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 I see from the media, in week 4/99 edition of Newsweek, that Mr. Georg Soros, the well known money speculator, wants an international central bank which all national banks shall be a part of. He wants to change the International Money Found, IMF, into such a bank. This should regulate the money dealing and skimming of currencies or hinder such businesses.
     Bull s....! (Excuse my language)
     The only thing that will stop the international speculators from speculating on currencies is a tax of 50 - 100 % to be added as a currency is bought for those who sell and or buy foreign currency without showing a bill which justifies the need of the currency. If all countries introduce a tax for buying and selling currency without showing a need for that currency, the profit of selling and or buying currency will not be a business. But that again will make it impossible for persons like Mr Soros to earn heaps of billions of dollars as speculators in currency of any kind. But such taxes will be a hindrance to free trad and free flow of money and goods which some people do not like. The old German system of two money system, one national and one international, were a good system, but that system lost as Germany lost the war. As none of the politicians in our countries have found a good solution to hinder speculation with currency, we do not have a way to stop the lascivious money speculators. To try to stop them will always be attacked as anti- one or something. But an international bank which shall govern over all national banks is defiantly not the solution, such a bank will only aid those whom to day make the monetary decisions all countries have to live by.
     The best would of cause be if all countries had the same currency, but that would take one of the bases for a national country away. We shall not say yes to that, let us stay as national countries with our own currency. But we must stop all speculation in currency. Money should/shall be earned by hard work not as speculators.
     Jesus threw the money dealers and speculators out of the temple, claiming such activities should not be commited in his father's house. Jesus was crucified. Let us hope I, because of my free speech, will not get such a punishment or any other sentence for that matter.
     Well, this was a puke, excurse the language, from me regarding the news one can read in the media.

To day I will give you two short paragraphs, one regarding a book one regarding an exhibition. The book will in the future give you a lot of information of historical values.

WARSAW OR LÜBECK? One picture, one City.
     In the Adenauerallee in Bonn stands a house called "Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" - "House for the History of Germany". This museum shall show the development of Germany. Heir the story of the Nazi-epoch, what else could on expect, shown.
     In the museum you could at least in 1996, find a photo showing a out bombed city and a church. In a explanation next to the picture one could read:

"First face of the destruction of Warsaw by bombs from the German Luftwaffe and artilleries by the German Wehrmacht forced the inhabitants to give up the city."

The former county representative of Schleswig-Holstein, Karl Ernst Lober wrote a letter to the Bundesarchiv, Archive of Germany handling mainly questions related to the war, asking if the text were correct? The answer he got was:

"The Photo in the exhibition at the museum and the catalogue following should read: Lübeck after a bomb raid in 1942."

When asked why they used a Picture from Lübeck instead of Warsaw the museum answered they were in a hurry. By looking closer at the text one can see that they have really been doing a good job of falsification to get the real impression of how Warsaw looked in 1939. Warsaw was bombed because the military leaders did not want to surrender. Die civilians were asked to leave the city by the Germans. The situation were different to the Germans in Lübeck as this city was bombed in 1942. The bombing of that city happened without any warning but as a terror bombing of civilian far behind the active frontlines. The reason for bombing Lübeck was to intimidate and kill civilians.
     To show the people of to day the horror of war can not be done it that you use a false picture. By doing so one upset people and they start wi\ondering why a false picture was used.

     Anyway the people auf both Warsaw and Lübeck lived trough a evil time during the bombing, and if that was what the exhibitor wanted to show he should at least have the decency to have the correct text to the pictures he shows.
     I am not sure the picture has the same text to day, but I would not be surprised it the picture have changed. To show that Germans suffered during the WWII is not good policy in Germany of to day.

     Between 1919 and 1939 the Volksdeutschen, Germans living outside Germany, in Poland, were exposed to massive pestering, harass and persecution. These crims violence escalated into the Bloody Sunday of Bomberger of September 3, 1939. Altogether between 12000 and 15000 human beings were killed within one week. This were human beings that lived in East Upper Silesia, Posen and West Prussia. They were harassed because of their German descent, not just killed but murder in indescribable manners. Foreign journalists and photographers visited the scenes and the saw the disgusting looking bodies. Pictures were show to the world, which were roused to indignation by the picture and enclosed text.
     In 1940 the German Foreign Office issued a book regarding the bloodbath of Bromberg, and an exhibition were shown in Berlin. The tittle of the book was "Dokumente polnischer Grausamkeiten" (Documents over Polish cruelties). Only a few copies of this book survived the war. (A wonder that they did, the bombings of civilians were gruesome. None would believe it if they knew the total weight of the bombs that were dropped over Germany during WWII. I have a summary of such a list which I could send you all, if there is an interest. My comment)
     In September 1995 Arndt Publishing House issued copies of the book. Within a few week the book became a best-seller. This arouse the interest of the German watchers for political correctness. Reason: The Germans of to-day shall not learn how their fellow countrymen were treated some 50 years ago. Neither shall they learn that Germans were killed and pursued by Poles. The documentation can lead to hostility towards aliens were the verdict of the official body. Even the Foreign Ministry in Bonn was shocked that someone wanted to issue such a book.
     Well, friends I have copy of the book, and I intend to give you extracts of it in the weeks to come. I will then give a sort English version and a full German one. (This for my German readers. If those of my friends who do not read German also want a full version they must tell my. Then I would have to make the troublesome translations)

