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• If whites do not move past the "Denial Phase" they will NOT survive.

'Rerevisionist' 19 Nov 2015. Started 9 February 2014/ Alexa approx ratings added 7 Feb 2015/ New sites added often, typically when comments link to them
Note:   www.similarweb.com and www.semrush.com and www.siteexplorer.info's ranking may be better than Alexa. SimilarWeb (Jewish though) claims to use server data, but gives no details beyond 'a unique and proprietary method to collect certain non identifiable information through our own resources and through third parties resources'. The derivative info on www.semrush.com, seems better than Alexa.   who.is/website-information/ may be best of all, if you can interpret it.

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Each opens in a new window. Some may be false-flag; I can't guarantee they're all reliable. Some false-flag Jew sites suppress 9/11, holohoax, nuclear information, or other Jewish frauds, where Jews view these as of overriding importance.

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[Notes: News sites get more hits than reference sites, just as newspapers get more readers than reference books. Alexa's figures vary; I've made use of them because they exist, but their data collection method is obviously unreliable. Sites may be underrated if links are removed by Jews and over-rated by multiple clicks. Here's my Warning about Alexa spammers. Sites' issue awarenesses vary: Many sites are holohoax-aware and 9-11-aware. Some are Germany/ Italy/ Japan/ E Europe/ Far East war-crimes aware. Some are Khazar-aware and Zionism-aware. Nuclear awareness is rare; N means NOT nuclear-aware, where I checked. All opinions are my own. ]

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NON-YOUTUBE VIDEO SITES (videomakers are often dishonest about the reasons their videos are banned). This may expand into a list of video makers and sites, without comment on popularity. Email jadar @ big-lies.com to be added. Can't promise many hits though.
Evalion88 https://mega.nz/#F!dtB3VIQZ!VKHznxeYUeva6IsnfYz_2g
http://www.minds.com hosts videos, and claims to be a completely open site. I haven't checked their terms.
Jew Supremacists Watch is a Google+ account. These are Google's equivalent to Wordpress sites, but with less programming needed, and mostly I think video-based. I expect these will grow in number, but they are less searchable than websites.

FIVE STAR JEW-AWARE SITES jadar Jew aware sites as determined by Alexa.com

Most of these sites have very useful information, with new material added fairly often. Struck-out means probably false flag.

10 News Denmarkjadar Jew aware sites (Danish news site) 10 news .dk
AbelDanger.netjadar Jew aware sites (Canadian site, popular there, apparently with two principals and other contributors. Field McConnell seems to be their frontman. More Jew-aware than it was. Some nuke interest.) Canadian revisionism
AbundantHopejadar Jew aware sites (Strange US-style Christ-related material; shrewd on Jews in the world N)
AlJazeera.com jadar Jew aware sites (Popular in North America, Britain, India, Germany. Registered 1996, in San Francisco. Currently lists Israel, North Korea, Ghana, Iran, Syria as special topics. Seems to be non-WordPress site. Investigations, including Jew Lobby in Britain early 2017).
Adrian Azzopardi Youtube Channeljadar Jew aware sites (Popular Youtube Playlist Site with collected Jew-aware references on very many topics, but all from other sites - Stalin, Jewish mass murders, Hitler, National Socialism, baby parts sales etc etc. N)
Deutschland Altermedia.infojadar Jew aware sites (Leading German site. I'm assuming Jew awareness; tricky in ZOG Germany. Uses vBulletin. Ads for related info. Some English titles - scroll to bottom) Attermeia Germany
americanfreepress.net jadar Jew aware sites ('America's last real newspaper'. Usual sensationalist US style. Was Spotlight. However it is recommended by the scholarly Barnes Review. Includes writing by Tony Blizzard, who has Youtubes; worked for Liberty Lobby). N
Angry White Dude jadar Jew aware sites Mostly US, blacks, Muslims and Jews in Wordpress format. US site. Includes handgun advice. Some analyses of Jews and ZOG and anti-white policies, BUT not enough on 'Jews'. Ambrose Kane
antiwar.com jadar Jew aware sites
Balder Ex Libris jadar Jew aware sites (Online downloadable 'rare and missing' books on Jews and Jewish history. Some in French. Archives back to late 2011. Search engine for titles and authors and subjects)
bestgore.com jadar Jew aware sites Site with horrors; I was amazed it has a Holohoax section, and stills and videos on Jews in the USSR and eastern Europe gangraping German women and Children. Possibly it is a way to publicise without Jews trying their usual defamation. Includes staged fakes, nuclear treaties turned down by Israel, lung cancers, etc. Rather odd contrast of grammar and spelling precision with some porn. As yet this site is nuclear naive N. Possibly intended as anti-cruelty site.
BiblicismInstitute.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites Tries its best to situate 'Jews' and their world policies over time
Blanch Europe .com jadar Jew aware sites French language + translations. March 2016; registered Nassau, New Providence. Nous devons préserver l'existence de notre peuple et l'avenir des enfants blancs. Black murderers; (((British))) judge decides alien minors get priority; 'moderate Islam' absurdity; 'Martin Luther King' Jew control; multiple sexes...
brasschecktv.com jadar Jew aware sites '.. look behind the curtain' N
Breizatao jadar Jew aware sites (Jew-aware Breton site)
Cafe jadar Jew aware sites (I heard this thru 'Fascist Lemming'; hadn't consciously noted it before. Jewish headlines (saves you watching for them; only reason for a mention) with attempts at humor. N and unaware of anything else.
christogenea.org jadar Jew aware sites (William Frinck's site, as name suggests mainly Biblical Christian. N|
CODOH.com jadar Jew aware sites (Campaign for Open Debate on the Holocaust - Bradley Smith. Very long-established, with archives. It has an associated site
  Holocaust Handbooks which is a source for genuine books on the Holohoax—as I type, Amazon has removed serious books of that type from its site, presumably permanently. Amazon of course was funded by Jewish paper money).
Craig Murray blog jadar Jew aware sites (One of many sites by quite eminent people. In this case, a diplomat who I think was in Africa. Good on technical military people, sometimes unpublicised non-bullshit types, opposite of Jew conspiratorial types and participants in criminal conspiracies, and media owners. Knows about international law ignored by 'Jews', drones etc. Good on the corruption of British political parties, and the US. But seems naive about false flags, and such things as the BBC, 'a mouthpiece for the Conservative Party', clearly not understood. Worse, not much on Jews. N)
Daily Slave jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be the same as infostormer.com 'Destroying Jewish tyranny' - many detailed daily uncompromising articles, usually US, varied material on race, US politics, Jews, including the 3-hour film Questioning the Holocaust. Seems to be one of the sites accused by NewObserverOnline of plagiarising their material; much, maybe all, their material seems second-hand. WordPress format. Hosted in Netherlands.)
Daily Stormer Daily Stormer Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer on the 'Jew enemy'. Started 2013. Wordpress format; new articles very few days. Several other writers N
davidduke.com jadar Jew aware sites (David Duke. Interesting material on Jewish lobbies and the 'Russian' Revolution etc. N)
Lasha Darkmoon jadar Jew aware sites (Anonymous classicist; links to other material of variable quality. Site is incompetently moderated and may be derivative. N)
Direkt jadar Jew aware sites Austrian-based German-language site with serious news articles
Electronic Intifada jadar Jew aware sites Electronic Intifada. Focused on Palestine. Many contributors; some Jews. Founded 2000? Daily news format. Has site searcher. LOOKS TO ME LIKE A FALSE FLAG SITE suggesting the poor holocausted Jews should keep their stolen land and fraudulent money. But I may be wrong - about a year later it may have firmed upN
English-language Forum at Pravda.ru jadar Jew aware sites (Forum in English at pravda.ru, which may or may not be related to Pravda, Jewish-run USSR 'truth' propaganda. Established 1998; Moscow based. Has a lot of Jew realism, some of it repulsive, though probably true; after all, Russians suffered under Jews since 1917 and before).
Fars News jadar Jew aware sites Iran news website. At present, a lot of military news - Syria, Russia, NATO. N
Robert Faurisson Blogspot- French language jadar Jew aware sites (Star rating of this subsite not known; however blogspot is very popular in Germany) Faurisson in French
Fellowship of the Minds dot com jadar Jew aware sites (Reclassified with apologies as it mentions Jews where needed. Hypocrisy on bogus 'refugees'; Michael Moore hypocrisy; Soros; false flags and psyops; Obama)
Norman Finkelstein jadar Jew aware sites (If you seek an honest Jew, looking at major issues, this isn't one. Rather odd site that looks hacked. Little content) N
Fort Russ Blogspot UK and
Fort Russ Blogspot .com jadar Jew aware sites (Pro-Russia site; may be useful for information on Syria, Turkey, and the fake and mercenary ISIS. And the effects of forced migration on Europe. Seem to be different versions: fortruss.blogspot.fr France, fortruss.blogspot.de Germany, fortruss.blogspot.it Italy etc. but these may be redirected links, not translations. But it lies about 9/11 and is nuke-naive. So treat with caution. N )
Four Winds 10 jadar Jew aware sites (Very good pieces: Jews and Internet, Palestine, Pearl Harbor, black op in Paris, 13 Nov 2015, presumably Jew centred. But completely nuclear naive) N
fpp.co.uk jadar Jew aware sites (David Irving's Focal Point Press site. Second World War history. Irving often links to articles in Jewish news and misinformation sources. Late 2016: the propaganda film Denial has many comments by DI N)
Freethought Nation jadar Jew aware sites (Freethought in a genuine sense, not Shermer/Randi/Dawkins fake. Seems to be Acharya S = D M Murdock's own site. One of the few sites examining both Jesus and Moses as manufactured fakes. N)
FrontPageMag.com jadar Jew aware sites (Jew aware - BUT 100% pro-Jew. Remind yourself how evil Jews are. Quite grotesque to read about Palestine and its invaded people, for example. Seems to be based around a Horowitz who was supposedly a Vietnam War activist, but looking back worked for Jews, pretending that genocide in Vietnam was an American idea, ignoring Jewish money profited from mass murders. Nothing on Jewish paper money. Supports the fantasy of nukes as an excuse to bomb countries Jews hate, e.g. Iran. Probably aimed at simple Americans who believe these filth are Biblical 'Jews'. Backward—and what else would a group be who seriously imagine, with no evidence, they in effect have birth certificates going back to prehistory? BEWARE N) Jewish flag
Globalfire jadar Jew aware sites News and history and Jews (half in German Germany with English version. Archive from 2003-2012)
Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told jadar Jew aware sites (Long video revising WW2. Available as DVDs)
heretical.com jadar Jew aware sites (Some Jewish material 1. 'Luke O'Farrell' writings, 2. Simon Sheppard on Anne Frank, 3. Jailed-by-jews experience. But marred by women control men rubbish, imho derived from his misunderstanding of crypto-Jews masquerading as suffragettes. 18 July 2017: Sheppard is 'researching' a compound applied to the skin. I'm guessing this is a dangerous cosmetic to lighten dark skin. '.. he was arrested on suspicion of making racially aggravated complaints about an African ... [and] re-arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. ... His computers have been taken away again.' N) Added 9 Aug 2017
Henry Makow jadar Jew aware sites (Pulls punches)
May have vanished > iamthewitness.com jadar Jew aware sites (Daryl Bradford Smith exposing jews ('without being anti-semitic'?) with French version France and Jews)
imranhosein.org jadar Jew aware sites (Islamic fundamentalist)
informationclearinghouse.info jadar Jew aware sites (Articles on militarism, ISIS, Russia, 'Holocaust' etc which looks largely fake to me; could be based on info from arms companies, for example. But 9/11 looks correct)
Infostormer jadar Jew aware sites (Started 2014. Seems US-based. Quotes articles worldwide, prefaces with commentary, and accepts comments. Significant jew-related news items worldwide. Quite amusing volcabulary (faggots, monkeys etc) reacting to Jew campaigns of the past as well as present. N) ?popular in Australia
Intellihub jadar Jew aware sites Sensational speculations on news
Ironmarch.org jadar Jew aware sites High ranking site, was notably in Canada, now US and UK and Italy. Forum rather than news site, uses Invision, not Wordpress (I think). International news. I don't know whose site this is. Created 2011, updated May 2016. 'Global Fascist Community'. Probably controlled pseudo-opposition; shows all the usual signs. Be cautious. N Ironmarch in Canada
Japan's #5 site, by 'Akira' anti-Kike jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be by a Japanese in America. Lots of world-wide material, I think mostly in English)
Jew or not Jew? (Database of names, with opinions of whether Jew or not) jadar Jew aware sites
The Jewniverse (Long-established (since 2007) site, popular in USA. jon@myjewishlearning.com is associated. "Jewniverse | the inspirational, the extraordinary, and the just plain strange". Noticed this in a comment on Bob Dylan. Was 'The Times They Are a-changin' a comment on Hart-Celler immigration?) jadar Jew aware sites
Jew Watch jadar Jew aware sites (Frank Weltner. A lot of categorised information, largely 20th Century; for example, here's UK media 'Jews'. Many downloads. 'The Jew Watch Project Is The Internet's Largest Scholarly Collection of Articles on Zionist History. Free Educational Library for Private Study, Scholarship, Research & News About Zionism...' BUT note the rather absurd preface on religious freedom for Jews which may just be a legal protection). Regards itself as a library; includes copies of work on e.g. 'Jewish hate hoaxes', Rockwell and other US 'Nazis', ADL funding etc. Has downloadable pdf files of books of the sort Amazon banned. N--the 'nuclear' stuff is mostly Jew-naive, probably inserted because it reads like concerned Jews pleading for sanity, rather than the truth, which is jews faked the entire nuke issue. See nukelies.org).
