication) at this time was edited by Richard Ingrams, and a bit later by Ian Hislop; Paul Foot was I think their only named writer. All three seem to have been Jews, or thought they were Jews, or had strong Jewish connections. Lobster must surely have been planned in the same vein, but attempting to dig deeper. Or, alternatively, they may have been a deliberate planted source of disinformation, as is easy enough to demonstrate. Or they may have been managed, believing that 'Labour' and 'Conservative' were genuinely opposed, and doing their best to be reasonably honest. Certainly their image (including their home, or maybe office, address) looked open and honest.
  A typical issue contains what was/is presumably viewed as balanced diet for their readership. Something like this:–
    'The Financial Crisis' (a never-ending topic; invariably saying nothing useful)
    'Developments in the J F Kennedy Mystery' (or some other long-running unsolved diversionary item. Note: the likely connection with Johnson, and with Jews and metal-based currency, is not mentioned).
    Mock-scientific material: UFOs piloted by beings from space, chemtrails, nuclear issues as per the Jewish media, running out of oil - all such topics are treated in alarmist ways, probably, I'd guess, to get readers to wallow in a feeling of hopelessness.
    Some Second World War incident. Whether the war was worth the trouble is an issue never addressed. Serious discussion is taboo, and there are plenty of supposedly shocking stories that can be pressed into service here. A perennial is absurd material on 'fascism'.
    Some spy detail, but never with any overview of what (if anything) such people do. This may refer to an organisation (CIA, Mossad, MI5, MI6; the KGB is soft-pedalled) and often mentioning some real or supposed spy. Many of these stories run on more or less indefinitely, something of a clue to the lack of usable material: there must be (say) hundreds of thousands of these people, including in 'intelligence'; why should such a tiny number be newsworthy? Much of this material reads like a soap opera plot.
    Another important subject, invariably trivialised with an intelligence or governmental fraud link. Drugs make a good standby; so does weapon dealing. Anti-Christian material is common. But prostitution, paedophilia, violent crime, organ trafficking and really large-scale financial frauds are usually avoided.
    Some party political issue; to pretend the parties are in conflict. Belloc wrote on this even before the First World War, concluding that politicians collude.
    Something based on 'Cold War' ideas or on some then-current Jewish activity, against Apartheid for example.
    One of many intermittent stories: Ireland, Biafra, Kincora Boys' Home, South America ...
    Stuff on subscription charges, press dates, new writers, apologies etc etc
    Book Reviews; usually the very short type which are all but useless, the intention probably being to put people off works deemed dangerous by the editors (reviews of Nesta Webster are a good example). However, some reviews are long.
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Lobster logo • Details Sources: Searchlight, MI5, MI6
Sampled every 5th issue for writers' names.
Issue 1 (Sept 1983) Dorril Anon Anon S Africa Anon Anon Vatican Anon review
Issue 6 Jonathan Marshall - Anon on Ian Macgregor - Dorril - Anon round table - Dorril - Anon KGB - Anon Italiy - clippings - Anon digests
Issue 11 - Kevin McNamara - Anon Wilson and MI5 - Anon MI5 - Anon MI5 - Anon NAFF - Anon Wilson and smears- Anon psyops - etc etc inc bilderbergers, john colin wallace
Issue 16 - Morris Riley and Dorril on 'the 5th man' - Fred Holroyd - anon on Philby - anon on stories planted by wallace on Chapman pincher - the British right ramsay - David teacher - William massie and ramsay - anon on hilda murrell - ramsay - david teacher - anon ken livingstone - p n rogers - p n rogers
Issue 21 - Issue 66: [I lost interest]
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Lobster logo • Some Selected Topics
Hiroshima first mention 1999. in Paul H. Nitze, From Hiroshima to Glasnost (London: Weidenfeld, 1989), Vanunu Summer 2010 'community service' Dec 1996 'Trade Union CD' summer 2009 play in 1997 Jew quoted from independent 'campaign to free vanunu'
Oppenheimer nothing
Issue 6 Nov 1984--- In an attempt to mobilise public opinion, a number of surveys were undertaken in Europe. In 1981 Kane Parsons Associates Inc of New York organised an opinion poll in London on American foreign policy. It was fronted by Prof. Donald J. Puchala, Director of the Institute on Western Europe, at Columbia University, but was funded to the tune of $100,000 by the U.S. International Communications Agency.(USICA). The ICA was set up in 1978 as an independent agency of the executive branch of the American Government. It took over from the USIA which had been criticized for its joint involvement with the CIA in a number of publishing and propaganda activities. ICA's acting Associate Director, W. Scott Thompson, is also a member of the CPD and the son-in-law of Chief Salt 2 negotiator and CPD member, Paul Nitze.
