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Dear Friends.
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     I promised you that I would send you some of the agreements that were signed by the various government that stayed in UK during WWII. I will do so, but keep in mind that the agreements I send you are based on agreements that were signed by the Norwegian government. There might be other agreements, which Norway did not sign, so keep on looking - bring the facts onto the table.

     First I have a request to you, I am looking for the capitulation between the German and British troops dated May 8, 1945 00.00 hr, it might be that the agreement was signed some days later. The German General Böhme sent a telegram to the British Army saying he agrees to the terms at above date and time. I would be interested in a copy of both the telegram and the agreement which general Böhme signed. The British troops that came to Norway after May 8, 1945 were under command of General Sir Andrew Thorne.
     The Norwegian authorities denies that such a document exists, the historians will not know anything about it, the agreement. The only document which is available in Norway regarding the German troops after May 8, 1945 is a document issued by General Sir A- Thorn which tells the Germans how they shall behave.
     If anyone can help me I will be able to show that the Germans capitulated to the British and not to the Hjemmefront (Home Front - Resistance in Norway). The official story is that the Norwegian resistance took part in the German capitulation/disarmament in May 1945.
     This document can be found in British Archives but I do not have the possibility to go seeking for it, neither do I have the funds to do it. I also lack funds to pay anyone for do the searching for me. I hope some of you have the document or at least live in the UK and/or have the interest to look for the document.

     Before I start giving you the texts I need to quote from the Norwegian Constitution, §17 (this paragraph is related to decree which can be sign by the King while the Storting is not in session) (Storting is Norway's Parlament)

The King can give and cancel decree(s) related to Trade, Duty, Industry and Police as long as these decrees are not contradictory to the Constitution, these decree(s) must later be sanctioned by the Storting. The decree(s) are laws until the next Storting is in session.
I give you this quotation from the Norwegian Constitution because you need to know this paragraph to understand the illegality of that Government. To understand the unfortunate story of Norway's participation in WWII one must also have knowledge of Norway's Government and King.
     As you will understand from reading the agreements none of them were related to the subject which the King could give decrees for and as such they were not binding for Norway. That might be one of the reasons why all of them were singed by Storting long after the war, end of 48. According to the Constitution of Norway none of the agreements were binding for Norway. As the Norwegian Government in UK acted to those agreement they should have be trailed after the war, but were not - they came home as winners of the war. A war Norway stepped out of on June 10, 1945 in Trondheim - the day she signed the capitulation agreement with Germany.
     You will, I hope, understand one of the reasons why I dislike the Government Norway had before WWII, this is the same people that lived i UK during WWII. But regardless of my antipathy towards those men I dislike King Haakon even more. King Haakon's motto.was:
Everything for Norway.

This motto he gave up the first time during his realm - when the country and her inhabitants needed him most - he fled the country for a glass of Scottish whisky and some women of easy virtue he did not know what to do with.
     You do not need me to get encyclopaedia knowledge of King Haakon. His male cousin, the King of Danmark, stayed at home with his subjects. But what can one expect from a man whom King Edward 7, King Haakon's father in law, described as 'Rowing boat Admiral'.
     In the weeks to come I will, if you want me to, give you short stories from the war in Norway, ie from April 9, 1940 to June 10, 1940. I could also give you some stories regarding how the Government (those who were in UK) stole money from the sailors in the merchant navy.
     If you want me to write about that I only need one request, those of you with whom I already have exchanged some private letters can tell me on behalf of all the rest of you.
      The story of Norway participation in WWII is brief and quite enjoyable.