Journal Neo .org jadar Jew aware sites (New Eastern Outlook. Could be largely Americans disenchanted with 'Jews'. Might be Jewish media trying something new; who knows. But it looks Jew-aware. N
Khamenei.IR jadar Jew aware sites Iranian site which Alexa records as #9,000 in the world and #200 in Iran. Doesn't seem to acknowledge Islam as in effect a Jewish forgery, to try to control Arab mobs—often successfully. Much material on US and worth reading up US (or perhaps Jewish) coups, violence, support for Saddam Hussein and war from Iraq. Holocaust skeptic. I'm unsure about nuclear issues, but it's possibly nuke aware.
The London Forum - Youtube Channel jadar Jew aware sites (The London Forum has a new (2015) Youtube channel, of talks delivered in London. 5 stars is an exaggeration; but the talks are worth watching. N
Lucify jadar Jew aware sites (Finnish site inc. English. Vast flows of aliens to Europe, in maps-with-arrows visualisations. Based on UN data. Can be embedded. Included for importance; not explicitly Jew-aware) -->
MetaTV.org jadar Jew aware sites (French site I think based on clips from French TV which I need hardly say is Jew-dominated.) French revisionist TV and video
Some of the online sites used by mileswmathis.com
Genealogies, Names, Families ancestry.com | avotaynu.com* | burkespeerage.com* | geni.com [NB Jewish] | ethnicelabs.com ['celebrities'] | findagrave.com [last resting places] | fabpedigree.com [ancients; non-authoritative] | familysearch.org | genealogieonline.nl/en/ | Genealogy.com | geneanet.org [Genealogies] | metapedia.org* | myheritage.com [NB Jewish?] | thepeerage.com* | wargs.com ['William Addams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services'] | wikipedia.com | WikiTree.com [free family trees] ||| Archives, Books archive.org | books.google.com ||| Popular Beliefs, Enquiries, Questions | litreactor.com [writing info e.g. researching legal jargon] | revolvy.com | semiticcontroversies blogspot | truecrimelibrary.com [crimelibrary.com has vanished] | urbanlegends.about.com | vhs62.com [vellejo high school 62 yearbooks | wikia.com [for fans of mass 'culture'] ||| *Seem relevant, but I think not used
Miles W Mathis jadar Jew aware sites (One of the most important research-in-revisionism sites. First-class material on Lenin, Marx, Royal Families, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon and the French Revolution, and smaller issues such as the Dayton 'monkey trial', Salem Witches, writer Jack London and musician John Lennon) NMiles Mathis
Mvlehti.net Finland muslims jews (Finnish site which is staggeringly popular there. I'd never heard of it.) Canada race and jew problems
New nationalist.net jadar Jew aware sites (Very new site: May 2016. Apparently hosted in Arizona. Wordpress theme 'MH Magazine'. Seems to have several writers, inc. Russ Winter. Too new to judge; looks promising though with good material on Orlando hoax. (Update: Nov 2017, 17 months later: many good pieces). Part of their mission statement is: core issues: the misuse of U.S. and NATO troops in foreign military interventions, the lopsided Israel First agenda in the U.S. and U.K. in particular and the excessive influence of the extremist Likudnik Jewish lobby and their controlled media. Recent good piece on 'staged misdirection' - fake events for e.g. phoney charities. May be inadequately anti-Jew N)
NewObserverOnline jadar Jew aware sites (News; good short summary pieces daily, from worldwide sources. Est. 2013; in transition to full Jew awareness; e.g. good pieces on Kurds, USA, Syria; 'drowned boy' hoax; immigrant nonwhite invasions; black & Jew crime censorship; South Africa; invaders to white countries; faked statistics on crime, IQ, and numerous topics. Good linked video system. 'Truenewschild' theme. Seems to have had constant attacks...) N BUT there are concerns; eg. it censors comments on Jews in the EU; the publishing arm Ostara reprints Stalin, who of course has no comment on Jew finance, as though it's a serious work of economics; it has unrevisionist French Revolution material; it has a book on Armenia with no comment on 'Turkish Jews'   May have been removed or attacked; seems (Sep 2017) moved to tumblr:
    [... Same articles, in different format, probably because its Content Server is different, here too NewobserverOnline.Tumblr.com
nodisinfo jadar Jew aware sites (Hard to judge. Includes Psyops; mostly US - 9/11 and Sandy Hook and others, mostly fake shootings as 'gun control' propaganda, on video, mostly recent, but also JFK. Seems Christian. But very N as e.g. on Fukushima)
Nordfront jadar Jew aware sites (Nordic news - Sweden, Norway, Finland) Sweden Norway Finland
Occidental Dissent jadar Jew aware sites (Southern USA with Australian following. Mostly southern US news, but contrary to Jew media lies. Looks e.g. at 'Southern Poverty Law Center' as source of lies and anti-white race policies, and Jewish media lies. American Racial History. Events. Confederacy. Confederate history. Forums. I'm not sure it's as popular as Alexa claims. )
theoccidentalobserver.net jadar Jew aware sites (Kevin MacDonald's The Occidental Observer (or TOO). More or less daily journalism; good contributors. Jews vs whites. Comments were heavily trolled; less so now. Not good on holocaust as a fraud, science, Jewish money frauds, US violence, or even Khazars; it's (I hope) a transitional site. Wordpress 'Redline' style. But completely nuke naive and even holohoax naive N)
Orwell's Daughter (Wordpress) jadar Jew aware sites (I couldn't find much info on this site; seems to date from Jan 2014. The star rating may be wrong. ?American woman who regards white males as cowards and pussies; probably correctly enough. Pro-mothers—mothers created men, who respond disgustingly. White women the most targeted for rape on the planet. Jew aware. Not Christian: 'White people will disappear like the dinosaur [because] they luv Jewy Geezus more than their own people. Jewboi born of a virgin jewess -- & the fags of the White race masturbate to this garbage.' 'White Nationalists' regard white women as Jews do the Holohoax. Interestingly anti-white-American—among others—based on the view that Jew porn and anti-family activities have debased white males. N) Added 7 Aug 2017.
James Petras Website jadar Jew aware sites (Is or was an academic sociologist. Mostly U.S. politics but rest of the world too, notably with reference to 'Jews'. Spanish articles; site is popular in Spain. I haven't read much of this site.) Petras USA Petras Spain
Political Velcraft jadar Jew aware sites (Jews and USA Government and Corruptions)
presstv.com jadar Jew aware sites (Iran-based news site - different perspective from 'western' Jew lies). Iran flag
Radikal Portal jadar Jew aware sites Seems to be German-based site, masquerading as Scandinavian BUT BEWARE PRO JEW- included to give you some idea of jewish BS deluge forced into Europe. Possibly funded by Soros.
RadioAryan jadar Jew aware sites (AUDIO SITE Site with many downloadable interviews, in mp3 format. Seems to be run by 'Sven Longshanks'. Current hosts (March 2017): Sven Longshanks, Matthew Heimbach, Matt Johnson, Grandpa Lampshade, Dennis Wise, Harold Covington, Messerschmitt, Matt Parrott, Subal, Tony Hovater. They've gone for explanations of contents, in my view important as signposting. Listings by first names of speakers. Includes 'bootlegs', I presume taken from other sites. )
The Realist Report jadar Jew aware sites (Reads Jewish press and media as key to Jewish lies. Seems to be John Friend's site; he now has a blog)
realjewnews.com jadar Jew aware sites ('Brother Nathanael'; not Nathaniel, or Nathanial! Possibly not what it seems)
Red Ice Creations jadar Jew aware sites (WARNING: Red Ice does not investigate Jews; I included it in joff sites. But some of the contributors are good) N
Redress Online jadar Jew aware sites 'Exposing injustice, disinformation and bigotry'. Interesting Israel stooges list. Writers listed largely academics. Arabs, Palestine, Israel info which seems very good. (I'm unsure why I included it as 5-star)N
Refugee Resettlement Watch jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be largely Ann Corcoran's site and forum. Started in 2000; 2017 update, probably related to Trump's swearing-in. Jew-aware and also looks into fake Christian 'charities', supposedly Lutheran, Roman Catholic etc, which are paid from ZOG paper money, but contribute nothing to solve the problems once they've caused them. You might start with their 'About' section, and/or Trump Watch begins today — there is a mass of information on US states, Jew and church frauds, individual politicians and collaborators, Federal Government, some Europe comment, and so on).
