Congressional Record on Jews in British Aristocracy 1940

Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and Internal Strife—Part V


Tuesday, August 20,1940

Mr. THORKELSON. Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my own remarks in the RECORD, I include an article issued by the Imperial Fascist Union, of London, England. I shall not comment on this article except to say that the reference to Masonry, no doubt, refers to the Grand Orient Masonry and not to the English-American Masons as we know them in the United States.



Those Britons who stand amazed at the defeatist trend of their country's politics; who begin to ask themselves whether our civilization is worth while; and who are puzzled as to how this state of things should ever have come about, will find explained in this pamphlet the cause of it all—the race itself is changing.

The great Persian, Greek, and Roman civilizations died out from this same cause. The dominant Aryan race responsible for their development became too weak by intermarriage with lesser races, until the product could no longer maintain Aryan standards.

Colonel Lindbergh, in 1936, left the United States of America for exactly these reasons; although individual Americans will continue to pull their weight in pioneering for humanity, yet the people of the United States can no longer, in the mass, maintain a decent enough standard of public conduct to protect him from unprovoked annoyance.

This pamphlet demonstrates the Jewish contamination among the titled families of Britain. It has been difficult to "dig out" the information; perhaps the most encouraging aspect in a depressing research has been the obvious desire on the part of most of the affected families to hide their Jewishness; only when it is discovered and dragged forward into the limelight do these families sometimes begin to assert that "they are proud of their Jewish blood!"

A similar phenomenon was observed by the Jewish compilers of the Who's Who in American Jewry (1926), who state in their introduction to the volume: "Some persons preferred to be omitted rather than associate their names with those of their racial colleagues.

A few even rejected with indignation the proposal of being included in a volume where their Jewish identity would become a matter of public knowledge."

How completely the Jewish masonic teaching of racial equality has conquered Aryan thought in this country is perhaps best indicated by the absence hitherto of any literature dealing with the race change.

Although this booklet deals only with the titled aristocracy, a similar state of affairs could easily be demonstrated among the official, commercial, and professional communities. Possibly the least affected and most Aryan community is the agricultural one.

That, incidentally, is one of the reasons why, in a Jew-owned land, it comprises only about 5 percent of the nation's workers.

Our case can be presented best, we think, by a consideration, first, of the examples of Spain and Portugal, where the process of Aryan racial degeneration has taken place not far away from us either in distance or in time, whilst a sufficient period of the latter has elapsed to prove that nations that have gone down from racial causes cannot rise again by their own unaided efforts.


In publishing this pamphlet we have no idea of attacking the aristocratic principle; we simply present evidence that, for racial reasons, our "aristocracy" has ceased to function in its duty as a protector of the people, and that the racial change taking place in it is symptomatic of a racial change affecting other parts of the community, a change which will destroy the British Empire unless it is rendered impotent to injure us.


There is a disease of bees called foul brood, which, when it affects a hive, corrupts it irredeemably. An analogous malady is that which has destroyed the greatness of Spain and Portugal, and which has secured for itself a strong footing in Britain, where the symptoms are obvious enough, although puzzling to all who do not appreciate their racial cause.

Spain and Portugal bore the brunt of the early Jewish invasion into western European territory. The poison Insinuated itself the more easily because racial differences were obscured by religious ones, so that it was comparatively simple for the Jew to accept Christianity outwardly, whilst remaining at heart a Jew and practicing Jewish rites in the privacy of his home; thus arose the Marrano community, or Crypto-Jews, who at first avoided to some extent the extreme consequences of the hostility of those of the dominant faith.

In the fifteenth century, the Marranos or Secret Jews dominated Spanish life, occupying high positions not only in the administration, the universities, the forces, and the Judiciary, but also in the church itself. Their outward conformity to the Catholic church, together with their accumulation of wealth, enabled them to penetrate by marriage to such an extent into the most exalted families in the land that it became difficult to find an aristocratic family in Aragon or in Castile which was not contaminated with the foul stream of Jewish blood.

The worm turned at last, and not only were all professing Jews expelled from Spain, or forcibly converted and later expelled from Portugal, but the inquisition attacked the Marrano community, the position of which was ever afterward insecure and hopeless.

The greatest period of Spanish history followed the expulsion; and Portugal built up her great colonial Empire subsequent to the riddance of the professing Jew. But in both cases, the curse descended upon the colonial possessions of these two nations; in Peru, the Jew held the commerce of the country in his hands, and it was impossible for a Castilian to succeed in business without a Jewish partner; the Jews purchased the cargoes of great fleets with fictitious credits which they divided amongst themselves, rendering large capital unnecessary. When the struggle between Portugal and Holland for the possession of Brazil took place, the Marranos worked for the Dutch enemy.

At home, the Spanish and Portuguese had, however, made the supreme mistake of imagining that any Marrano could be a substitute for a European. Absolute discrimination between white European Christians and the "new Christians" as the Marranos were called, was only insisted on by the best informed of the aristocracy, who kept a record of the new Christians so that intermarriage with them might cease. The racial quality of the people degenerated rapidly as the Jewish contagion spread by intermarriage.

Then, at last, the assault was deliberately made on the last citadel of racial purity. On St. John's Day. 1744, Frederick, Prince of Wales, grand master of English Masons, admitted the Portuguese Ambassador, Dom Sebastio de Carvalho e Mello to a London lodge; this gentleman, better known as Pombal, revived Masonry in Portugal on his return to that country.

On May 2, 1768, Pombal ordered the destruction of all registers of Marrano families, and ordered all the heads of the exclusive and race-conscious Portuguese families to arrange that any daughter of marriageable age must be engaged within 4 months to marry a member of one of the hitherto excluded Jew-contaminated families.

This horrible Masonic outrage made an end of the Portuguese as a great nation.

In Spain, discrimination between the Aryan and the non-Aryan gradually declined under similar influences, although the Corps of Cadets insisted upon an unsullied racial origin as a qualification for entry up to 1860, whilst in some parish churches, even in the nineteenth century, notices were still displayed warning the old Christians against intermarrying with the new.

To some extent, of course, in Spain the Moorish occupation had been responsible for a dilution of the Aryan and Mediterranean blood of the people, but this Moorish corruption was never subtle, and its power of penetration was therefore weak. On the other hand, the Portuguese, through their custom of intermarrying with colored people in their colonies and through the return of the resultant half-breeds to the home country, has suffered great contamination from non-Jewish races of color.