The Rand Corporation, a Californian military research body with links to the government and the CIA, sponsored a week's study on 'the Successor Generation' and its implications for Nato. 'The Successor Generation' is another name for anti-Americanism in Europe. Peter Dailey, US Ambassador to Ireland, noting the trend of antipathy to American policies, reported to the White House on ways of strengthening support for Cruise and Pershing, recommending that Reagan appoint an 'Arms Reduction Ombudsman' - not to help with arms reduction, but to do public relations work for Reagan's policies. (Peace News 29/9/83)
* * * Richard Viguerie, who was responsible for the European direct mailing campaign, is regarded as the Godfather of the New Right. He is the former fund-raiser for George Wallace and was the editor of the rabid Conservative Digest. His direct mail organisation dispatched anywhere between 7 and 9 million letters and raised three million dollars in an almost successful attempt to block Senate ratification of the Panama Canal Treaty. The umbrella grouping used then would be employed later against the Salt agreement under the auspices of the Coalition For Peace Through Strength (CPS-US).
Viguerie's Fall Church Centre in Virginia, has computerised access to millions of names and expertise in mobilising a vast network. The complex was a key institutional link in getting the Right behind the 'Soviet Threat' campaign with the same fervour shown for the so-called pro-family, anti Equal Rights Amendment, anti-gay, anti-abortion movements that arose in reaction to the 1960s.
In March 1982 the British Coalition For Peace Through Security (CPS), based on its American counterpart (CPS-US), staged an Anglo-American conference which brought the new (to Britain) propaganda techniques of Viguerie to Britain. The speakers were Paul Weyrich, a leader of the New Right and Director of the Committee For Survival Of A Free Congress (CSFC). CSFC used direct mailing - in one campaign 600,000 letters were sent out urging voters to lobby their Senators against President Carter's Chief Arms Negotiator, Paul Warnke. Weyrich had previously been with the Heritage Foundation, an influential New Right think tank and publishing house established with money from Beer Baron Joe Coors.
Weyrich was also on the steering committee of the Emergency Coalition Against Unilateral Disarmament (ECUD). ECUD is an adhoc organisation, a growing alliance between old Cold War warriors like the late Henry (Scoop) Jackson, Paul Nitze (Coalition for a Democratic Majority) (CDM); ideologues like Rostow and Podhoretz (the latter editor of the 'neo-conservative' Commentary); hardline dissenters in the intelligence community such as Daniel Graham (ex head DIA) who is ECUD Chairman; and the grass roots New Right symbolised by Weyrich.
The CSFC and CDM worked out of the same offices in Washington, joining together to form the previously mentioned Coalition For Peace Through Strength. (CPS-US)
Also speaking at the March 1982 British meeting were Morton Blackwell and Dick Minard. Blackwell was chief advisor to Senator Gordon Humphrey and Exec. Director of ECUD. He led the day-to-day assault on Warnke and represented, perhaps,' the heart and soul of the ultra-conservative arm of the burgeoning cold war coalition'. He is contributing editor of Conservative Digest, and The Right Report, of which he is also assistant publisher. Minard is advisor to right-wing Congressman Larry Craig.