Renegade Tribune)jadar Jew aware sites (I found this via ShiksaGoddess's Youtubes. Kyle Hunt is 'publisher of the Renegade Tribune and the founder of Renegade Broadcasting, where he hosts Solar Storm. He also organized the 2014 White Man March and created the film adaptation of Hellstorm'. Good general news site with a number of writers, and audios. Includes Second World War truth, false flags and 'intelligence' frauds, temple prostitute theory of Jews, Christianity as a Jew fraud.N)
RightPedia.info jadar Jew aware sites (Wikipedia format, widely known; claims Metapedia is a jew shill site; judging by their entries on Lenin, they are right. May be split from them. Founded Oct 2015. Very successful newcomer. Secure login. English and Hungarian languages. Includes good news items, largely about Jews, Zionists, Israel, Jew frauds. And for example Alex Jones' Jew Wife Jews Him Intensely/ Wealthy French who push mass immigration in France refuse to take migrants into their home once confronted with a homeless migrant despite their claims beforehand/ 100 Worst Landlords in New York City -- The majority are Jewish! / President Trump's 5 latest betrayals of his campaign promises.) (Avoid rightpedia dot com, a parasitic site. Partly N nuke aware.)
rt.com jadar Jew aware sites (Russia TV site with videos. Gives SOME alternative views. BUT BEWARE DOES NOT investigate Jews seriously) N
ScrapbookPages.com jadar Jew aware sites (Online photos of sites, notably WW2, including over 5,000 accurate pictures and interpretations of well-known 'Holocaust/Holohoax' sites shown to visitors. Seems to be hosted in California and/or Florida. There is nthing on sites of Jew mass murders in Russia and e.g. Poland, Hungary.) N
Seznam jadar Jew aware sites (Seznam.cz is a Czech search engine. It is unique, or unusual, in specifically limiting itself to what it decides are high quality sites. I don't know its criteria, but it does appear to be good for searching. Nukes & Jews Czech intro). Czech flag
smoloko clickable linkExample of Smoloko clickable link, to identify subject matter
Smoloko.com 'Reporting the Truth' jadar Jew aware sites (World events, Jew aware; started May 2014. Varied topics. Krylienko material. First World War, Fed, Rothschild, bankers, Freemasons. Interesting layout, with clickable square visuals with headlines and text. I guess the site is a surname. In my view N)
Socio-Economics History Blog jadar Jew aware sites (Sociological details including on Jews, Gaza etc / Economics = reports on real world policies, jobs, etc / History - includes modern provocations, EU - Mostly or all sourced from big media wordwide)
Speisa dot com jadar Jew aware sites (VIDEO SITE widely popular. Despite crap ads, includes videos which may have been kept out of Youtube - though I haven't checked - on immigrants, black crime. I haven't checked Jew awareness)
stormfront.org jadar Jew aware sites Well-known for its forum. BUT it is so light on information on Jews that it's likely enough this is a phoney site. Judge for yourself.|
Top Conservative News jadar Jew aware sites [mostly Jewish media crime lies]
The Truth Seeker jadar Jew aware sites (Jointly-written news-style site; Wordpress format, with archives. Very strong Alexa ratings, assuming they're genuine. Puzzling mix: includes John Pilger, occult stuff, Gerrish but not much on Common Purpose, Rebel of Oz. Looks good on e.g. false flags, Holohoax, Israel founding lies and crimes. Naive about 'nukes' and NASA; could this be its point, in fact? N
Theuglytruth on bombings in Belgium March 2016
Comment from 'The Ugly Truth'
Theuglytruth.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites Started 2006. Expires 2020 currently. San Francisco based host. 'Intelligent "anti-Semitism" for thinking Gentiles'. Very active site; many good articles. Looks to me naive about US power abuses. Interesting material on Arabia, US frauds, Palestine, petrodollars. Just possibly in my view a fake, to leak nuke deception. Disallowed my Pollard the 'spy' comment. But OK on the death of Wiesel the serial liar. But completely nuclear ignorant N
Tomatobubble.com jadar Jew aware sites (TomatoBubble.com is Mike King's site. One of the leading revisionist sites on Jews and wars, including of course good material on the Second World War and the USA. Note: for some reason, I think because this site feels to me like an email site, I found to my surprise I hadn't included this. 7 Mar 2016: here it is!)
trutube.tv jadar Jew aware sites (Videos. But I've never been able to work out how to upload to the site)
UNZ.com jadar Jew aware sites (General somewhat Jew-aware news site, with separate named contributors; including Steve Sailer, Philip Giraldi. But the general quality is feeble and propagandist and of little value. Hosted in USA, since 2013. Very high Alexa position in USA—and China, Canada, France, UK. China flag may attract Chinese readers? I have no idea what UNZ means!) USA CHINA
Vastarinta jadar Jew aware sites (Finnish site; seems to be national socialist) Finland
vdare.com jadar Jew aware sites (Internal US politics; not good analysis. Jew corruption e.g. David Gelbaum funding Sierra Club only if immigration not mentioned. Race violence. BUT generally naive on 9/11, Holocaust, Fed...N)
vnnforum jadar Jew aware sites [vnnforum.com. Many topics, and of course interactive. Can be read if not a member. N]
Wake Up From Your Slumber jadar Jew aware sites WUFYS. Est. 2006. Fraudulent Jewish money, good on WW2; credited with a piece 'How Hitler Defied the bankers'. Widened to related issues, e.g. Ukraine, Syria, Arabia; but I have doubts because it likes journalists and seems to have inconsistencies. Surges in popularity e.g. in UK, Spain, Romania... N
Whale.to jadar Jew aware sites (Whale.to where to = the island of Tonga. Packed front page with no clue how much hidden detail there is. Seems to me a mixed bag, some very good, some less so, apparently assembled by somebody quite good at picking likely common errors such as 'Holocaust', 9/11, Jews, world politics, but not well-informed enough to be confident. The site seems to take flat earthism seriously; probably the site's a grab-bag of stuff. Possibly Eustace Mullins. For this reason the site ought to be noted, but isn't maybe quite reliable. Emphasis on medical, biological etc)
Whatreallyhappened.com jadar Jew aware sites (Started 1990. 'The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!' LA? Chicago? Michael Rivero's site. Has news items more or less daily. Good varied material (e.g. ridicule of P J Watson, of Infowars/Youtube; material on Hillary Clinton; Obama's band of thieves. But many ads, clumsy site search, and N )
White Genocide Project dot com jadar Jew aware sites (White genocide project. Interesting material on anti-white stuff from Jews mainly. By white countries: Australia, USA, Canada, Sweden, UK etc)
White Rabbit Radio jadar Jew aware sites (Slogan- and ad-conscious site, on White genocide endgame)
xryshaygh.com jadar Jew aware sites (Golden Dawn, Greek patriotic party. English and Greek) Greece
Zero Hedge jadar Jew aware sites (Financial site which seems seriously Jew-aware. Policy of anonymity. May be mostly personal rather than macro picture. Uses standard ads)
Zuerst! jadar Jew aware sites (Deutsches Nachtrichtenmagazin) German flag

Non-Five-Star Sites listed alphabetically

These sites may have great merits, but may be too specialist, up-and-coming, single topic, slow, unlucky or reference-books style; therefore not as popular as the sites listed above.
2012zt.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (Collected material on Jews. N)
666blacksun.net jadar Jew aware sites (Pagan site linking Jews with promotion of both Christianity and Islam, and general idea of divide and rule - Irish, Slavs, Germans, Russians etc as targets. Angelfire hosted. Lots of material but in my view without a helpful overview. English-Language Library is their collection of pdf files, mostly written by JOS (=Joy of Satan, Satan being understood in a positive sense). Unfortunately they give titles but little info on content. N
911blogger.com jadar Jew aware sites
911missinglinks.com jadar Jew aware sites
911truth.org jadar Jew aware sites
aangirfan blog jadar Jew aware sites (Jew-aware mixed material on assorted world topics including Mossad, CIA, MI6. N)
Adelaide Institute jadar Jew aware sites (Fred Toben in Australia - 'Holocaust' investigator)
Age-of-Treason.com jadar Jew aware sites ('A pro-White perspective on jewish influence and the tendency toward treason it inspires. Stop immigration. Eject the invaders. Hang the traitors.' 'Tanstaafl' or 'Tan Staafl' on whites, jews. Detailed examination of Yiddish, Jewish language use, deceits, anti-white fanaticism. I've just noticed TANSTAAFL = There ain't no such thing as a free lunch'. Sounds American, though site was .co.uk. And does Internet radio.)
Airstrip4 - The Madhouse Update jadar Jew aware sites (Twin site to 'I am an Englishman' - statistics hidden by the Jewish media. Up to date news search items. Mostly around Britain) British media lies
Ajit Vadakayil jadar Jew aware sites (Revisionist from India) Indian revisionist
Stormfront Jewish feminists
Image from

AladdinsMiracleLamp (spelt aladinsmiraclelamp.wordpress.com) jadar Jew aware sites (archived collection of other websites' material; rather pathless and unfathomable)
Albion Tribune jadar Jew aware sites (British. New)
A Light on Campus jadar Jew aware sites (Very new site by Bradley Smith of CODOH on campus censorship)
Alex Linder.com jadar Jew aware sites Apparently part-Swiss USA writer. With VNN.com. Anti-Jewish view, including of complete extermination. Dislikes people who lie for money about Jews. Talks online with Jan of South Africa &History Reviewed. Wakening based on pre-Internet study (like David Duke).Another of his sites is http://www.kirksvilletoday.com/
Alison Chabloz wordpress jadar Jew aware sites Woman singer/songwriter. Site existed since 2000. Rather international, including France and Britain; she was married to a man with a French name. 'Musician, Revisionist, Bilingual dissident.' Piano or guitar accompaniment to her detailed revisionist words. UPDATE Dec 2016 - Private prosecution by a Jewish 'charity' in Britain for her Youtube (((Survivors))). She has about 6 songs on Youtube and an Edinburgh fringe performance. Edinburgh seem to have banned her. If her videos are on youtube, but banned in some country, try substituting hooktube.com for youtube.com
All Nationalist Network radio DIGITAL RADIO SITE unfortunately festooned with adverts and not signposted effectively
Alternative Right blogspot jadar Jew aware sites (Central scrolling strip, with podcasts, ads, and links to related sites. For my taste, unclear layout)
Ambrose Kane jadar Jew aware sites 'Hard Truths in Plain Language' mostly US, blacks, Muslims and Jews in Wordpress format. but 'supports the right of Israel to exist' Ambrose Kane
Angry White Men jadar Jew aware sites Started 2005; 'Godaddy' typical US Wordpress format. By a feminist/'LGBTQ' (i.e. sex oddities treated as a political group). 'Tracking the Alt-right'. (NB this expression is asserted to have been used first in 2008, by a Paul Gottfried). Obviously phony site, but *may* have implicit use in identifying current Jewish lie policies and Jewish supremacy sites e.g. SPLC.
american3rdposition.com jadar Jew aware sites
antichristconspiracy.com jadar Jew aware sites [Online material but without helpful explanation]
Antimatrix.org jadar Jew aware sites [Online books]
AntiSemitica.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (Blog which seems to have ceased in 2010, but is still online. 'Reasoned analysis of the Jewish Question')
anti white media jadar Jew aware sites
antizionistleague.com AZL anti-Zionist League Mixed topics, all Jew-related to aware people - 'Communism', race. hatred, media, wars, money, academia, culture...