Both Spain and Portugal went down because their native peoples have sullied their blood with that of lower races to a toxic degree: "foul brood" has corrupted them beyond hope. Damage of this sort is permanent.

That being so. let our readers consider what is going on in these islands, and ask themselves how Britain can regain her proper place in the world without first recovering her race-consciousness, and how she can do that without accepting the remedy of the Imperial Fascist League?


It has long been one of the Jewish methods in the attainment of world domination to penetrate into privileged circles where political power is greatest; Edward the First, by expelling the Jews in 1290, saved us from too early an application of this process in Britain, but other countries were less fortunate and suffered the extinction of their nobility by Jewish women marrying into the Gentile aristocratic families.

In Britain a few "damped" (baptized Christian) Jews remained in the country when their synagogue-going brothers had been expelled. Some of these attained knighthood, for instance, Sir Edward Brampton, who became Governor of Guernsey. The first serious attempt, however, to penetrate the ranks of the hereditary titleholders of England seems to have been an attack upon royalty itself by that notorious character, Perkin Warbeck, who was a servant of the Jewish knight mentioned above. With characteristic Jewish effrontery, this man claimed the English throne.

Francis Bacon wrote in his Life and Reign of King Henry VII: "There was a townsman of Tourney that had born office in that town, whose name was John Osbeck, a convert Jew, married to Catherine de Faro; whose business drew him to live for a time with his wife at London, in King Edward IV's days. During which time he had a son by her; and being known in court, the King either out of a religious nobleness, because he was a convert, or upon some private acquaintance, did him the honor as to be godfather to his child, and named him Peter. But afterwards proving a dainty and effeminate youth, he was commonly called by the diminutive of bis name, Peterkin or Perkin. For, as for the name of Warbecke, it was given him when they did but guess at it, before examinations had been taken."

How many of us at school realized that Perkin Warbeck was a figure in the Jewish world plot against Aryan sovereignty?

As everyone knows, Cromwell allowed the Jews to return and they flocked over here toward the latter part of the seventeenth century, the largest wave of rich Jews coming over with William III from Holland.

In 1718 the Attorney General. Sir R. Raymond, hammered another nail into his country's coffin. by deciding that Jews could hold land in England. Walpole had previously allowed the Jew Gideon to hold estates by a special act in his favor; this Jew had lent his "credit" to the government (!) which seems not to have realized that it had a lot of its own, and falsely posing as a Christian, for he never ceased his payments to the synagogue and died a Jew, he married a Gentile, his son being created a baronet and later Baron Eardley, a title now fortunately extinct. The first synagogue Jew baronets were Sir I. L. Goldsmid (1841). Sir Moses Monteflore, and Sir Anthony de Rothschild; these seem to have qualified for the British aristocracy by using their ill-gotten wealth in buying privileges for the Jews in this and other countries.

It was Sir Issac L. Goldsmid who led the movement for the admission of the Jews to our legislature. Once the barrier was down, the rest was easy. In 1858 legislation enabled the foreign "Baron" Lionel de Rothschild to take his oath in the House of Commons as a Jew. His son was raised to the peerage in 1885.

The "damped" Jew Disraeli had of course obtained earlier honors, dying as the Earl of Beaconsfield.

Among the earlier Synagogue baronet creations were those of Sir George Jessel, Sir David Salomans, and Sir John Simon (no relation to the living Sir John Simon, who claims not to be Jewish).

Aryan peers sometimes made matters worse by marrying Jewesses, one of the most disastrous cases being that of the second Viscount Galway, who married as early as 1747 a Jewess called Villa Real, as a result of which countless fine old British families have had this Asiatic strain instilled into them. It was a Rothschild plan to marry superfluous daughters into the families of influential Gentiles; in the case of the Rothschild unions with Baron Battersea and the son of the fourth Earl of Hardwicke, the marriages were sterile, but a daughter of Mayer Amschel Rothschild married the fifth Earl of Rosebery, so that there is Rothschild blood in the present earl, one of whose sisters married the present Marquess of Crewe, himself with Villa Real blood; thus after many days, the blood of the Villa Real Jewess mingles with that of the Rothschild in the issue of this marriage of "British aristocrats."

The custom of mating with Jewesses has now become a common one; the instinct of the Aryan has been broken down by continued propaganda, and H. Belloc in his book on The Jews writes of the Jewish penetration of our great aristocratic families: "With the opening of the twentieth century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them, the strain was more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled in countries where the gentry had not yet suffered or enjoyed this mixture."

A study of the "society" photographs in any copy of The Bystander will convince anyone that Mr. Belloc does not exaggerate.

To those of us who believe that Aryanization is civilization it is incomprehensible that aristocrats of our race could succumb to the cunning Masonic and educational Jewish propaganda designed to cause them to forget their race. Nevertheless, the opposition to Jewish penetration into the great families has not been expressed in any decided way; Masonry is no doubt responsible for this. Queen Victoria herself had qualms about the granting of titles to Jews, because we know that when it was recommended to her that Sir Lionel Rothschild should be promoted to the peerage, she wrote as follows in a letter dated November 1, 1869, to Mr. Gladstone: "It is not only the feeling, of which she cannot divest herself, against making a person of the Jewish religion a peer, but she cannot think that one who owes his great wealth to contracts with foreign governments for loans, or to successful speculation on the stock exchange can fairly claim a British peerage. However high Sir L. Rothschild may stand personally in public estimation, this seems to her not the less a species of gambling because it is on a gigantic scale and far removed from that legitimate trading which she delights to honor, in which men have raised themselves by patient industry and unswerving probity to positions of wealth and influence."

Her sound instincts, or "prejudices" as they would be called nowadays in our Judaized press, were, however, broken down by Disraeli and we have how reached such a pitch that in 1932 the Jews were seriously planning to get the chief rabbi into the House of Lords, ex-officio. In 1915 a daughter of the fourth Baron Sheffield married the Jew Edwin Montagu, the disturber of Indian "pathetic contentment," and actually "embraced Judaism" also in a religious sense. There was more excuse for Lord George Gordon of the 1780 anti-Popery campaign, who adopted the Jewish religion, but died insane.

In the following review of our titled aristocracy, there are many errors of omission; working chiefly with Burke's Peerage, we find a reticence on the subject of Jewish "relativity" to our nobility; in other words, the volume seems designed to baffle the investigator as much as possible. For that reason, and also because the time at our disposal for this research is strictly limited, the review is far from complete, but it is sufficiently terrible to a racist as it is.