Groups mentioned in this article
BAC - British Atlantic Committee
CDM - Coalition for a Democratic Majority
CDMD - Campaign for Defence and Multilateral Disarmament
CFW - Committee for a Free World
CPS - Centre for Policy Studies
CPS-US - Coalition for Peace Through Strength
CPS-UK - Coalition for Peace Through Security
CPD - Committee on the Present Danger
CPF - Committee for Peace and Freedom
CSI - Coalition for the Study of Intelligence
CSIS - Centre for Strategic and International Studies
CSFC - Committee for Survival of a Free Congress
ECUD - Emergency Coalition against Unilateral Disarmament
ISC - Institute for the Study of Conflict
IEDSS - Institute for European and Defence Strategic Studies
NSIC - National Strategic Information Council
USIA - United States Information Agency
USICA - United States International Communications Agency
The American material in this article is based on the excellent Peddlers of Crisis: the CPD and the Politics of Containment by Jerry W. Sanders (Pluto Press 1983), and the goodish With Enough Shovels: Reagan, Bush and Nuclear War by Robert Scheer (Secker and Warburg, 1983)
Mr Charles Wick, the accident-prone Director of the USIA was recently discovered to have tape-recorded his telephone calls with government officials, his staff and friends. Wick, a longtime show-business friend of Reagan, was appointed only a year ago and has obviously learned little of the lessons of the Nixon era. The tapes have been handed over to a Congressional committee.
In June 1980 Leigh wrote an article for the Liverpool Newsletter, a paper which adopts an anti-semitic tone and carries advertisements for extreme right-wing literature (Guardian 3rd June 1983). Leigh was also mentioned in the recent Young Conservative report on extreme right-wing infiltration of the Conservative Party.
CPS backed the Protect and Survive Monthly, a pro-civil defense magazine edited by Bruce Sibley. Peter Fry MP was a director of PSM's publishing company when it collapsed amid much acrimony at the end of 1982.
It's strange that nothing was made of a report in the Sunday Times (21st August 1983) that the Centre receives - "unofficially and in breach of Whitehall rules" - copies of confidential government documents". The Centre has a Defence Study Group with a secret and high-powered membership, and a group studying the direction and control of British foreign policy.
Does anyone have anything on Natalia Brooke, Centre Secretary, whose grandfather was Count Beckendorff, the last White Russian Ambassador to London; and on Martin Bendelow, still in prison on drugs charges?
Heseltine chaired the Defence Secretariat 19. It included Home Office and Foreign Office Ministers, senior officials and Mr Bernard Ingham, Thatcher's press secretary. A strange grouping - what are the other 18? - designed to combat CND. Much publicity was given to its supposed disbandment, a sign that the CND threat had diminished.
The Administrator of the Ethics and Nuclear Arms Conference was Ken Aldred, General Secretary of the British Atlantic Committee's 'Peace Through Nato' campaign. Many of the Labour right-wing are members and are linked to the similar American right at Georgetown. This has been covered in CIA Infiltration of The Labour Movement by Militant (1982), and also in State Research No 16 1980.
========================== Summer 2010 israel 'a secret nuclear power'
========================== Aug 1984
  • The firms which combined to form GEC have strong Lazards connections. In 1931 Napiers was bought by Lazards and in 1937 Lord Brand of Lazards was a director of the company. In 1929 Lazards (then owned 50% by Pearson and 50% by David-Weill) gained 60% of English Electric's shares and in 1942 took over Napiers. The Morgan group owned 46% of AEI's shares and 34% of GEC's in the 1920s and 30s but in 1935, 400,000 shares in GEC were sold by the Americans to a group headed by Lazards. AEI was merged with GEC in 1967 and English Electric joined the fold in 1968. Lord Kindersley of Lazards was a director of GEC from 1968-1970. See R. Jones and 0. Marriott Anatomy of a Merger (1970)
  • Lord Netherthorpe of Lazards is a director. Lazards arranged the finance for Babcock's building of a power station in Zimbabwe in 1982. Babcock is deeply involved in building nuclear power stations in Britain and elsewhere.