APFEurope.com (Alliance for Europe, Alliance for Peace and Freedom) AZL anti-Zionist League (Established 2016-Feb-29,IP in France. EU funded. Seems to have made little impact; may be largely to promote their books. Executive Board formed 2015 has Roberto Fiore, Artemis Matthaiopoulos, Stefan Jacobsson, Jens Püse, Thomas Vandas, Gonzalo Martin Garcia, Daniel Carlsen, Hervée van Laethem, Olivier Wyssa. N)
Aryan women jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to have vanished)
Ascertain the Truth.com jadar Jew aware sites
atajew.com jadar Jew aware sites [Kemal 'Ataturk']
Australia League of Rights jadar Jew aware sites Australia League of Rights. White Australia site found by Eric Butler. Obviously, Jew aware. Appears not to be widely known. Butler's most controversial work, The International Jews is not on this site! but plenty more of his work is. Butler seems to have been an early advocate of Hitler-as-agent. Has a blog, at www.blog.alor.org. Probably N.
Avotanyu Jewish surnames jadar Jew aware sites [Consolidated from several phonetic lists]
Balder's blog jadar Jew aware sites
Barnes Review jadar Jew aware sites (Long-established Revisionist history site since 1994 + book sales. Large site. 'Is it true and is it interesting?' Many detailed articles in printable pdf format; entire sweep of history. Unfortunately it has NO SITE SEARCHER except for book titles)
Biblicism Institute jadar Jew aware sites Bible, 'Jews', money
big-lies.org jadar Jew aware sites (Assorted revisionisms including science. YOUTUBE Rerevisionist )
Birmingham Nationalist jadar Jew aware sites (May have vanished. Seems to have been Paul Hickman's site).
Birobidjan Bible Jews Pharisees Rothschild (Jews already have a homeland - Birobidjan. Michele Renouf's site. Jewish violence and lies. See tellingfilms.co.uk )
Blacks and Jews jadar Jew aware sites
blindlight.org jadar Jew aware sites [2014 site mostly Jews in USA. Has some insights into fakes, e.g. Berkeley staged punch, 'antifa' jewish porn girl, 'Alt Right' names in a bad light, but largely unsourced and for my taste unpleasantly presented. BUT I found a shaky piece on Miles Williams; and I found a good piece on John Locke, the Dutch 'not-so-glorious' revolution, puritans etc - a jumble which ought be be sorted out!]
bollyn.com jadar Jew aware sites (Christopher Bollyn. Important writer, I think best known for work on Rupert Murdoch and 9/11 as Jewish)
Bolton BNP jadar Jew aware sites ('The Patriot brings worldwide news'. Has links (and heavy metal stuff) but seems to have been inert since 2014)
British Peoples Party jadar Jew aware sites (Ex-BNP format site; assorted info)
British Renaissance jadar Jew aware sites (NEW site. Possibly suggested by Amren, American Renaissance. Undertakes to address Jewish issues. With Andrew Joyce, expert on Jewish influence and maleficence. But where are David Irving, Tony Shell, Green of MigrationWatch, Michele Renouf, Kemp...?)
The British Voice jadar Jew aware sites ('Protecting British People'. Searchable site. Articles on secrecy, immigration, political liars, BBC, 'bolsjewics', large-scale frauds etc, with comments. Interesting section on English/British development of law and constitution, English Constitution - Fact or Fiction? but written in a etmyology-should-mean-today's-meaning style.   Irregular Alexa rankings; I don't know why)
Brother Nathanael channel (May be too good to be true; seems well-funded for example, and avoids some issues). May be part of the long-terms association of Jews with Christianity jadar Jew aware sites See realjewnews.com
Brovids.com Brother Nathanel Videos Site
YOUTUBES Brother Nathanael videos only
YOUTUBE Brother Nathanael Exposed, perhaps (as John Landis, of 'Michael Jackson's Thriller', 1984) from www.WellAware1.com.
canadianfreespeech.com jadar Jew aware sites (Fromm) Canada and Jews
careandwashingofthebrain.blogspot.co.uk/ jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be Greg Bacon, from 2007. Good articles on e.g. WTC6 suppressed info, false flags, crisis actors, Deir Yassin, 9/11, war crimes in Israel, Apartheid Israel, proxy USA wars for Israel etc)
Carolyn Yeager jadar Jew aware sites Long-established Internet radio site. Largely World War 2 (Berlin, Jews, 'Holohoax' etc). Some radio chat sessions. Reported on Amazon ban on holohoax books in March 2017
The Chosenites jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be Wordpress site hosted in the USA, but written by a German. Thoughtful articles in English on Germany and Jews, mostly 2013 and later I think) Chosenites
cigpapers jadar Jew aware sites (Jewish genocide of whites, paedophilia, police scandals, Fabian Society, 9/11, Coudenhove-Kalergi, Holocaust fraud, saving Africa ...)
cj303 addict jadar Jew aware sites [Greek?]
CODOH Founder jadar Jew aware sites (Bradley Smith of CODOH. His own site; possibly to keep his work going. Includes downloadable PDF files of Smith's Reports 1990-2015. Bradley Reed Smith perhaps to distinguish himself from another Bradley Smith who wrote on WW2)
cofcc.org jadar Jew aware sites ('Council of Conservative Citizens')
Come-and-Hear jadar Jew aware sites (Carol Valentine's guide to the Talmud)
Communism Blog jadar Jew aware sites (Jews who were 'Communist'. And murders)
Controversy of Zion jadar Jew aware sites (Books, articles etc mostly based on Douglas Reed. Plus e.g. David Duke, multiple languages, various Jew issues etc)
Creativity Alliance jadar Jew aware sites (US white racial church)
criminalstate.com jadar Jew aware sites
CrushZion jadar Jew aware sites (Romanian?)
Daily Bale News jadar Jew aware sites [Newspaper format UK site started 2013 by Joshua Bonehill-Paine. May not be genuine]
Deir Yassin remembered jadar Jew aware sites (Small single-issue site.)
Despicable Ones (eclectic) jadar Jew aware sites
Destroy Zionism jadar Jew aware sites (not very clear)
diggerfortruth.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (General 'awakening' site to jews and white genocide. Since Jan 2012. Jews, but also health, heritage, law, Africa, shills, Germany and NSDAP, red herrings, core issues.... etc)
earthlinggb jadar Jew aware sites (Commenter presumably in Britain. )
elderthe1st jadar Jew aware sites
Elliot Lake News jadar Jew aware sites [Canadian] Canada and Jews
English News .org jadar Jew aware sites Combines English/white history in a folk runic Asatro/Asatru sense, with anti-immigration, and awareness of Jewish malice. Interesting piece on 'National Action' as anti-white Jewish blackwash group. Attributed to a 20-year old, Dan Rayner. Founded August 2014, I think, but last entries were archived in 2015.
endZOG jadar Jew aware sites (ZOG=Zionist Occupation Government. Good combination of factual analysis, extreme satire, and Jew-shock narrative comment.)
Erasing Us jadar Jew aware sites (I.e. erasing whites. Southern USA website. Jews aware and also blacks and their background aware)
ericmargolis.com jadar Jew aware sites
ericwalberg.com jadar Jew aware sites
eurocanadian.ca jadar Jew aware sites (Europeans in Canada site. Some jew realism though doesn't seem to have a consistent line.) Canada whites
European Action jadar Jew aware sites (Movement for a free Europe; lists 7 objectives. Apparently by Ghibellinum Publishing. Multilingual, including Iranian)
Europeans Worldwide jadar Jew aware sites (The Voice of Ethnic-Europeans Worldwide ... A Readers Global Co-Operative. Whites site which I heard of via Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Writers seem to be anonymised; 'Mike Walsh' seems to be a ghostwriter. Well-written material on European history, crypto-Jews in prominent positions. Jews as parasitical vermin. )
eutimes.net jadar Jew aware sites (The E U Times. Festooned with ads, rubbish about UFOs. But may have useful stuff. )
expeltheparasite.com jadar Jew aware sites (From May, 2013. Jews as parasites. World wide news.)
exposingcommunism.comjadar Jew aware sites (Links to several sites, some on angelfire.com. Keywords include Satanism, Adolf Hitler, Aryanism, Devil, Christianity, Nazis, National Socialism and the Occult, Heinrich Himmler, 666 -- mixed site, unclear what's there. Popular in Italy Italy)
Fakeologist (Not specifically Jew aware, but includes links e.g. to Jew-faked photo of Palestinians offered cake to demonstrate about 9/11. Since 29 July 2019. Hosted in USA; Fakeologist is Canadian. Central site for many modern frauds: Exposing media fakery one PsyOp at a time slogan. Largely visual fakery including photos, videos, film.

Art of FarStar88 jadar Jew aware sites (Cartoonist from Rhodesia/ South Africa. His own site May 2015. Visitor figures not on Alexa. Sample is reduced from the original to make the file smaller »)
Father Feeney jadar Jew aware sites (1950s Jew-aware Catholic in USA)
Robert Faurisson Unofficial Blog jadar Jew aware sites (Despite the name, this looks genuine) Faurisson in English
Robert Faurisson Unofficial Blog jadar Jew aware sites (Subset of previous site; German language) Faurisson
First Light Forum jadar Jew aware sites (About 50 topics on Jews - Sex Slaves, banking, Rothschild Conspiracies, Talmud...)
The Foremost Problem jadar Jew aware sites (Problems of whites vs Jewish 'Cultural Hegemony'. Lists of pro-white books.)
Leo Frank murderer jadar Jew aware sites (single-issue site on US murder case)
The Freekorps . net jadar Jew aware sites (Jew-aware details mostly WW2. The planned destruction of Germany.)
JohnFriendsBlogspot (New site from John Friend. Very Jew aware. Not to be confused with a Yoga John Friend. His work is scattered on several sites, including Youtubes.)
John Frenz - Anti-ZOG jadar Jew aware sites (Site is faem.com)
FreeSpeechTwentyFirstCentury.com jadar Jew aware sites (Site started Jan 2015. 'News for the Blind. | News that isn't in the Lamestream Media'. Has an article on Jews and killing North and South American Indians, a new idea to me. Donmeh Jews in Turkey; US Civil War caused by Jews; Putin lying about the 'Holocaust'. Some of his figures seem exaggerated to me.) [Added 28 July 2017]
Frissekijk.info jadar Jew aware sites (Dutch language site) Dutch flag
Frum Heretic jadar Jew aware sites
Further Glory jadar Jew aware sites 'Holocaust' and Camps News Analysis
Futurist jadar Jew aware sites Australian site, also using twitter. Views of the USA and their history, and commentary on Jews and their malice and aggression. Plus of course Australian fightback. Doesn't seem to have large numbers of viewers. Interesting crits of Pauline Hanson.