      The German writer Ralph Giordano wrote in 1996 a letter to the German Defence Minister, Volker Rühe, and invited him to remove Ervin Rommel's, the Dessert Fox, name from the Bundeswehr, German Army. The reason Mr Giordano gave was that Rommel had been a red-hot Nazi. (Giordano's allegement is contra dictionary to what historians says. My comment.) Giordano who has been convicted for communistic, must be able to demand some consistence from a Defence Minister that did not want the name Dietl to be remembered in the army. Rühe also wanted other German general's name removed from the history of the German army, they had all sworn an oath to Hitler and had fought against Germany's liberators.

     A noteworthy political token were given by the Russian Main Public Prosecutor in 1996: they rehabilitated two former German generals, Walter von Seydlitz and Helmuth von Pannwitz. Both were after WWII convicted as war criminals. von Seydlitz was at Stalingrad and was captured with all the other soldiers. He was convicted and was many years in jail. von Pannwitz who by the end of WWII had the command over 25000 Cossacks was sentenced to death and killed in 1947.
     According to Frankfurter Algemaine Zeitung, 1996 (I do not know the date RjH) Russian Main Public Prosecutor said that they to day consider the proof against the generals to be falsifications.
    During his trail in Moscow von Pannwitz was accused of having shot five partisans. To day the prosecutors claim that the partisans had been sentenced to death by a Croatian court of justice: "There are no proofs to assert that von Pannwitz or his troops did any war crimes against Soviet troops or civilians."
     Even von Seydlitz was convicted by use of false proofs. von Seydlitz was in his trail in 1950 accused in October 1941 to have ordered shooting of one young civilian.

     Sorry for both von Seydlitz and von Pannwitz that the Russian Main Public Prosecutor had to wait until now to "find out" that they used false documents in war criminal justice cases.
     I wonder when they will admit they used false proofs also in other war criminal cases.
    Can we believe in all the documents the Russians had/used in Nürnberg?? Or shall we refer to the old proverb: HE WHO LIES ONCE LIES ALWAYS.

We know the Russians lied about the Jews soap that were precented in Nürnberg. See this letter which were written to the Jerusalem News July 5,1990 by professor Yehuda Bauer. (Yehuda Bauer is professor at the Jerusalem University. The story can be read on Internet. (Sorry I do not have the address.))

To the Editor of the Jerusalem Post:

Sir, - Neil Kuchinsky (letters, May 20) quotes from the Nuremberg trial transcripts to show that the Germans made soap from human bodies at the Danzig Anatomic Institute, basing himself on the testimony of two British PoW's and a German laboratory assistant. The facts are correct. They were quoted in extensor in a Czech- language book by Ota Kraus and Erich Kulka, and are well-known to historians.
     The reason why no historian has ever claimed that Germans made industrial use of human bodies for the production of soap is also contained in those very testimonies. They show that the Institute was established in the course of 1944 by a Danzig Nazi scientist (Dr. Spanner) who invented the method by which this could be done, and persuaded an apparently enthusiastic Berlin authority (we do not know who it was) to support his experiments.
     According to the somewhat contradictory evidence, 25 kg. or perhaps more of this horrible substance was made, and one source claims that it was used experimentally in Danzig itself. It emerges very clearly that this was a first and unique experiment and that it was in its experimental stages. The bodies used may have been those of prisoners of war and forced labourers from the immediate vicinity. It is also clear that had the war continued, the Nazis were certainly capable of turning this into another mass horror.
     There was no industrial production, and the pieces of soap inscribed R.I.F. which Jewish victims were told were made of human fat were found to contain ordinary non-organic fats (R.I.F. means Reichsstelle für Industrielle Fettversorgung, or State Centre for Supply of Fats, and not Pure Jewish Fat, as the victims were told by the Nazis).
     The reason why one has to be accurate is that one has to exercise tremendous responsibility and deep respect towards the victims and their relatives and towards the memory of the millions of Jewish dead. What the Nazis did is horrendous enough; we do not need to believe the additional horrors they thought about but did not have time to realize. The Holocaust deniers waiting in the wings are eager to pick up any inaccuracies we may inadvertently commit, and we should not ease their work.
     Yehuda Bauer

(That were two Russian lies. I wander how many more we will hear about in the years to come. Let us hope and pray for many more.)

I close my Historical News Letter for this week by wishing you all a very nice and good week. Take care of yourselves, be nice to your neighbours and do not do anything I would not have done.

Heil og Sæl


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