Note on Kitty Little, B.A., B.Sc., D.Phil.
Kitty Little (born 1922) was a friend or colleague of Lady Birdwood.

    Her Treason at Westminster was her title to a 'Memorandum to the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure' (October 1978) entitled Infiltration of the Government by Members of Subversive or Criminal Organizations for the Purpose of Furthering the Interests of those Organizations. Kitty Little's comments on Soviet subversion (presumably Jewish), of which her personal experience started in 1940 at Oxford and she claimed included Harold Wilson.

    In 1984 she published World Coup d-État Planned ... Publicity will defeat it

    And in June 1993 she published MAMMON versus GOD - The Bankers' "New World" Disorder, about two years after Lady Birdwood's pamphlet. The publisher was the same; the two booklets are companion publications.

    Here is a 70-minute audio interview with some background detail of Kitty Little. Internal evidence suggests the tape was made in about 1990, when Little was about 70. The early part in particular is not very clear. Her claims about diesel emissions still resonate: here's Dick van Steenis including a 2011 video on emission of invisible particles into the air.

    An email from Terence Oakes dated 20 March 2010, which I've overlooked. It's Kitty Little on Iraq and the policies behind wars: genocide, population replacements, oil.
Kitty Little was one of a large number of revisionists; here's my short piece looking at several Britons including Little, over time, considering their mistakes, and also how their opinions on their own inventories of world topics changed and usually converged.
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