GermanVictims.com jadar Jew aware sites German language site with details of killings of Germans, mostly in/after WW2. Wir Deutsche sind alle Opfer: total belogen, betrogen, verfemt, beraubt, und vergewaltigt; ca. 15 Mill. Deutsche Zivilisten wurden meist nach dem Krieg ermordet. Since mid-2013; hosted in USA. Includes cine film of the time, of Die Rheinwiesenlager/RhineMeadowCamp for example. Includes Jew lies, obviously. German flag
GlaringHypocrisy.com jadar Jew aware sites Wordpress site; new (Dec 2015) seems to be Sean M Madden, of Massachusetts, in man/woman partnership with Mufidah Cassalias or 'Mufidah Cassalias'. Registered in France; interview with Vincent Renouard; Adrian Chetwynd campaign (I have no info on him). Anti-Jew World Order. Sells books. Has Youtube site and facebook. Nuke and science naive in my view N
gaschamberhoax jadar Jew aware sites Gas Chamber Hoax videos
Thomas Goodrich jadar Jew aware sites ('Hellstorm' and Japan atrocities author. Unusual informal style)
GrandpaLampshade Blog jadar Jew aware sites (Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center. Wordpress site, run by a southern USA man. Mostly US politics and race. The writer(s?) specialises in satirical comments on blacks, Mexicans, and Jews which is more difficult than it sounds, because for the moment real life-n ZOG USA approximates to insanity. A subsite with comment exchanges is https://grandpalampshadeblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/in-case-you-missed-it/ )
Patrick Grimm Archive jadar Jew aware sites (UK URL site, registered in USA. Doesn't appear on Alexa etc. Created 2009. Archive site of Jew-aware material by Patrick Grimm).
grizzom.blogspot.com jadar Jew aware sites (Sites, often video news, and links to assorted reports of crimes; plus a list of links to blogs.)
hardons-blog jadar Jew aware sites (John Hardon RIP; may have stopped 2014. National Socialist. wide range of articles)
HeathenWomen.com jadar Jew aware sites (Very new site registered 5 July 2016. Sinead McCarthy (='Shiksa Goddess') site. Mixed material. '..White Nationalist Heathen women writers, artists and film makers. We write about women, parenting, homesteading, self defense, current affairs and philosophy.' Jew and Nuke aware. Too early to judge.)
helpfreetheearth.com jadar Jew aware sites Planaetary Overview, including concerns about Jewish bankers, Jewish corruption of sciences, wars against humanity
Hidden in Plain Site https://cartiermccloud.wordpress.com/ jadar Jew aware sites "THERE ARE repeating patterns in Jewish deception that allow you to recognize Jewish lies when you hear them, even if the talking head you are listening to is not a Jew." Seems to have been started in June 2014, presumably by Cartier McCloud, who sounds Irish Canadian. Lots of material, including from other sites. Difficult to navigate; no search engone, no topics list, no mission statement. E.g. "Every single one of the original Jewish developers of the movie industry divorced their Jewish wives and married beautiful Christian starlets. N
www.hist-chron.com jadar Jew aware sites (Little-known continental site in three languages. Includes German corpses used in holohoax fraud photos, Birobidzhan massacres of Jews by Jews, Poles, Ukraine fighting etc. Site appears to be by Michael Palomino, started late 2014. Has some weak stuff; may be largely scraper material, or a make-available-by-translation site. Has a site http://www.chdata123.com Switzerland on Switzerland. N) German Spanish English language
http://historicalrevisionism.com jadar Jew aware sites (New site on 2016-8-16, though it had existed before. No impact as yet. May be a German site, or German-American, judging by its few links. Little on USSR, Italy, Japan and probably N)
History Reviewed info jadar Jew aware sites (South African site with revisionist-style articles and online chat. Includes recent events. But N ) South Africa revisionism
    YOUTUBE 'History Reviewed Channel' (Videos showing recent Jew awareness; South African source. Good Jew-awakening accounts from African perspective apparently by Jan Lamprecht. With playlist videos.)
hofflandia.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (Hoff. 'The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People - What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?' with evidence)
holocaustdenialvideos.com jadar Jew aware sites
Holocaust Deprogramming Course jadar Jew aware sites (List of evidence)
Holocaust Historiography Project jadar Jew aware sites (Archives, books, clippings, video and Internet material mostly on the faked 'holocaust', and Second World War. With unusual material, e.g. Der Giftpilz, The Toadstool, instructional book for children)
Andew Carrington Hitchcock (Author of Hitchcock: Synagogue of Satan (my 2010 review). His sites include Internet radio talks and interviews on EuroFolkRadio). jadar Jew aware sites
Holocaust Hoax Museum (List of evidence against the 'Holocaust' fraud) jadar Jew aware sites
holocaustrevisionism.com jadar Jew aware sites (Mark Elsis. Single pdf file by a -German-French Catholic in the USA. Historical details and links)
holodomorinfo.com jadar Jew aware sites (Jew mass murders in Ukraine and Europe) Ukraine and Jews
holohoax101 jadar Jew aware sites Since 2012. The Fundamentals of the Holocaust Hoax. Simple layout with commentary and photos. Leads on to Holohoax 102, 103, 201, 202. Includes facsimiles of documents, Chomsky, mass graves of victims of Jews, Soviet photos, records kept secret by Allies, etc.
holywar.org jadar Jew aware sites (Catholic site, I think Roman Catholic, which informs about Jews in detail. Includes Gaza. Thinks Hitler's Germany financed Jews. N)
hugequestions.com jadar Jew aware sites Replaced www.erichufschmid.net; Hufschmidt is this subdirectory. A lot of accurate Jewish deception material. N|
ifamericansknew.org jadar Jew aware sites (Alison Weir; Israel, Palestine, Middle East, USA. BUT wholly ignorant of Jews and other wars, frauds, lies)
http://immigration-globalization.blogspot.co.uk/ jadar Jew aware sites (Site by James L Miller. Degrees in physics and high-energy physics. "Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness: The Jewish Attack On The Western World. ... a coup took place in the United States - our government was hijacked by a group of Jewish globalist Super-elites." Some articles back from 2009. Unusual as science background. I'm watching for nuclear awareness but could find none N)
incogman.net jadar Jew aware sites (Replaces a WordPress blog. Now a tumblr site. US author with many comments on ZOG. Inc photo work eg censored white women victims of blacks)
Inconvenient History jadar Jew aware sites (very detailed 'Holocaust' and Second World War revisionism. Jews' part in causing wars and destruction. Started 2009. Richard Widmann of CODOH - Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.)
Indian Goyim Party jadar Jew aware sites Website about Jews in India (and Pakistan). Statement of aims primary objective of this site is to spread awareness among millions of dumbed down indoctrinated brain-poisoned goyim sheeps of India and ultimately suggest to them a solid solution towards attaining freedom from centuries of jewish tyranny, usury, lies and deception. Has a section 'kikewatch in India'. Comments in Hindi I think, in English alphabet.
instaurationonline.com jadar Jew aware sites (US subscription-only publication from 1976-2000. US based; newsy mixture of longish articles with small news items on Jew and race issues.)
intmensorg.info jadar Jew aware sites (International Men's Organization (I think). Mainly on Freemasons and Mafia; may be false flag as it seems to have nothing on 'Common Purpose'. But Jew aware: Jews in BBC, homosexual promotions etc N)
Irish Savant Blogspot jadar Jew aware sites Hosted in Ireland (standard format; green background; has a marginal feel, like South African and midwest sites...) Not very deep (e.g. nothing much on how finance works, world weaponry and wars, science frauds, 'Intelligence' groups, religion and its history, and (((Irish))) politics... But at least it is alive to the JQ, and anti-white activity. They seem uncertain even about the Holohoax. There are huge numbers of better sites.
Ironwand Blogspot jadar Jew aware sites 'I am an Englishman' on crime, Jews etc
Israelite Watchman jadar Jew aware sites
Israel Lobby Archive jadar Jew aware sites ('.. dedicated to educating Americans..' ... '... Archive is an independent research unit ... at The Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy in Washington DC. ... collects and publishes declassified documents about the Israel lobby, most obtained through Freedom of Information Act filings with law enforcement officials and US intelligence agencies...' new FBI documents on 9/11 recently uploaded.)
Israel Shamir net jadar Jew aware sites
ItsTheJews.com jadar Jew aware sites (New site with little content, but registered 2012. Copyright is claimed, but message made unclear; could be an unoriginal trawl para-site collecting info conceded by Jews? N)
J-dar Canada jadar Jew aware sites Jews in films - put in title; see analysis. Canadian site Jews and film
Jailing Opinions jadar Jew aware sites (On Faurisson, Dresden bombing, and others. Lady Michèle Renouf's: model & advertising background; she was blacklisted. See tellingfilms.co.uk)
Jan27.org jadar Jew aware sites 'International Day of Commemoration in honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz "Death Camp" Narrative'
Jewish Tribal Review jadar Jew aware sites (part of holywar.org which has a very bipeaked readership, with many in Mexico). Long list of Jewish references, apparently parked at holywar.org. The latest date I could find is 2002. 'Links to online articles ... Jewish and Zionist influences ... ethnocentrism ... power ... wealth .. Judeocentrism ... political lobbying.'
Japanese revisionism jadar Jew aware sites
J B Campbell jadar Jew aware sites (From 2011 Site by relatively newly Jew-aware American now aged about 70: 'America is Communist because America is run by Jews.' Campbell applies this to other countries. Oil drilling; topics on mercenaries, Cheney, Blackwater, Halliburton et al. Christianity as Jew mind-control). Fed-aware. I don't know his attitude to Islam. No search engine.) N
Jesus, Jews, history jadar Jew aware sites (NOT 'SEMETIC'!! Well-informed British author with sound information on genuine Jewish history. Includes Phoenicians. Interesting on history of Italy and Jew effects and harm. Modern material on e.g. 'Jewish lightning' insurance fraud. Pseudonym Karl Radl. But the website layout is feeble.)