Every effort has been made to avoid errors of commission; we do not desire to hurt the feelings of anyone, but the British people have a right to know the truth; wherever we have insufficient evidence in suspicious cases, the benefit of the doubt has been given; we hope, in many future editions, to be able to make our lists more complete. The excellent library of the Society of Genealogists could not produce a single volume which was of direct help in collecting the material for this pamphlet, which we hope, therefore, will find a place on its shelves; but we think something will prevent it getting there. It may be of interest to mention that Debrett's Peerage is published by the same Jew firm, Odhams Press, Ltd., which runs the Dally Herald. Sir Sydney Lee (Jew) edited the Dictionary of National Biography, so we get little help from those. And the Jew, M. Epstein, edits the Annual Register.

We have omitted from our list certain cases where Jewesses have married into noble families in which the titles are now extinct or from which marriages there was no issue.

In our investigations we found that the statement made by J. M. Macdiarmid in The Deer Forests that the Leveson-Gower family was descended from "a London Jew money lender" is false; the name "Leveson" in this case has no Jewish application. Also, the statement made in the Jewish Daily Post, June 17, 1935, that the present Duchess of Norfolk has Jewish blood, is untrue; she is the second wife of the last duke and mother of the present duke; and it was the first wife of the last duke, who left no heir, who had Jewish blood. The Universe is in error in stating (Feb. 4, 1937) that the Marquess of Bute is descended from the Jew Treves.

Many Jewish titles, sometimes camouflaged, like those of Barons Wandsworth (real name, Stern) and Pirbright (real name, De Worms), are fortunately extinct. Extinct, also, is the baronetcy of Sir Edgar Speyer, which was revoked by a notice in the Times of December 14, 1921, on account of his unlawful communication and trading with the enemy during the war.

The effect, of even a slight mixture of Jewish blood in an Aryan family is often very great. It alters the political outlook of the individual because it alters the instincts themselves.

"One Chink or Negro or even Jew ancestor a long way back will undo your Anglo-Saxon composition, of which you may claim an unbroken line of purely Essex stock, more thoroughly than if all your ancestors, from your parents back, had been Dutch, German, Swede, Dane, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, or any other easily assimilated Aryan race." W. Gerhardi in Memoirs of a Polyglot, 1931.

When a large number of individuals in commanding social or political positions are rendered partly Asiatic in instinct, the nation itself becomes the victim of these destructive instincts.

Referring to Colonel Lane's book, The Alien Menace, the National Review confirms this in the following words: "English men and women are constantly asking themselves how it comes about that a twist is so frequently given to British policy that is clearly not in accordance with British interests. There is usually somebody in a position, at the psychological moment, to deflect our government, whatever party be in power, into some line of action that is unintelligible at the time and is fraught with disastrous consequences. ... It is as though some hostile influence were steadily throwing grit into the machine.

In every international financial arrangement we fare badly, and the whole story of reparations and war debts is humiliating in the extreme and calculated to make us the world's laughing stock as well as the world's milk cow. It is in this connection that such a book as Colonel Lane has written • « • throws a timely searchlight. It is in the higher ranks of society that the alien menace is formidable through the influence exercised in government departments, in Downing Street, and high finance by gentry of unmistakable foreign origin."

The repulsive physical appearance of the Hither Asiatic or Armenold race is often passed on over many generations of a Jew-contaminated Aryan family.

Throughout this pamphlet, the word "Jew" is employed in its racial sense, implying Armenold, Mongoloid, or Oriental blood.

The appointments mentioned in connection with any individual are either past or present ones. The lists given below are of present titleholders only.


(12th) Duke of St. Albans, whose grandfather was the Jew, R. Bernal Osborne, M. P. The Duke married the daughter of the fifth Marquess of Lansdowne, and is the hereditary grand falconer.
(8th) Duke of Richmond is son of a Ricardo of Jewish blood.
(1st) Marquess of Crewe, Is descended from the second Viscount Galway, who married the Jewess, Villa Real; his second wife was the daughter of the fifth Earl of Rosebery and his wife, who was Hanna Rothschild. The family name is Crewe-Milnes. The marquess is a privy councilor, has occupied Cabinet positions, and was His Majesty's Ambassador at Paris, 1922-28.
(2d) Marquess of Reading. He is the son of the late Rufus Isaacs, who was a privy councilor, and who was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, a position once held by the present King when Prince of Wales; was also Viceroy of India, and was chiefly responsible for the "white paper" surrender of that vast empire, won to us by British valor and retained by straight dealing; was made Lord Chief Justice of England 3 months after having admitted publicly his "mistake of judgment" in connection with the Marconi scandal. Rufus Isaacs' brother was the power behind the British Broadcasting Co., and appointed its chief, Sir John Reith. The present Marquess married the daughter of the late Lord Melchett, the Jew, Mond.
(6th) Earl of Rosebery, the son of the fifth earl and a Rothschild mother, one of whose daughters married the present Marquess of Crewe. The earl is a great landowner.
(20th) Earl of Suffolk, whose mother was the daughter of the Jew, L. Z. Letter; he is also distantly descended from John Moses.
(6th) Earl of Craven is great-grandson of the Jew Bradley Martin.
(17th) Earl of Devon is son of a Jewish Silva.
Countess Loudoun (in her own right) is descended from the Jew Treves.
(6th) Earl of Mexborough is son of a Raphael. The last earl was his half-brother and a Buddhist.
(6th) Earl of Romney is descended from the Jew Treves.
(2d) Viscount Bearstead is a Samuel, and owns 150,000 acres; he is chairman of Shell Transport and a director of Lloyds Bank.
Viscount Castlerosse says he has Jewish blood, but we know no details. He is son of the fifth earl of Kenmare.
(9th) Viscount Chetwynd is a descendant of the Jew Gideon.
(3d) Viscount Esher is of Jewish blood; we do not know whether the source was of one or of two generations back, or both, but his sister admitted it in the Sunday Dispatch of August 11, 1935, saying she was proud of it. He married a Jewish Hecksher.
(8th) Viscount Galway, descended from the second viscount who married the Jewess Villa Real in 1747; the viscount is stated to be proud of his Jewish blood.
(2d) Viscount Goschen, banker. ("Goschen was a Jew," Lord Riddell in More Pages From My Diary, 1908-14, 1934, p. 7.)
(6th) Baron Auckland is descended from the Jew Gideon.
(5th) Baron Brabourne's mother was a Jewish Von Flesch-Brunningen.
(3d) Baron Burnham, whose original name. Levy, was altered to Lawson. Members of this family have married into gentile-titled families as follows: The Hulse baronetcy, the present baronet being free from this Levy blood; the family of the late Sir H. de Bathe. Bart., with issue; and the present baron's niece married the son of the second Earl of Leicester.
(2d) Baron Cranworth is distantly descended from the Jew, Samuel Du Pass, through his mother.
(1st) Baron Duveen, trustee of many art galleries.
(1st) Baron Southwood, lately J. S. Elias, chairman of Odhams Press, Ltd., and controller of a large section of the dally and weekly newspapers, including the Daily Herald.
(8th) Baron Foley's mother was a Greenstone.