  • Lobster 52 [2006] first I could find on Dresden etc: 'The ferocity and raw fanaticism of the remorseless Allied attack on Germany casts a gruesome shadow over world history. Writing in December, 1943—a year before the most horrific period of civilian bombing—peace activist Vera Brittain equated the murderous aerial onslaught with the Thirty Years War that left Germany prostrate for 150 years.' ([11])In his magisterial study, Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan (2006), philosopher A. C. Grayling makes it exceptionally clear that Allied bombers committed war crimes on an unprecedented scale, comparing, for example, Operation Gomorrah—the surprise attack by British Bomber Command on Hamburg in midsummer 1943—with 'the USAAF's atom bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York by terrorists on 11 September 2001.'(p. 278)

    Why did Britain and America incinerate virtually every German urban complex and its denizens, while leaving relatively unmolested the Third Reich's industrial and communicative system? Much the same happened in Japan. These two rising challengers to Anglo-Saxon capitalism [sic] were virtually obliterated from the earth, separated from memory and history, and sentenced to decades of anguished guilt by western propaganda machines. Was this perhaps merely an excess of zeal?

    David Irving on Dresden mentioned only in Winter 1998-9
    leuchter mentioned only twice: in issue 30, dec 1995 'a failed November 1991 Fred Leuchter meeting]

    Did Six Million Really Die? mentioned and attributed to Verrall. 1 mention only of Did Six Million? in 1992 issue. No mention of Harwood.
    searchlight many mentiones; in most issues starting in 1st ever issue lob 01. April 1986 says

    This might be a suitable place to remind readers that Searchlight is run, if not by, then certainly with the co-operation of, MI5. This was made plain by the 'Gerry Gable memo' mentioned in the appendix on FARI. Once that is read, a look at Searchlight suggests immediately that only Special Branch/MI5 have the resources to produce the kind of detailed information on the neo-fascist right that Searchlight consistently obtains and prints. The British left seem to have a curious case of amnesia regarding the Gable memo. (Gable is Searchlight editor.)

    racial attacks
    issue 25 'moscow gold' by robin ramsay
    searchlight smear job matthew kalman and john murray 1995 -- closing time for such material
    moon landing: mentioned 'distributor of nexus' [?censoring out ??]
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    Lobster logo • Has Lobster ever been the first with a story?
    Duncan Campbell EU Common Purpose paper money scams Guess who headed MI5 you guessed it - Marxist Victor Rothschild the adviser to Lady Thatcher's Tory government Labour has totally lost the plot and are in self destruct mode, hence it is more happy to make sure colonisers are happy instead of looking after the working class of the UK. nukes and cold war power Andrew Brons Miners Thatcher and Jews CIA drugs heroin Pakistan huge network Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Jim crow Clinton 9/11 'Holocaust' holocaust revisionism did six million ..? Harwood date leuchter date sobibor date labour bus drivers supposed labour shortage 1 year conract pretence at study etc death cases list inc kebab girl and others from cuts both ways ADL NASA 'gay' homosexual abortion NCCL common purpose Runnymede trust operation black vote livingstone Le Carre James Bond Vietnam War H Wilson east-west traders soviet bloc benn galloway paul foot wheen hislop chomsky pilger Birdwood kitty little ?hull same town as heretic - check for mention 'fascism' communism David Irving Manningham-Buller? author of Risk! Aldrich technical stuff ufos chemtrails defoliation/ agent orange armen victorian World War 2 Ireland and 'intelligence' IRA de valera indonesia iran israel jews and money brzezinski kissinger kincora ?lawrence and try other names of white victims slavery and blacks and jews farrakhan iraq saddam hussein nukes murdoch bbc new statesman private eye scallywag blunkett brown neather straw roche hodge freemasons common purpose julia middleton obits julian amery
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    Lobster logo • Book Reviews
    RANDOMISED BOOK TRIAL Gollancz. Weidenfeld & Nicolson (est 1949)
    1963 John Bulloch - MI5 No reference and confusion with Alan Bullock.
    1965 Oleg Penkovsky ed. Frank Gibney - The Penkovsky Papers Cuba and Rosenberg spies
    1966 Dennis Bloodworth - The Chinese Looking Glass No mention
    1974 John Barron, Readers Digest - KGB like his UK counterparts, Pincher and Deacon, aspire to be scare stories without ever being remotely frightening.