Jewise jadar Jew aware sites ('full textbooks online ..lying global Jew mafia')
jewishproblem.com jadar Jew aware sites
Jewish Racism blogspot jadar Jew aware sites (Christopher Jon Bjerknes: website on Jews and Zionism, with a bias against the Jewish cult of Einstein. The layout is annoyingly bad, though, isolated articles with little information on underlying content, attitude, etc. Has some insights into Jew attitudes, e.g. fake demonstrations, destruction of non-Jew monuments; may well be well-informed, but not well-written. blogspot.co.uk may have changed to allow Alexa info on individual sites; at any rate seems popular in UK N )
JewishRepublic.com jadar Jew aware sites (Site of Lady Renouf with a solution to the Jewish Question: move them to Birobidjan)
JewWorldOrder.org Jew World order (Whois says created Feb 2017; but also Nov 2007. Seems to be based in Monterey, New South Wales, Australia. "Jew World Order - Muslim Terrorists = Israel & CIA in disguize [sic] defaming terrorizing & plundering the World | Jew World Order". Holocaust Gallery. Cancer cures that work—I haven't looked to a common thread here—the links seem not to work.
jewsworldorder.blogspot.co.uk jadar Jew aware sites
Jim's Blog jadar Jew aware sites
john-friend.net jadar Jew aware sites
jinfo.org jadar Jew aware sites (Real Jewish Achievement)
JohnKaminski.info jadar Jew aware sites (Started 2008. 'John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but now is adrift in America, running from the poisons that have been put in the Gulf of Mexico by madmen who are trying to rule the world by destroying it. A journalist who served as editor at no less than eight different small newspapers over a period of three decades, Kaminski more recently has distinguished himself on the Internet as one of the very few who wholeheartedly opposes this Jewish perversion of reality that now threatens the health of every living thing on Planet Earth.') N
judaism.is jadar Jew aware sites (Icelandic-based site, started Dec 2015; may disappear after December 2017. Possibly South American Roman Catholic. Educational site under about 12 headings. Torah and modern history included. Inquisition as myth: modern site inc false flags, 'The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews, and heretics, and schismatics, can ever be partakers of eternal life...' I have not found an examination of the Gospels as possibly Jewish fakes. N)
Judas.Watch jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be hosted in Panama, started at the end of 2015. Watches for Jewish or Jew-front traitors: Rashida Jones, Haim Saban, Michelle Obama, Barbara Roche are spotlit at the time I write. Contributors from around Europe. Popular in Norway)
judeofascism.com jadar Jew aware sites (Talmud, race, Jew violence)
just-another-inside-job.blogspot.co.uk jadar Jew aware sites (Just another inside job. May be a UK site. Largely Jewish. new to me; may be another 'scraper' site, taking other people's material; or may have some originality. Been around since 2009; registered in Mountain View, California. Thinks Amnesty International is 'respected'. My best guess is it's compromised.) Jew aware
Justice 4 Germans discontinued? jadar Jew aware sites k0nsl blog jadar Jew aware sites (Unusual blog: part computer techie, part Jew-aware material largely on WW2 and the Holohoax. Devnet software group. Seems to be a fairly serious Swedish or German hacker, familiar with some hacker groups. I only heard of this site from viewers of my Youtubes. I was surprised that it's quite popular)
Katana17 jadar Jew aware sites (French? White societies are being deliberately destroyed by organized Jewry. Copyright-free documentation)
Kevin MacDonald.net jadar Jew aware sites (Jew-aware but not Jewish-US war crimes aware: in Sept 2015 he still referred to Vietnam War protestors as 'hippy-dippy'. Culture of Critique N)
Landover Baptist jadar Jew aware sites (Wordpress; probably Jewish site aimed at simple white US Christians. Anti-Jesus, anti-Christianity, anti-Catholic. Nothing honest about 'Jews'. Worth a look if you're a naive Christian in the USA)
libertyroundtable.com jadar Jew aware sites
lithobolos.net jadar Jew aware sites (Since 1910. 'Throwing Stones at the Devil'. Choose Demons: Jewish, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow. And Other Stuff. By William Frinck of Christogenea.)
Jüri Lina jadar Jew aware sites (Estonian in Sweden. Archives in Russia and Estonia. His books on Bolshevism, Freemasonry) Estonia
Charles Lindbergh .com jadar Jew aware sites (Charles Lindbergh and America First. There are other sites on the Lindbergh baby murder case and Jews. Note added 17 July 2017: see Miles Mathis on Lindbergh for convincing material on Linbergh's entire family as fakers)
John Londen jadar Jew aware sites (British writer. BUT site seems to have vanished in Oct 2015)
London BDS jadar Jew aware sites (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction against Israel. After all, they did this against Germany!)
Loquendo Laxe jadar Jew aware sites (Broadly speaking, a man living in S E Asia. Possibly Anglo or German. Mixed Jew-aware info on white extermination by Jews, Jewish infiltration of Britain, Communism, National Socialism. Layout a bit impenetrable) Anglo German revisionism
LordKalki jadar Jew aware sites [mostly 2012]
LostScribeMedia jadar Jew aware sites Since May 2010. Main writer seems to be 'Khanverse'. 'Articles, poetry, spoken word, music, films, movies, radio shows, interviews, and discussion for Truth, Love, Unity, Justice, and Peace.' May be Radio Islam style site. Amusing piece against Gilad Atzmon. N
Louis Beam.com jadar Jew aware sites
The Madhouse jadar Jew aware sites [Britain and Jewish influence]
majorityrights.com jadar Jew aware sites (Articles, and blogs, on racial definitions vs race denial Jews, Europe, Merkel, Turkey, Jews etc. Has Metapedia page. Not very clear layout. This site looks like a fake to me; probably just another collection of Jew rubbish, promoting myths that Jews are currently working on.)
mantra.awardspace.us jadar Jew aware sites
markdankof.com jadar Jew aware sites
Mask of Zion.com jadar Jew aware sites
Masters of Deception jadar Jew aware sites (Zander Fuerza's site (I think). Mostly 9/11 and Jews)
Mike Piper Report links to–
Michael Collins Piper jadar Jew aware sites (Michael Collins Piper 1960-2015 'iconoclast journalist' N)
Middle East Rising jadar Jew aware sites (Newspaper format. English language. Middle East, notably Palestine. News items look serious: US crimes, US aggression such as bombing Yemen, awareness of media liars, murdered Palestinians, though I haven't read enough to be completely sure this isn't just another Jewish site (they had a joke piece by Chossudovsky, for example), though it seems to have been attacked, suggesting it is what it seems. Look and see! However, it looks good. Seems middle-east centred, including Pakistan, Russia, and other areas. 'Partnered with the Liberty Beacon'. N)
Ian R Millard wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (By Ian R Millard, who had a miscellaneous career, some of it as a barrister. Dislikes Zionists and their legal manipulations in Britain with e.g. 'Action Against Anti-Semitism' and other flimsy constructions; party politics; .... Also www.ianrmillard.com jadar Jew aware sites with his blog musing on e.g. Eurasia; housing; immigration). N
Mindweapons in Ragnarok jadar Jew aware sites (Founded 2010, I think by 'Kievsky'. Material by Tobias Langdon and others. Largely anti-'Liberal'; and dislikes Islam and Judaism)
Ministry of Peace jadar Jew aware sites (James Thring's site. Very bearded, Jew aware, but not nuke aware)
Mjolnir jadar Jew aware sites (Online and paper magazine started (I think) 2010. Alternative right and European myths and beliefs, hoping for a white Renaissance)
monio.info Polish and English Jew info (Michal Monikowski in Perth. Polish and English)
morbus ignorantia wordpress German revisionism (German site. 'The disease of ignorance')
Mothman777 Jew info with some science (Jew world-view. But with doubtful science)
Murder by media 2 Canadian race truth site (Canadian site with material from other websites on race problems, Jews.) Canada race and jew problems
My Name is Joe Cortina
Jonathan Cook Israel Palestine (Journalist reporting on Israel and Palestine. Started Sept 2012. Liked by David Irving. 'Nazareth based'. Includes book sales, tours, interviews. Nuke naive/disinformant and may well be an Israel-based Jewish false flag; e.g. includes Noam Chomsky, Gideon Levy, Ken Loach)
Nationalist Correspondent Blogspot British nationalist site Occasional info on British National Front. With grassroots material. And Jewish incursion into Britain. UK
National Front (British National Front. New site; central scrolling format. Little content as yet)
Nationalist Asatru jadar Jew aware sites (European)
National Protectionism ? (Our Race is Our Nation = ORION site on white race preservation, and Jewish promotion of race destruction. May be inactive).
This seems to be their YOUTUBE
National Socialist Literature sites include der-Stuermer.org (multiple languages; mostly J Streicher's Der Stürmer but e.g. British magazines), nseuropa.org (includes e.g. speeches by Hitler), and nstribuna.org (Bulgarian)
National Socialist Europa jadar Jew aware sites (National Socialist site, Neues Europa, largely about Germany's 3rd Reich, including videos, speeches, songs, printed matter. Section on race has Jewish material.)
National Socialist Worldview (Hadding Scott on issues, history, ideas. With links)
natvan.com links to–
National Vanguard (Founded by William Pierce. Lots of material including Jews, US history and propaganda, race and opposition to Christianity N)
NSDAP ('Nazi') Gerhard Luack's site jadar Jew aware sites (German National Socialist (NSDAP) badly designed. Some accurate material. German German glag NSDAP and English)
newsnet14.com news for whites jadar Jew aware sites (Wordpress 'Semantic Personal Publishing'. Not very prolific. Items on computing: face recognition for example. Jews, drugs, broadband...)
New World Order University .com jadar Jew aware sites (Appears to be run by Larry Olsen, and sells his book(s) thru Publications Resource. Founded Dec 2007; seems to be a connection with Mountain View. Jew aware, but seems not nuclear aware)
Nordic Antisemite jadar Jew aware sites (WordPress site from 2014, hosted in USA by Wild West Sites; looks to me related to theendofzion.com. Interesting Germanic site with WW2 accounts, and anti-Germans in the USA and 'white nationalists', and Jews as evolved parasites and unhesitating viciously deadly liars. May have been targeted: hit rate plummeted, but has since recovered. I liked their piece on Stiglitz, 'Jew' 'economist'. Some is disguised antiwhite stuff.)
Northern Truth Seeker jadar Jew aware sites (Includes good false flag/ crisis actor pieces for example Virginia Shooting Fake)
North West Nationalists blogspot jadar Jew aware sites (started 2006. Includes Martin Webster's Electronic 'Loose Cannon' and 'Watch on Zion'. And party politics, child sex scandals)
nsm88.org jadar Jew aware sites (US National Socialist Movement; 25-point manifesto. Detroit based? News items in USA mostly, of headline type, mostly external links.