(3d) Baron Herschell is of Jewish origin, and is a lord in waiting.
(1st) Baron Hirst, chairman of General Electric Co., and of Empire Commission of British Industries and of the Association of Textile Institutes.

(1st) Baron Jessel, who was Controller of Horses Disposal Board after the war; also chairman of Military Services Committee Panel of 1918; and is president of the London Municipal Society. His son has married the daughter of the Marquess of Londonderry.
(1st) Baron Mancroft, formerly Sir A. M. Samuel, Bart., who has held countless important appointments under the government.
(2d) Baron Melchett, who, in Modern Money, advised the sale of some of our Pacific and Atlantic possessions to pay off the war debt; opened the business efficiency exhibition, 1933; is a leading advocate of the Jew racket called planning, and is head of the English Zionist Federation. Melchett's sister married the new Lord Reading, and another sister married Sir N. A. Pearson, but was divorced.
(2d) Baron Michelham, real name Stern. One of his daughters married the fourth Baron Sherborne, but without issue.

(1st) Baron O'Neill, distantly Jewish in blood through the families of Lords Galway and Crewe.
Baroness Ravensdale is Lord Curzon's daughter and is granddaughter of the Jew L. Z. Letter. She is unmarried.
(3d) Baron N. M. V. Rothschild. The intermarriages of the Rothschild family have already been referred to. There has recently been a Rothschild union with the son of Baron Kemsley, of the newspaper-owning family of Berry.
(2d) Baron Strachle, son of a Jewish Braham.
(3d) Baron Swaythling is a Samuel, and is head of Samuel Montagu & Co., International loan bankers.
Dowager Countess of Desart is the daughter of a Bischoffsheina, but the present earl is not her Bon.
Sir G. W. Albu, Bart. (South African gold mines and diamonds).
Sir Alfred Beit, Bart., (the same interests), actually half Jew.
Sir H. J. D. Broughton, Bart., a great grandson of a Rosenzweig Sir H. J. W. Bruce, Bart., descended from a Ricardo.
Sir S. J. Bull, Bart., is son of a Jewish Brandon.
Sir Julian Cahn, Bart., director of Everyman Weekly.
Sir Felix Cassel, Bart., Judge advocate general.
Sir H. B. Cohen. Bart.
Sir Guy Colin Campbell, Bart., is son of a Jewish Lehmann.
81r T. H. W. Chitty, Bart., is the son of a Jewish Newbolt.
Sir R. C. G. Cotterell, Bart., grandson of a Ricardo.
81r P. V. David, Bart., a Bassoon.
Sir O. E. D'Avlgdor-Goldsmld, Bart., who has been high sheriff of Kent.
Sir John Ellerman, Bart.
Sir J. P. G. M. Fitzgerald, Bart., is the son of a Bischoffsheim and has married the daughter of the 7th Earl of Dunmore.
Sir G. S. Fry, Bart., is grandson of the Jewish Capper Pass.
Sir William Garthwalte, Bart., is son of a Jewish Andrade, married a Rodrigues, and his son married the daughter of the Jew Lord Duveen.
Sir E. C. Goschen, Bart.
Sir H. Goschen, Bart.
Sir J. L. Hanham, Bart., is son of a Jewish Lopes.
Sir R. L. Hare, Bart., is descended from the Jew Treves.
Sir P. A. Harris, Bart, M. P.
S i r F. D. S. Head. Bart., is descended from Mendes, the Jew physician of Catherine de Braganza.
Sir J C. W. Herschel, Bart., is of distant Jewish blood, but, according to a book, The Real Jew. edited by H. Newman, page 164. "anything which can be called Jewish was absolutely zero," in his distinguished grandfather, the astronomer.
Sir George Jessel, Bart.
Sir H. A. W. Johnson, Bart., is great-grandson of the Jewess Rebecca Franks.
Sir C. G. Lampson, Bart., is the son of a Jewish Van Gelderen.
Sir T. P. Larcom. Bart., is descended from a Jewish D'Aguilar.
Sir H. J. Lawson, Bart., is grandson of a Jewish Lousada.
Sir G. E. Leon, Bart.
Sir T. J. P. Lever, Bart., publisher, whose grandfather adopted this old English name to camouflage the fact that his real name is Levy.
Sir E. J. M. Levy. Bart.
Sir G. J. E. Lewis, Bart, of the firm of lawyers Lewis & Lewis, who keep in their cupboards the skeletons belonging to many great British families.
Sir H. T. B. Lopes, Bart., of Jew descent; has married the sister of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.
Sir P. Magnus, Bart.
Sir A. J. Meyer, Bart.
Sir C. G. J. Newman, Bart., whose brother married the daughter of the 2nd Baron Loch. (Real name, Neumann.)
Sir M. B. G. Oppenheimer, Bart., whose father married the daughter of Sir R. G. Harvey, Bart.
81r L. L. Faudel-Phillips, Bart., whose sister married Baron Hothfleld's brother.
Sir Lionel P. Phillips, Bart., whose father was arrested in 1896 and condemned to death for high treason, but was released; interests. South African mines, Sudan cotton, etc.
Sir B. L. B. Prescott's (Bart.) mother was daughter of the Jew Lionel Lawson.
Sir L. R. Richardson, Bart., interested in South African wool; his daughter was General Smuts' secretary.
Sir H. L. Rothband, Bart., of J. Mandleberg & Co., waterproofers.
