Lloyd George and the Balfour Declaration

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Lloyd George's War Memoirs, vol. i, p. 349. (Vol i published 1933/4; vol ii 1936.)
Note: Lloyd George became Prime Minister of a coalition in December 1916, replacing Asquith who had been Prime Minister since 1908
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The Balfour Declaration plays an important part in 'alternative' First World War history; it is regarded as the event which caused Jews in the USA to secretly put pressure on US officials, and more overtly to circulate atrocity stories about Germany, to bring the US into the war on the side of Britain, despite Wilson's election on the basis of neutrality.
    And this idea seems, in fact, to be true.
First World War
      'Timeline' of the First World War (western front only; published in 1920). By 1916, the situation was as follows (Basil Liddell Hart, History of the First World War): ‘With the First World War, the standard [length of time of battles, once hours,] became months. And of all the so-called 'battles' of the war Verdun holds the duration record, extending from February 21st to December 15th, 1916. ..’ The Somme followed. Tanks had not yet been tried (NB the name 'tank' is left over from wartime secrecy: the first efforts were made in Lincoln, and were described as tanks—water tanks or cisterns—I think (if I recall correctly) that the cover story was they were intended for the Near East. The name was retained).
      The official reason for the US entering the war, as marked on the timeline, was unrestricted German submarine warfare, after the Lusitania was sunk off Ireland; I leave it for the reader to judge how likely this was to have been the genuine reason. Anyway, nearly two years later the Armistice was arrived at.
July 12th, 1920. Start of a speech by Balfour at the Albert Hall. What was called a 'Demonstration organised by the English Zionist Federation', to thank the British Government for a decision to incorporate the Balfour Declaration for a Jewish National Home in the Treaty of Peace with Turkey. Taken from Speeches and Addresses of the Earl of Balfour KG, OM, FRS 1910-1927.
    Note that Balfour thinks the 'ancient home of the Jewish people' is more important than the devastation of Europe. Probably Balfour's outlook was formed by some half-educated nanny and by rich Jews whose sources of wealth he never investigated. He also pretends it was an 'unexpected' result; in fact, Jewish propaganda around 1916, Jewish blackmail of President Wilson, and Jewish credit combined to get the USA into the war in 1917.
[Balfour speaks:] For long I have been a convinced Zionist, and it is in that character that I come before you to-day, though in my most sanguine moments I never foresaw, never even conceived, the possibility that the great work of Palestinian reconstruction would happen so soon, or that indeed it was likely to happen in my own lifetime.

This is one of the great and unexpected results of the world struggle which has just come to an end—even if, indeed, we dare to say that it has yet completely come to an end.

Of infinite evils that struggle has been the parent, but if among its results we can count the re-establishment in their ancient home of the Jewish people, at all events we can put to its credit one great result which under other circumstances, so far as we can see, could never have occurred at so early a date.

Who would have thought five or six years ago that a speaker in the Albert Hall would be able to recount as an established fact that the Great Powers of the world had elected to accept the Declaration to which Lord Rothschild has referred, had consented to give a Mandate to the country which at all events is in the forefront among those who desire to see this policy brought to a successful issue, and that they would already have seen appointed as the High Commissioner of Palestine a man who so admirably joins the double qualifications which Lord Rothschild has so felicitously expressed? ...

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