John de Nugent jadar Jew aware sites
nukelies.org [Part of big-lies.org]
nwioqeqkdf blogspot Jew aware sites film news media (Morgoth's Review. British site. Jews in Hollywood, news, papers, film, TV, everyday life)
Open Borders for Israel   (Facebook site. Satirical with good countermemes)
oraclebroadcasting.com jadar Jew aware sites
Luis Ortega, Peru jadar Jew aware sites (Spanish-language site with Jew-related material)
Ostara Publications jadar Jew aware sites (Arthur Kemp's sales site for reprinted books on race, racial history, world history, whites, wars, South Africa, USA, etc. Most of the titles were once well-known; you may recognise some as having been disparaged, condemned, banned. These editions have added new notes. Mixed titles, some on Jews, but not a library of essential books-about-Jews. Seems to have been established 1998)
PatriotNewsAgency.info Jew aware sites film news media I only heard of this site when looking up ex-activists. Site founded June 2016, apparently hosted by The Patriot Society in Texas. May have been started by Jim Dowson. Similar format to NewObserverOnline, videos plus brief text, looking at subjects not in the Jewish media. Seems to have been set up to oppose the sewage outflow of Jews supporting Hillary Clinton, and back Trump. Seems to have been renamed from www.americanpressbureau.com, set up almost the same day in 2016. Both have teaser junk ads. Despite inclusion here, it's not very Jew aware. I think it may represent controlled nostalgic whites who haven't yet understood their control by Jews. N
Peter Cooney enabler jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to be hosted in San Francisco, but I can't easily find info on its dates, though November 2014 looks right. Roman Catholic, i.e. traditional Roman Catholic, 'Traditional common sense European Catholicism', including Jews/Masons in Ireland, McGuiness as Mossad etc; Chabad Jew Synagogues in 'every major town' - add to Masonic Halls, Friends Meeting Houses, and presumably, I now see, Cathedrals and Churches. North Korea, Israel, Jews and both World Wars, etc. Seems to have a firm world-wide overview, but as always it's hard to be sure. N) First posted 7 Aug 2017
Political and Science Rhymes jadar Jew aware sites (Jewish frauds)
The Political Cesspool jadar Jew aware sites (James Edwards 'Political Cesspool' Mostly on USA. May well be a fake site: 9/11 naive, for example. N)
Trad Youth . org jadar Jew aware sites (Looks US based; from 2013; may be Matt Parrott's. 'Traditionalist Youth Network - Tradition is our Mission'. Jew-aware; doesn't seem much content. Upcoming events and Join-a-Chapter sections)
The Poison Apple of the World jadar Jew aware sites (World interest, including I think China. Gazi/ Israel/ war crimes. Many Jewish frauds and wide feeling for Jewish corruption and evil. Seems to have been started in Singapore in 2013)
PolskaWalCzaca.com (Polish & English languages forum. Includes 'Holocaust' Mythology and other revisionist material. Seems to have taken present form Dec 2016)
Carlos Whitlock Porter jadar Jew aware sites (Holocost made in USSR)
Pragmatic Witness jadar Jew aware sites (By Whitewraithe, a US woman. N)
prothink.org jadar Jew aware sites (Delaney)
prothink.tv jadar Jew aware sites (videos)
The Purity Spiral jadar Jew aware sites (New site, started Jan 2017, registered in Denver, Colorado. Not many articles. Karl Radl seems to be the main contributor. Link to Radio Aryan suggesting possible association). First Uploaded 30 July 2017
Quds Day jadar Jew aware sites (Palestine vs Israel)
Peter Quiggins jadar Jew aware sites (Liverpool-based author; information on range of 'Jewish' activities. National and socialist.) Iran flag
Racial Nationalist Library jadar Jew aware sites
radicalpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (Canadian site. Arthur Topham edits. Good on Zionism and Jews, and Canada's hostile 'elite'. Too many copied youtubes for my taste. Mr Topham seems to me over-verbose, though. 'Created 2008, updated 2014'. His Canadian news sheet (24 pages) tried to cover major issues, he says). Canada ZOG
radioislam.org jadar Jew aware sites (Ahmed Rami in Sweden. Very good and informative site promoting Islamic alliance against Jews. Youtube site in Arabic, English, French, German, other languages. )
http://raokness.blogspot.co.uk/ jadar Jew aware sites 'Random Acts of Kindness'. Christian Site on Jewish Crimes (and 'Christian' hirelings).
realfactsmedia.com (Real facts media . com is a completely new website Feb 2016, Alexa figures April 2016 say #380K in USA. Hopes to present statistical and reliably accurate information on the modern world, notably of course Jewish-backed policies, starting with reports on non-white invasions into USA, Europe, Russia, ANZ. BUT it has nothing on Jews yet; it may be a fake hasbarat site, as prefigured by Mozilla and Soros)
reasonradionetwork.com jadar Jew aware sites
Redress One Wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites Aims to have complete history of Jews both in antiquity and modern times. School of thought that Jews should be punished for all their crimes. Site since 2012. Very USA influenced: US Revolution, CAFRs, Constitution, Income Tax, Social Security, etc. Not for my taste well arranged. Not to be confused with www.redressonline.com/
redwatch.org jadar Jew aware sites
Rehmat's world jadar Jew aware sites (Bahrain Muslim who looks at e.g. Jewish lies, Holodomor, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bengal famine, Palestine, Germany controlled by Jews..)
Renegade Tribune jadar Jew aware sites
republicbroadcasting.org jadar Jew aware sites
Resist.com jadar Jew aware sites (Metzger. White Aryan Resistance. Supposed anti-war site. Jew-aware, but not in my view as much as should be the case).
Resistance Radio .TV jadar Jew aware sites (Set up Sept 2016. Aimed at British audience. Includes Jack Sen, Andrew Brons, Nick Griffin. Interesting as having SOME Jew awareness. Doesn't like Larry Nunn. BUT does not mention Jew money—pretends mass invasion is lucrative, rather than paid by Soros types. Brons has been in nationalism for years, but looks like a plant, having achieved nothing. He and Griffin must get pensions from the EU as ex-members. On balance seems unlikely to do much. Uncritical of false flags. No mention of science anywhere.
Revilo Oliver .com jadar Jew aware sites (Site commemorating Professor Revilo Pendleton Oliver, 1908-1994. On Jews, Civil War, American History, American Revolution. Jews an unique race, parasitic and predatory. Christianity, including 'The Jewish Plague' on early Christian sects. University of Illinois. Related to Kevin Alfred Strom. Includes selling off of his papers.)
revisionisthistory.org jadar Jew aware sites (Michael Hoffman's long-established site. Includes revisionism on a range of subjects, including Jewish lies/ holohoax, white slavery, Roman Catholicism and topics such as usury, Talmudic information on Judaics, film and other media reviews, and more controversial occult analyses (e.g. 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare'). Sells books, DVDs, CDs. Note seems to have its own troll or bait site, revisionisthistory.com, with lightweight New Yorker Jewish trash.)
revisionist.net jadar Jew aware sites (Website by Linda Shaitberger, who died in April 2013. Reposted by Simon Sheppard. Information on the Second World War; includes Adolf Eichmann memoirs in Argentina, in both German and English. Sheppard states that these were unpublished until his site posted them.)
revisionistreview.blogspot.com jadar Jew aware sites (One of Michael Hoffman's sites. Combines Roman Catholicism of a serious sort with wide knowledge of 'Judaics' and Biblical matters - Hoffman recognises the genetics of 'Jews' is uncertain; they are self-styled Jews. His Talmudic and other knowledge includes their hatred for 'gentiles' and legal material: see Hoffman on Justice Scalia as a front for Jewish judge-made law, as opposed to e.g. the U.S. Constitution and debated laws.)
revisionists.com revisionists (Short WW2 revisionist site apparently c 2000)
roytov.com jadar Jew aware sites
rys2sense.com jadar Jew aware sites (Dawson)
Saboteur 365 jadar Jew aware sites (Sabotaging the Jewish agenda. Seems to be new - Feb 2014. By 'Paladin justice' sick of lies. Goes for race and other realism. BUT N and other things hint it may be not what it seems)
SaveWhitePeople.com jadar Jew aware sites
saveyourheritage.com jadar Jew aware sites (Detailed historical Material on Jews, Talmud, Khazars, expulsions etc)
SeptemberClues jadar Jew aware sites (9/11)
Shadow Masterminds - Corrupted Planet jadar Jew aware sites (Jews and religion. Jew by topic: in Government, in hospitals, 'posing as good guys', pedophilia, political, spies, Kinsey, Jewish rapists, killers, organ harvesters, journalists, terrorists, drugs 'debate' and control of pseudo-oppositions.... Doesn't have a site searcher, I think, so not entirely easy to find references.)
Shoah.org.uk jadar Jew aware sites (Middle East. Palestinian Holocaust (Nakbar). Wide spread of topics, including crypto-Jews: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Africa and north African states, China, Syria. And other geographical material. Nuclear naive N. May be fake as there's little on Palestine or on US/Jew money)
Snippits and Slappits jadar Jew aware sites (Canadian. News comments, mostly as graphics with verbal notes) Canada and Jews
SolarGeneral jadar Jew aware sites
Real WW2 Holocaust (of Germans). jadar Jew aware sites (8 blog sites by SoldierofYah inc Biblical and Exposing the Holocaust Archive/Hellstorm, 9/11 Jewish/Mossad, Combatting Jewish genocide of whites, Truth Seeker Archive)
Clutch of similar-format, similar appearance South African sites:–
  African Crisis jadar Jew aware sites
  Afrikaanse Liberaal jadar Jew aware sites
  Ban Judaism dotcom jadar Jew aware sites A GoDaddy site; registered 2008, expiry at present Oct 2017. Seems to have been renewed 2014. Rather unfocused site with ads and irreleventsia (e.g. airline tickets getting costlier, stock exchange tips, uncritical Biblical material, Bare video links. Youtube link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfvxeWzJGNIqWxLQzLt26rQ)
  History Reviewed
South Africa Project jadar Jew aware sites (Monica Stone largely, on Rhodesia and South Africa and Jews and Muslims; and 9/11)
spingola.com jadar Jew aware sites (Deanna Spingola)
spinwatch.org jadar Jew aware sites (Spinwatch. Seems to be a British site created December 2003. Doesn't really belong here: seems to be an attempt to liaise between Muslims and Jews. The first I heard was 'The Israel Lobby and the European Union' (by D Cronin, S Marusek, and D Miller) which may be in the style of Mearsheimer & Walt on the USA's Israel infestation.) N)
subvertednation.net jadar Jew aware sites (Site by Adam Austin, from Florida - see the 'About' page. Includes an elaborated version of The Protocols of Zion, Basic Training for Revolutionaries by US quotations, then French/ Russian/ Hungarian etc. With comments in brackets by Adam Austin, Jacksonville, Florida. "When I realised that all our fvcking problems come from Jews, I realised it's a distraction from the Jew. Jews get other people to fight their wars. We secured ancient Babylon in Iraq... opium .. WW2, play all the non-Jews against each other ... I'm not racist ... it's a distraction... I am 100% racist against Jews...". Adam Austin audio
SyrianFreePress jadar Jew aware sites (News about Syria, ISIL/ISIS, USA and Jews, but also Britain, France etc. Seems pro-Russia and pro-Putin, though they're aware of Putin's jew links. Very little online info that I could find)
tabublog jadar Jew aware sites (9/11 and N and Holohoax aware, but weakened by support for astrology etc)
takeourworldback.com (Very simple HTML format. English language. Registered with 'Wild West'. Since 2006? Was 'Khazar Plutocracy Orchestrated 9/11 And Fabricated "Gas Chambers" Hoax'. Most recent article is a detailed crit of van Pelt's 'expert' testimony at David Irving's legal action against 'Professor' Deborah Lipstadt. takeourworldback.com/short lists short article titles. Linked to by Michael A Hoffman.N)
    IraqInquiry.net seems to be from the same source. An unofficial report into the Iraq War, notable the Jewish aspect. First uploaded June 2016 (and registered for 1 year).
Tarig Anter wordpress jadar Jew aware sites (Turk or perhaps Khazar-centric maps and interpretations of world events. Includes Islam. May help with revisionism back to the 'Abrahamic' religions, as revisionists recognise the importance of western and central Asia).