Sir E. L. Samuel, Bart., Australian wool interests.
Sir H. B. Samuelson, Bart., is of Jewish family which has intermarried to a large extent with gentiles.
Sir Philip A. G. D. Sassoon, Bart., a Privy Councilor and first commissioner of works; chairman of National Gallery Board; once secretary to Lloyd George, and acted as such at Peace Conference; royalty accepts hospitality from this Jew, who is a Rothschild on his mother's side. His sister married the Marquis of Cholmondeley.
Sir E. V. Sassoon. Bart., of Bombay, who has been a member of the Legislative Assembly, India.
Sir Felix V. Schuster, Bart., held to be a high banking authority.
Sir R. P. Staples. Bart., is descended from the Jew Mendes.
Sir G. J. V. Thomas, Bart., whose mother was a Jewish Oppenheim.
Sir W. R. Tuck, Bart., whose firm prints Christmas cards.
Sir D. Wernher, Bart., is son of a Jewish Mankiewicz.
Sir H. E. Yarrow, Bart., is son of a Jewish Franklin.
The Earl of Birkenhead is descended from an oriental called Bathsheba, described in a recent biography as a gypsy. Racially, it matters little whether it was gypsy or Jew. He married Baron Camrose's daughter, and his sister married Baron Camrose's son.
As though that were not enough, the following noblemen and baronets now holding their titles have married women of Jewish blood; their heirs, if by descent from these will be Jewish aristocrats: (9th) Duke of Roxburghe married the granddaughter of a Rothschild.
(5th) Marquess of Cholmondeley's wife is a Sassoon.
(16th) Marquess of Winchester married a Jewess, Mrs. Claude Marks.
(7th) Earl Castle Stewart married a Guggenheim.
. (2d) Earl of Inchcape married the Jewish Ranee of Sarawak's daughter.
(6th) Earl of Rosse married a Jewish Messel.
(1st) Viscount St. Davids married first a Jewish Gerstenberg; and secondly a descendant of the Jew Treves by whom is his heir.
(1st) Viscount Bledisloe married a Lopes for his first wife, and his heir is her son.
(1st) Viscount Dawson of Penn married the daughter of a Jewish Franklin.
(3d) Baron Crawshaw married the granddaughter of a Ricardo.
(2d) Baron Hamilton of Dalzell's married the daughter of a Jewish Lawson.
(8th) Baron Howard de Walden married a Jewish Van Raalti.
(12th) Baron Kinnaird married a Clifton of Treves blood.
(1st) Baron May married a Strauss.
(1st) Baron Mount Temple's first wife was a Jewish Cassel.
(3d) Baron O'Hagan married as first wife the daughter of a Jewish Braham. by whom is his heir.
(1st) Baron Passfield, formerly Sidney Webb, a Fabian Socialist, married the granddaughter of a "tall, dark woman of Jewish type," and his biographer states that Beatrice Webb, now Lady Passfield, inherited many of her characteristics. (See Sidney and Beatrice Webb, by M. A. Hamilton, p. 41.) This appears to be the daughter of John Aked. Baron Passfield himself is described by Mr. Hamilton as having Jewish features; he was born in Soho and his origins "he has never illuminated." Nevertheless, Mr. Hamilton says that the Baron is pure English; a curious phenomenon.
(1st) Baron Parmoor married Lady Passfield's sister.
(6th) Baron Plunket married a Jewish Lewis.
Sir L. C. W. Alexander, Bart., married the daughter of the Jewish Baron Cable.
Sir J. W. Beynon, Bart., married a Moses.
Sir J. H. Blunt. Bart., married a Goldsmid-Stern-Salomans.
Sir H. L. C. Brassey, Bart., married the daughter of a Jewish Ricardo.
Sir E. C. Coates, Bart., married a Crewe-Milnes of distant Jewish blood.
Sir T. Colyer-Fergusson, Bart., married a Cohen as his second wife.
Sir H. G. de Bathe, Bart., married the daughter of a Warschowsky.
Sir A. E. H. Dean Paul married a Jewish Wieliawski. "Brenda" was a daughter.
Sir T. E. P. Falkiner, Bart., married the granddaughter of a Ricardo.
Sir G. C. Hamilton married a Jewish Simon.
Sir L. J. Jones. Bart., married a Schuster as his second wife, but his heir is by his first wife.
Sir E. A. Lechmere, Bart., married the daughter of a Samuels.
Sir R. Leeds, Bart., married a Jewish Singer
Sir C. E. Lyle, Bart., of the sugar-monopolist firm Tate ft Lyle, married a Levy and his son married the daughter of Sir John Jarvis, conservative M. P. for Guildford.
Sir E. O. McTaggart-Stewart, Bart., married a descendant of the Jew Treves.
Sir A. Moir. Bart., married the granddaughter of a Jewish Franklin.
Sir Oswald Mosley, Bart., married a granddaughter of the Jew L. Z. Letter; he is chief of British Union of Fascists.
Sir P. G. J. Mostyn, Bart., married a Jewish Marks.
Sir J. Gordon Nairne, Bart., married a Costa Ricci.
Sir N. A. Pearson, Bart., married a Mond, but obtained a divorce.
Sir Giles E. Sebright, Bart., married the granddaughter of an Isaacs.
Sir C. E. Warde married a "de Stern."
We are convinced that if we could get proof of certain facts regarding the relationships of other titled families, we could more than double the above list.