    1975 Philip Agee - CIA Diary: Inside the Company [Agee 'provided the Cubans with mounds of information about US intelligence' also a memo by Gable of Searchlight!]
    1978 Dennis Eisenberg, Uri Dan, Eli Landau - The Mossad [nothing / nothing / nothing tho other Landaus
    1978 Chapman Pincher - Inside Story Pincher simply wined and dined around Whitehall and was given the ‘scoops’ and many short extracts, but always with the accepted background unchallenged e.g. 'Certain officers, inside MI5, assisted by others who had retired from the service, were actually trying to bring down the Labour Government' and e.g. concern about his pro-Israeli stance ... anxieties that a new Wilson government might increase trade with Russia, leading to greater opportunities for KGB activity in Britain AND General Sir Walter Walker asked Pencourt in 1976 if they were aware "that the former Prime Minister was a proven communist?" (101) The actual 'communist cell' story was recycled by Chapman Pincher at a dinner party. Unfortunately for Pincher, the historian Martin Gilbert was present and informed Wilson. [MI5 as investigating Jews seems possible, though Lobster never says this]
    1982 Robert Harris & Jeremy Paxman - A Higher Form of Killing - The Secret History of Chemical and Biological Warfare [Book not mentioned; authors little; but on biological warfare some on US and Korea, some on Iraq, some on South Africa; no evidence, facts etc. radio-tagged mil etc - authors don't seem to know about radio isotopes in experiments. Much on 'BAP'
    1982 Thomas Plate & Andrea Darvi - Secret Police
    1983 Nigel West [=Rupert Allason; son of 'a leading MI6 officer' - MI6 Rothschild as a spy, the 'first man' etc. Any suggestion which might be implied that Lord Rothschild could even have been under suspicion by MI5 as a Soviet agent or witting concealer of Soviet agents is so preposterous as to belong to the world of pulp fiction. Quite apart from anything else, Mr Heath would scarcely have been able to appoint him to a position in the Cabinet Office where he had instant access to any government information he required.
    1985 Clive Ponting - The Right to Know [Belgrano sinking; his law team's letters opened; very few references]
    1986 John Ranelagh - The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA followed by BBC series [BBC not mentioned at all. Material on Conservative Party but not Thatcher. CIA book 'cited' minimally. NB book by 'Denis MacShane', in fact a Jew from Poland, on 'international labour and the Cold War'].
    1987 Richard Deacon [=Donald McCormick] - Spyclopedia [and 1969 A History of the British Secret Service Mostly potted biographies and speculation taken from other books]
    1987 Peter Wright & Paul Greengrass - Spycatcher
    [Jews unindexed; pb William Heinemann Australia. All those areas which made Spycatcher so interesting: the surveillance of political groups, of embassies, liaison with GCHQ, the use of computers, operations abroad, contacts with the CIA etc.] 1989 John Le Carre - The Russia House
    1990 Tony Collins - Open Verdict: 25 Mysterious Deaths in the Defence Industry
    1991 Mark Hollingsworth - MPs for Hire
    1992 Capt Yevgeny Ivanov - The Naked Spy
    1993 David Yallop - To the Ends of the Earth: The Hunt for the Jackal
    1994 Peter Hough & Jenny Randles The Complete Book of UFOs
    1994 Harry Thompson Richard Ingrams: Lord of the Gnomes
    1996 R Norton-Taylor,M Lloyd, S Cook - Knee Deep in Dishonour [Gollancz. Guardian. Scott report arms to Iraq] 1999 Ch4 NASA fraud David Percy / Barry Reynolds / Matthew Williams / Marcus Allen [Nexus distributor] / Andy Thomas /Mary Bennett
    2001 9/11 event 2004 Andrew Cook - M MI5's First Spymaster
    2010 Richard J Aldrich - GCHQ
    Although Churchill succeeded in squashing the peace feelers put out by Butler and Halifax during the summer of 1940 he was unable to suppress all treasonable activity. [book review]
    My Lai, defoliation, fluoride, King David Hotel

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