Telling Films jadar Jew aware sites (Lady Michèle Renouf's site, largely on Birobidjan; and on personal appearances e.g. in Iran; and 'swindlespeak')
jadar homepages
Another drawing by FarStar88
texemarrs.com (Texe Marrs)
The tap jadar Jew aware sites (H M T Curteis)
The Flame UK jadar Jew aware sites (Seems to have been a paper news source, moved to Internet in 2008. Includes Good Jew-aware articles on the entire world situation, including USA, UK, Africa. Updating is erratic; probably written by a few enthusiasts; probably including Bernard Franklin, who states 'I have been trying to make the public aware of the fact that the UK is under anti-British Jewish rule since 1939.' May be specifically Christian) N
The End of Zion Archives go back to 2013. Registered with WildWestDomains. Outspoken, funny, anti-PC and with in-house cartoons. Personal comments on Kike politicians, 'entertainers', crooks, puppets, pornographers, viciousness. Mostly I think US and Canada. May be Dr James Sears site, judging by stylistic clues. Nuke naive though.
theforbiddentruth.net jadar Jew aware sites (Roberts)
theinfounderground.com jadar Jew aware sites
the.rebel.org jadar Jew aware sites (Goyim resistance. Australian; + German version)
*Removed? The Truthful One .com jadar Jew aware sites (Good US site, revived 2015, on links between Jews, Israel, central banks, false flags/crisis actors including 9/11, anti-white and anti-free speech ops. Christian aimed)
The Traitor Within jadar Jew aware sites (Detailed British-based general survey site; links to many other sites)
thetruthfulone.com jadar Jew aware sites (The truthful one: since July 2011, I think. 'Revealing the truth so you can be free'. May be a spoof or splinter of 'truthfulone.com' as it has false flag/ crisis actor info, but nothing on Jews.)
thewhitevoice.com jadar Jew aware sites (Race, including jews. Podcasts. May no longer exist. May have been fake)
thezog.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (Zionist Occupation Government: Impressive lists of 'Who Controls'). AND
thezog.info jadar Jew aware sites (and thezog.com and thezog.org) The Zionist Occupation Government. Seems to have taken over from the previous site, though both still exist. Likely lists of Jews in e.g. Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, Big Media, Senate, Congress, Advertising, Hollywood, News, SPLC, JDL, ADL, the White House, Supreme Court, Government, Politics, Finance, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook etc. I couldn't find opinion pollsters though. Registered in Panama, 2013(?)).
Thulean Perspective
TimesWarp.org jadar Jew aware sites (TimesWarp - What The New York Times doesn't tell you about Palestine and Israel. Started late 2013, by Barbara Erickson. Possibly based in Berkeley. But may be site a designed to avoid separation of US interests generally, from Jewish interests.)
totalfascism.com jadar Jew aware sites (Andre)
Truther.org jadar Jew aware sites (David Chase Taylor. This site may be another phoney)
Truth Be Known jadar Jew aware sites (The late D M Murdock (aka Acharya S) on Moses (and Jesus) as myths. Not on modern 'Jews', but worth mentioning as part of revisionism. I don't know how original her work is)
truthisahatecrime.blogspot.com jadar Jew aware sites
Truthjihad jadar Jew aware sites (Islam, Jews, corruption. Nuke naive)
Truth Hertz radio jadar Jew aware sites (Charles Giuliani. Looks moribund. Last entry seems to be 2012)
truthmilitia.com jadar Jew aware sites
UFOHunterorguk.com jadar Jew aware sites ("Don't believe what they tell you" site; despite the name this is mostly ZOG material)
UK lockdown jadar Jew aware sites [British; abandoned 2010?]
Unity of Nobility jadar Jew aware sites
USS Liberty Veterans jadar Jew aware sites (Survivors of the Jewish attack on the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean, under LBJ)
Verum et Inventa jadar Jew aware sites (Author's site. Links false flags and Jews convincingly. Non-events in France covered. But mixed with crap).
vidrebel.wordpress.com jadar Jew aware sites (Includes debt, Jews, and Bilderberg Listing 2016, and Catherine Austin Fitts. N )
Violence Against Whites jadar Jew aware sites Includes 'hate crime' frauds and hoaxes, one of several sites on swastika frauds, black hoaxes, sex crime fakes
Wake-upBeforeItsTooLate jadar Jew aware sites Rather in-your-face site 'created 2016-04-09' but also 'records ... since 2011-01-20'. Possibly by Clive Birnie. Youtube is einrib4truth with many liked videos. Starts with Rothschild and money, and expands to e.g. 9/11. Needs to be proofread. Nuke aware).
WakeUporDie.com jadar Jew aware sites? Berkeley graduate Elena Haskins' site from 1997-2012, revived 2015. Has material stored on archive.org. Information on California's invasion by nonwhites. Regards white males largely as ineffectual dupes and fools of Jews and their derivatives. Ingenious comparison with 'auto-immune disease' (NB but this concept is probably wrong; see my Hillman material)
Watchfulness WordPress .com jadar Jew aware sites (2003 registered in USA; seems to do more now. Criticisms of 'Anglo-American-Judeo Elites' with Christian revival outlook, and Catholic or Orthodox views, with dislike of Francis. Historical material; not much on science. I found it rather insubstantial; but who knows )
Well Aware 1 jadar Jew aware sites ('Behold the power of 1'. Site by Ed Chiarina Jr = 'DallasGoldBug' and Richard B Dawson specialising in false flag actors, and fake charities. But with many incredible comparisons e.g. JFK same person as J Carter. BUT MAY BE a joff site)
Wermold and Wermold jadar Jew aware sites Republishers somewhat like Ostara but apparently established 2009. New works largely by Alex Kurtagic, including biographies of usually Jewish fake left figures
WesternSpring.co.uk = Western Spring jadar Jew aware sites (UK site with thought-out long-term strategies for white realists. Not strong on Jewish information, however, so for a long time I hesitated to include it here. Not good on emerging frauds played on whites. N)
Western Voices World News jadar Jew aware sites Long-term (est 2007?) News site including forums. Largely on Jews pushing immigration onto white countries, and Muslim info. Mexico. 'Racism'. White achievements. Section on core issues. Poss Australian-owned.
The West's Darkest Hour jadar Jew aware sites [chechar.wordpress.com William Pierce etc]

Image from 'We Thought They Were White'
We Thought They Were White jadar Jew aware sites (Black and Jew revisionist site, by Dontell Jackson, aiming for black-white unity: truth about Jews and slavery, West India Company, Jews behind the 'Civil Rights' USA movement, Jews exploitation of blacks, etc. Seems first established in 2005)
white biocentrism jadar Jew aware sites (Forum; topics include William Pierce, Ben Klassen, Revilo Oliver, Kevin Strom, Ludwig Klages, Thomas Paine)
whitecivilrights-com/ jadar Jew aware sites (See David Duke's eponymous site above. This site seems a saved version of whitecivilrights.com and has a large range of topics, mostly USA based and 'communism' based.)
whitenationalism.com jadar Jew aware sites (White Nationalism. Site by Yggdrasil. Includes essays, white-supporting film/videos, and online library of books)
WhiteNations . com, net, org, info jadar Jew aware sites (Forum which seems to have been reinvented in May 2016, by Fred O'Malley. (I don't know what that is). Seems to be in California. Very little presence yet)
WhiteNationNetwork.com jadar Jew aware sites Mostly inside story of media lies, violence, and Jewish financial power against black and white South Africans. A lot on fake stories on Apartheid. Rhodesia, Namibia, etc. Popular in south Africa. The African story is (I hope) slowly clarifying. South Africa flagjadar Jew aware sites
The White Network jadar Jew aware sites (Scott, Yeager et al)
The White Network Archive jadar Jew aware sites ('Read-only copy of thewhitenetwork.com frozen as-is on 15 April 2014'. Scott, Yeager, Tanstaafl et al. Many very good writers and good radio broadcasts BUT they haven't bothered to indicate the contents, presumably expecting people to spend hours and days and weeks listening)
whiteresister.com jadar Jew aware sites (Swedish English-language. Many articles on varieties of anti-white violence and crime. Articles on WW2, National Socialism)
White Independent Nation (UK) jadar Jew aware sites (White Independent Nation (UK) promoting white nations)
Whites Will Win jadar Jew aware sites (Outspoken site of James T. Laffrey, who gives an account of his 2008 awakening. With list of jew-aware sites. Realistic, but may possibly be accused of inciting violence. Says that Jews are the enemy, and it's legitimate to kill enemies.)
Wide Awake Gentile jadar Jew aware sites (Started 2013; Jewish frauds, Jewish acts, includes China, India)
Wide Eye Cinema jadar Jew aware sites (Videos in categories Health, Corporatism, False Flag Ops, Secret Societies, Mind Control. 'Corporatism' meaning EU, global warming hoax, Common Purpose, War on Drugs... There are difficulties locating the videos on their site. Mixed material; some, but not much, on Jews. Marginal Jadar. )
William de Hewitt jadar Jew aware sites (One of several sites presumably by William de Hewitt. Registered 2015 at WildWestDomains, in California. News items, including South Africa, maritime law, Boers, ANC, Jewish corruption, warmongers, Popeye the Sailor Man, Trump, Halal, AIPAC ... Seems N)
Winston Smith - Ministry Of Truth jadar Jew aware sites (INVITATION ONLY. POSSIBLY HAS BEEN MENACED. Detailed news cuttings of Jewish lies; emphases in red. These are taken from varied sources, including newspapers and historical books. I noted as an example an 1889 article on Auschwitz as a human trafficking centre with bribery by officials - Auschwitz being in railway communication with German sea-ports. Hard to find because of its concealment within 'blogspot')
Winter Watch (WinterActionable.com) jadar Jew aware sites (Ziomedia and the Middle East. Includes Brussels false flag (with jewish 'security' by ICTS) and other media frauds and anti-Muslim war provocation. Includes 9/11 truth and money markets, effects of Jewish frauds. Looks sound enough. Name may come from Russ Winter, who seems to write a lot of it)
wintersonnenwende.com jadar Jew aware sites (Winter turning. Other side of Germany and WW2.)
Zion Crime Factory jadar Jew aware sites
Ziomania jadar Jew aware sites (Peoples claiming to be 'Jews', quite a lot of detail, by 'a woman of color')
Ziopedia jadar Jew aware sites (Wordpress version of therebel)
Zundelsite jadar Jew aware sites (Ernst Zundel's site - pioneer 'Holocaust' researcher )
Note: sites which are good, but show no sign of awareness of Jewish influence, have been excluded. For example englandcalling.wordpress.com shows energy and effort, but is not Jew-wise.
Sites which repeat material which is widely-known, but seem to add misinformation, and/or do not repeat true information which is not yet widely known, have been excluded. For example erichufschmid.net, gilad.co.uk, whatreallyhappened.com. So have sites which claim common Jews are entirely innocent such as www.jewsnotzionists.org, nkusa.org, righteousjews.org. A truly odd site is inconvenienthistory.com: it has an 'advisory board' of stellar revisionist names, and yet has no mention of Jews. Red Ice Radio is another oddity. So is American Renaissance; Jared Taylor never mentions Jews, giving an absurdly lop-sided website.
Conventional supposed 'left wing', revolutionary, critical in the Frankfurt School sense, shill sites evading Jewish issues, Stalinist, Trotskyite etc etc sites which are Jew-run or heavily Jew-influenced have been excluded. counterpunch.org is one example of very many; so is James Randi's fake 'educational foundation'. Some 'right wing' sites, such as low-grade anti-'PC' sites, are excluded. Sites such as IQ man Chris Brand, and some sites on education and on law and policing, fervent but unable to connect Jewish dots, are excluded.
Big-lies site has info in Truths about Jews

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