Here is a "mixed pickle" of Jewish relationships which we print, not because these cases necessarily influence the titled people mentioned in every instance, as some of them may detest the connection, but to show how intimate the Jewish penetration has become:
(9th) Duke of Devonshire's brother married a descendant of the Jew Bernal Osborne.
(11th) Marquess of Tweeddale married a Ralli. stepdaughter of an Einstein.
(2d) Marquess of Milford Haven is brother-in-law to Cassel offspring.
(7th) Marquess of Londonderry's daughter married a Jessel. His heir is godfather to a Jewish Jessel.
(4th) Marquess of Salisbury's heir, Viscount Cranborne, married a descendant of the Jew Bernal Osborne.
(7th) Earl Beauchamp's daughter is godmother to the son of Hon. E. Jessel.
(5th) Earl Peel's aunt married Charles S. Goldman, M. P., and the Earl's uncle is a director in the Jew international bank of 8. Japhet & Co.
(27th) Earl of Crawford's heir married a descendant of the Jew Bernal Osborne. Another son married the daughter of a Jewish Van Raalte.
(17th) Earl of Derby's daughter married the son of a Rothschild.
(7th) Earl Spencer's brother married a Jewish Blumenthal.
(7th) Earl of Orkney is nephew of Baroness de Samuel.
(4th) Earl of Verulam is brother-in-law of a Cassel.
(9th) Earl of Jersey's stepfather is a Jewish Slessor.
(6th) Earl Ranfurly's stepfather is a Jewish Lezard.
(2d) Earl Oxford and Asquith's sister married the cousin of a half-Rothschild. A distant relationship, but significant from a political standpoint.
(2d) Viscount Chelmsford's brother-in-law is a Jew Goldman.
(5th) Viscount Sidmouth's brother-in-law is a Jew Harris.
(2d) Viscount Scarsdale's daughter's godmother is Mrs. Simon< Marks.
(1st) Viscount Greenwood is brother-in-law of the half-Jew politician L. C. M. S. Amery of the Privy Council.
(1st) Viscount Davidson's second son's godmother is the Jewish Lady Reading.
(1st) Viscount Runciman's son's first wife was a Jewish Lehman.
(2d) Viscount Halifax's eldest son married the granddaughter of a Rothschild.
(1st) Viscount Hallsham's brother married the granddaughter of a Gompertz.
(8th) Viscount Powerscourt's heir married into the Jew family of Beddington.
(13th) Viscount Falkland's sister-in-law was a Jewish Leon.
(2d) Viscount Chilston is brother-in-law of a Samuelson.
(1st) Baron Rankeillour's second son married a Jewish Ricardo.
(3d) Baron Gerard's sister married the Jew Baron de Forest.
(4th) Baron Annaly is brother-in-law to Viscount Galway, of Jew descent.
(2d) Baron Aberdare is brother-in-law of Lord Rosebery, son of a Rothschild.,
(4th) Baron Fermoy's daughter has a Sassoon as godparent.
(2d) Baron Hamilton of Dalzell's nephew, his heir presumptive, and himself son of a Ricardo, married the daughter of the second Baron Burnham (Lawson, Levi).
(1st) Baron Kemsley's son married a Rothschild.
(2d) Baron Phillimore's heir married a Pereira.
(2d) Baron Hothfleld's heir married a Raphael. His brother married a Jewish Faudel-Phillips.
(7th) Baron Ravensworth's sister married a Speyer.
Sir E. J. P. Benn's (Bart.) heir married the daughter of the Jew Sir Maurice Hankey; and his daughter married P. Shinkman. Sir H. M. Huntington-Whiteley (Bart.) (who married Mr. Stanley Baldwin's daughter) has a sister-in-law Cohn.
Sir J. D. Orr-Lewis (Bart.) is brother-in-law of a Stern.
Sir L. R. Phillips' (Bart.) heir married a Jewish Lehmann.
Sir A. C. Cory-Wright's (Bart.) heir married a Jewish Tree; another son married a Levy.
Sir B. G. D. Sheffield's (Bart.) son married a Jewish Faudel- Phillips.
Sir J. H. B. Noble's (Bart.) son married the granddaughter of a Jewish Goldsmid.
Sir R. Bonsor's (Bart.) sister married a Jewish Hambro.
Sir H. W. Hulse's (Bart.) son has a Jewish Lawson as godfather.
Sir C. G. E. Welby's (Bart.) son married a Jewish Gregory.
In many of the above cases, the heir to the title is involved.
Once more, we must emphasize how incomplete the above list still is.
We do not know exactly how to classify— Baron Strabolgi, formerly Commander Kenworthy, Socialist M. P., but the Dally Telegraph of April 16, 1934, is less cautious and Includes him in a list of what it described as the "leaders of British Jewry." Lord Strabolgi looks Jewish, boosts the Jewish nation at every opportunity and reacts like a Jew, and once was a director of the European & Caucasian Export & Import Co., which, as the Patriot states, May 23, 1929, had a capital of £2,200 and "could be nothing but an intermediary between the Soviet that found the banking security and the manufacturers who sold the goods."
Lord Marley is another baron who appears to be a little shy as to his ancestry: Burke simply reveals him to be the grandson of George Joachim Aman, but Lord Marley's actions show that, whatever he may be, he cannot regard it libelous to be described at least as an "artificial Jew": he spends much of his time boosting Jews and defending Jew interests.
There are scores of other "lords" who are far too shy to reveal even their mothers' names. Surely it is an important thing that the British Democrat should know something of the origins of, say, Barons Arnold, Passfield, and Snell, seeing that they hold prominent positions in the affairs of our country. Then there is Baron Ashfield, whose father changed his name from Knatries to Stanley; this fact is not given in Burke's Peerage, and we should like to know if he was a Jew. Have we not a right to know?
What Is the use of a peerage reference book which does not tell where Jewish blood comes in?
A statement originally made by Mr. Shane Leslie, that Lord Curzon of Kedleston had a Jewish grandmother, and repeated by B. Falk in He Laughed in Fleet Street has, we understand from Mr. Leslie himself, been withdrawn by him. We do not know whether or no it should have been withdrawn.
"For over 14 years she had counted Lady Rothschild as her best friend," said Lady Snowden, on March 19 at the Jubilee appeal for the Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls, at Grosvenor House, Park Lane.
The Earls of Listowel and of Warwick helped to direct the Jewish Daily Post of London, which has since gone into liquidation.
According to the Jewish Chronicle of May 10, Lord Winterton stated in the House of Commons, May 7, that although he was not aware of any Jewish blood among his ancestors, he would be very proud of it if there was. Faugh!
Lady Diana Cooper's child had as its godfather the late Otto Kahn, of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
The Balfours, Cecils, Churchills, Lyttons, Russells, and Stanleys seem to have a sort of hereditary lack of Aryan good taste in favoring Jews.
Lady Patricia Moore, daughter of the tenth Earl of Drogheda, served as head of a committee of the British Association of Maccabees in 1933, together with the careerist, Mr. Randolph Churchill.
This is an exclusively Jewish national organization and we do not know what these two were doing there.
Adultery with Jews accounts for certain cases where individuals of obvious hither Asiatic race suddenly appear in old Aryan families of nobility. The usual chain of circumstances in these cases was described in The Fascist of May 1934, in an article called A Side Line of Usury. It is the greater scandal that these cases may not here be advertised so that the Eurasian progeny might be chivied
but of our British aristocracy, which they must permanently contaminate.
These Jew-features cross-breeds often further betray themselves by their instinctive leanings toward Marxism and finance and by a preference and sympathy for Jewish company and Jewish causes. They often live under the perpetual shadow of Jewish blackmail.
Generally speaking, when people of Aryan family look like Jews, they are Jewish.


The list of Jewish knights which follows gives no real idea of the Jewish contamination of the once-prized honor of knighthood.

It is far more difficult to get at the ancestry of holders of nonhereditary titles than it is of the others. It is easier for your Jewish knight to camouflage himself, and there is no doubt whatever that there are as many Marrano Jews today in this country working for Jewry under Christianized names and under the Christ i an religion-as ever there were in Spain and Portugal. We include in the list below only names of living knights of undoubted Jewish blood; we know there are scores of others, and we may be able to add to the list in future editions, particularly if our readers will assist us in the business of Identification.

The appointments mentioned are either past or present ones.

Sir S. S. Abrahams, chief Justice, Tanganyika.
Sir M. A. Abrahamson, of an engineering firm in Denmark; was commissioner for repatriation of British and Allied prisoners of war.
Sir George de S. Barrow.
Sir M. Bloch.
Sir M. J. Bonn, banker; chairman of London regional advisory committee for Juvenile unemployment.
Sir Montague Burton, cut-price tailor.
Sir B. A. Cohen, barrister.
Sir L. L. Cohen, banker and stockbroker and member of numerous British economic committees.
Sir R. Waley Cohen, of Shell Oil and of Baldwins, Ltd.
Sir S. S. Cohen.
Sir A. Castellani, expert on tropical diseases. His daughter married Sir Miles Lampson.
Sir Albert Clavering (formerly Closenberg), propaganda officer, central conservative office.
Sir H. Courthope-Munroe (real name Isaacs). Has had many important appointments in industrial arbitration and church tithe work.
Sir S. D'A. Crookshank, major general; general secretary, officers' association.
Sir S. Dannreuther, son of a Jewish Ionldes; deputy secretary.
Air Ministry
Sir Edmund Davis, director of many mining companies.
Sir Ernest Davis, New Zealand.
Sir Benjamin Drage, installment furniture dealer.
Sir W. Deedes, brigadier general.
Sir John Ducane, was commander in chief, British Army on the Rhine. 1924-27; Governor of Malta. 1927-31.
Sir P. H. Ezechiel 3d, crown agent to the colonies since 1920.
Sir D. E. D. Ezra, late sheriff of Calcutta.
Sir L. Franklin, of A. Keyser & Co., Jew bankers; was in charge of Belgian refugees at Folkestone.
Sir F. E. Fremantle, a descendant of the Jew Gideon.
Sir S. R. Fremantle, whose mother was an Isaacs.
Sir S. H. Fremantle, brother of foregoing.
Sir S. Glucksteln, tobacco magnate.
Sir F. W. Goldstone, general secretary, National Union of Teachers.
Sir W. H. Goschen, chairman of Sun Insurance office.
Sir H. Graumann, interested in South African gold and mayor of Johannesburg.
Sir A. M. Green, High Commissioner for India in London.
Sir C. E. Hambro, director of banks, Insurance companies, etc.
Sir M. Hankey, clerk to H. M. Privy Council and secretary of countless International conferences. (See the Fascist for May 1935).
Name of his great-grandfather changed to Hankey from Alers.
Sir Victor Harari Pasha, director general of accounts, Egyptian Ministry of Finance.
Sir D. Harris, of De Beers.
Sir P. J. Hartog, Indian educationalist.
Sir P. G. Henriques, once assistant secretary, Ministry of Munitions.
Sir A. Hirtzel, in India office since 1894, becoming Permanent Under Secretary of State for India, 1924-30.
Sir G. B. Hurst, M. P. (formerly Hertz).
Sir Isaac A. Isaacs, Governor General of Australia. Member of the committee which formed the Australian constitution.
Sir J. G. Jarmay, of Brunner Mond & Co.
Sir F. L'E Joseph, president of the Federation of British Industries.
Sir S. G. Joseph, mayor of Marylebone.
Sir E. Kadoorle, Iraq educationalist.
Sir Cecil H. Kisch, Assistant Under Secretary of State for India and member of International financial conferences as British representative.
Sir Leon Levison, author.
Sir C. B. Levita, lieutenant colonel.
Sir J. A. Levy, Jewel dealer.
Sir H. C. Luke (Lusach), has held countless diplomatic key positions.
Sir F. J. Marquis, of Lewis', Ltd.; has occupied many key positions in Industrial councils, etc., In this country.
Sir H. Marks, big-business man in South Seas.
Sir Charles Mendl. press attache, British Embassy, Paris.
Sir S. F. Mendl, member of war office advisory committee on Army contracts.
Sir R. L. Mond, interesting himself in archaeology.
Sir H. A. Miers, geologist.
Sir M. Myers, chief Justice of New Zealand.

Sir M Nathan, has had five colonial governorships.
Sir F. G. Newbolt, official referee, supreme court.
Sir H. J. Newbolt, official naval historian, 1923; controller of wireless and cables in European War.
Sir E. Oppenheimer, chairman of Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa.
Sir P. Oppenheimer, British delegate in many International commissions.
Sir C. E. Pereira, major-general.
Sir F. Pollitzer.
Sir Landon Ronald, musical conductor.
Sir C. Rosenthal, major-general.
Sir W. Rothenstein, artist.
Sir Isidore Salmon, of J. Lyons & Co., served on many important public bodies.
Sir H. Samuelson.
Sir Claude Schuster, permanent secretary to Lord Chancelor.
Sir G. E. Schuster, on many bank directorates and financial commissions.
Sir C. D. Seligman. member of advisory committee of Export Credits Guarantee Department. Board of Trade.
Sir P. C. Simmons, London County council.
Sir E. D Simon, Lord Mayor of Manchester.
Sir H. H. Slesser, lord Justice.
Sir H. J, Stanley, Governor of Southern Rhodesia; real name, Bonnenthal.
Sir L. S. Sterling.
Sir Albert Stern, director-general, mechanical warfare department.
Sir H. Strakosch, expert on scores of Empire financial commissions; British financial representative. League of Nations.
Sir Aurel Stein, explorer and traveler to Tibet, etc.
Sir Thomas White, chairman of Central Valuation Committee for England and Wales.
Sir H. A. Wernher, chairman of Anglo-Swedish Society.
Sir A. Zimmern, professor of International relations, Oxford University.
Sir Otto Niemeyer denies he is Jewish; he does not look it; he is president of the Bank of International Settlements.
The following Knights now living have married women of Jewish blood:
Sir Percy Ashley married a Jewish Hayman. Has been lecturer on history, London School of Economics, and secretary, import duties advisory committee.
Sir J. M. Astbury married a Jewish Susman (first wife). Judge, high court.
Sir R. M. Banks married an Ehrman, widow of an Epstein. Judge.
Sir E. C. Benthall married the daughter of the Jewish Baron Cable; he was Lord Reading's agent in India.
Sir A. A. Biggs married a Pollak.
Sir C. V. Brooke married a Jewish Brett. Rajah of Sarawak.
Sir E. J. Cameron married an Isaacs. Has had many Colonial Governorships.
Sir C. E. Corkran married a Ricardo. General officer commanding, London district, 1928-32.
Sir R. W. Dalton married a Bamberger. Senior trade commissioner of several Dominions.
Sir David Davis married a Platner. Lord Mayor. Birmingham.
Sir S. S. Davis married a Jewish Davis. Many administration and financial appointments, particularly Palestine.
Sir P. H. Dent married a descendant of the Jew Gideon. Governor, London School of Economics.
Sir G. M. Franks married a Garcia. General, president Allied Commission of Organization, Turkey.
Sir R. Goddard married a Schuster. Judge, high court.
Sir A. Greer married a Van Noorden. Lord Justice of appeal.
Sir C. J. C. Grant married the granddaughter of a Rothschild. General.
Sir J. Hanbury-Williams married a Reiss. Chief of British Military Mission with H. Q. Russian Army in Field, 1914-17.
Sir A. E. W. Harman married a Ricardo. General.
Sir Malcolm Hogg married the granddaughter of a Jew Gompertz.
Sir A. Hore married the widow of J. I. Belisha. Permanent Secretary, Minister of Pensions.
Sir H. K. Kitson married a Jewish de Pass. Admiral Superintendent of H. M. Dockyard, Portsmouth.
Sir Miles Lampson married a Castellani. High Commissioner, Egypt-
Sir K. Lee married a Strakosch. On many industrial commissions.
Sir H. J. Mackinder married a Ginsberg, director, London School of Economics, 1903-8; British High Commissioner, South Russia 1919-20; chairman, Imperial Economic Conference 1926-31.
Sir W. Morrison married a D'Costa. On legislative council, Jamaica.
Sir F. S. Parry married a descendant of the Jew Gideon. Private secretary, First Lord Treasury 1897-1902; has been deputy chairman, board of customs, for 25 years.
Sir W. T. Southorn married a Jewish Woolf. Colonial' Secretary, Hong Kong
Sir F. T. Spickernell married the descendant of a Jew Rosenzweig. Secretary to First Sea Lord for 8 years.
Sir M. M. Wood married the daughter of Moss Davis. Liberal whip.
Other knights have allowed their children to marry Jews or Jewesses, or have other family ties with Jews, as:
Sir Hugh S. Barnes' daughter has a Rothschild as son-in-law.
Sir F. Bowater's son married the daughter of a Jewish Franklin.
Sir J. F. S. Coleridge's daughter married a Seligman.
Sir W. Dalrymple's son married a Jewish Albu.
Sir Austin E. Harris's son married a Bahrens.
Sir J. A. Hawke's daughter married the Jew Sir P. C. Simmons.
Sir A. Hopkinson's daughter married Sir G. B. Hurst (Hertz).
Sir T. G. Horridge married the widow of A. Isenberg.
Sir Oliver Lodge's daughter married a Jewish Yarrow.
Sir W. Monckton's wife's stepfather is a Cohen.
81r Guy Standing's daughter married a Jewish Leon.
Some of the knights mentioned are themselves Jewish, but we have no proofs in these cases and therefore make no distinctions.
The following are women of Jewish blood bearing titles as being widows of knights:

Lady M. Barnard (nee Loewen).
Lady C. M. Chermside, daughter of 1st Baron Reuter.
Lady De Pass (nee Mercado).
Lady A. de Villiers, daughter of Simon Davis.
Lady M. H. Egerton, daughter of a Jewish Franklin.
Lady A. Gollancz (nee Goldschmldt).
Lady A. R. Goodrich (nee Helbert, originally Israel).
Lady A. G. Gregg (nee Samuel).
Lady A. Hayter (nee Slessor).
Lady L. Henry (nee Levy).
Lady A. E. Henschell (nee Louis).
Lady H. E. F. Jacoby (nee Liepmann).
Lady D. F. James (nee Basevi).
Lady K. de V. Lambton, granddaughter of the Jew, Bernal Osborne.
Lady J. V. Lucas (nee Henriques).
Lady P. Lyons (nee Cohen).
Lady A. Mandelberg (nee Barnett).
Lady V. A. Myers (nee Levy).
Lady A. E. Nathan (nee Sichel).
Lady E. Prince (nee Jonas).
Lady A. Z. Pringle (nee Levy).
Lady R. Samuel (nee Beddington).
Lady I. Snowden (nee Isaacs).
Lady F. Walston (nee Einstein).
So, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

We ask our readers to Join us and to help to rouse what is left of the great British Nation to race-consciousness. No man or woman can escape the responsibility which the knowledge given in this pamphlet forces upon them. The task cannot be left to future generations, because every generation will be more Judaised than the one before it.

The great Jew-wise reformer. William Cobbett thus addressed the nobility of his day (about 1827) in his Letter to the Nobility of England:

"You feel ... that you are not the men your grandfathers were; but you have come into your present state by slow degrees, and therefore you cannot tell, even to yourselves, not only how the change has come about, but you cannot tell what sort of change it really is. You may know what it is, however ... when you reflect that your grandfathers would as soon have thought of dining with a chimney sweep than of dining with a Jew or with any huckstering reptile who has amassed money by watching the turn of the market; that those grandfathers would have thought it no dishonor at all to sit at table with farmers, or even with laborers, but that they would have shunned the usurious tribe of loan Jobbers, and other notorious changers of money as they would have shunned the whirlwind or the pestilence."


(Current engagements on going to press: The Marquess of Queensberry's daughter to Count Bendem, son of the new Jew Baron de Forest.) Revised to November 30, 1937, enlarged with addition of new names and removal of others through death, and in three cases through error.

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