     On March 28, 1941 Norway signed an agreement with UK regarding Norwegian Armed Forces in UK fighting for Britain. Nobody could at that time according to the Norwegian Constitution allow Norwegian troops fight for any other country than Norway, neither could anyone order Norwegian soldiers to fight for a foreign country. What this agreement forgets to tell is that the British law, Visiting Forces Act 1940, an act which demands that any in the UK foreign man can be forced to join the British Armed Forces. I might have misunderstood this act, but I do not belive so. But unless the Norwegian Government I UK brought with them an agreement regarding the use of Norwegian troops their allegement that Norway participated in the war would not have been believed. If they had to admit that the country was forced into sending their soldiers to fight for UK and USA they would have been looked upon as layers.
     This agreement does not have any interest for our investigation - so I leave it out of this HNL.
     Neither does, I think, the Atlantic Ocean Declaration. I might send you this declaration if any of you would like to read it.
     There is also an agreement regarding safe delivery of food and supplies during the war. This agreement were sign by the governments of UK, Northern Ireland, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Greece, Luxemburg, Poland, Norway, soviet, Yugoslavia and representatives of General de Gaulle leader of Free Frenchmen. I can also send this agreement to thous of you that would like to read this agreement.

     Signed: January 13, 1942 in London.  (Translated from French)

The signing representatives of the Governments from Belgium, the French national Comity, Greece, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia,
     ascertain that Germany from the beginning of the ongoing conflict which was started with its aggressive policy, have introduced terror regimes in all occupied countries which is characterized specially with imprisonment, mass expulsion, execution of hostages and killings,
     that these crimes of violence also are carried out by allies of The Third Reich and associates and, in certain countries by accessory to the occupants,
     that an international solidarity is necessary to avoid that the combatting of these crimes of violence go into an general retribution and to meet the civilized worlds sense of justice, and this as a memory of international law and specially the agreement from the Hague signed in 1907 regarding the War which does not recognise the belligerent in an occupied country to commit crimes against civilians or to show contempt for prevailing laws or overthrow any national institutions,

1) declares the acts of violence which are taking place against civilians have nothing in common with notion of war or political crimes as these words are understood in a civilised world
2) notice that the declarations which were given on October 25, 1941 by USA's president an the UK Prime Minister
3) sets up the important war goals punishment through a organized judicial system to handle those who are guilty in or responsible fort these crimes, wether the crimes are done by them or they have taken part in them, and
4) decides to ensure that, in the spirit of international solidarity, (a) those who are guilty and responsibly regardless of his nationality, shall be submitted to juridical persecution and his case shall be handled, (b) that their sentences shall be carried out

As confirmation of this the signers, which have the authority for it, singed this agreement. Drown up in nine examples in London January 13, 1942

Signed by:
Hubert Pierot; P. H. Spaak; C, de Gaulie; M. Dejean; Emmanuel Tsouderos; M. S. Dimitrakakis; Jos. Beck; Bodson; Trygve Lie; Terje Wold; P.S. Gerbrandy; Sikorski; M. Nintchitch; E. Michiels van Verduynen; E. Raczynski; Jan Sramek; Hubert Ripka; Siobodan Yovanovitch

COMMENTS (by me, RjH)
     Terje Wold and Trygve Lie were signers for Norway. I recall your attention to § 17 of the Norwegian Constitution which says that only the Storting can allow the country to enter into any binding relationships. When Lie and Wold said they had authority to sign they were lying.
     Trygve Lie became the first secretary of UN. Terje Wold became leader of the Norwegian Supreme Court. Wold passed judgement over many countrymen after the war.
     I must also tell you that Vidkun Quisling, the leader of the patriotic party Nasjonal Samling, when he was Defence Minister on behalf of Farmers Party, 1930 - 32, produce documents in Stortinget showing that Lie had received money from Soviet to fight for communism in Norway. (This might be a story in a later HNL)
     There had not been committed any war crimes in Norway as above agreement were signed or later for that matter. Some resistance people had been jailed, but they had been treated with respect.


Joint Declaration Announced Simultaneous on December 17th, 1942, in London, Moscow and Washington.

'The attention of the Governments of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxemburg, the Nether-lands, Norway, Poland, the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Yugoslavia, and of the French National Committee, has been drawn to numerous reports from Europe that the German authorities, not content with denying to persons of Jewish race in all the territories over which their barbarous rule has been extended the mos~ elementary human rights, are now carrying into effect Hitler's oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe. From all the occupied countries Jews are being transported, in conditions of appalling horror and brutality, to Eastern Europe. In Poland, which has been made the principal Nazi slaughter-house, the Ghettoes established by the German invaders are being systematically emptied of all Jews, except a few highly skilled workers required for war industries. None of those taken away are ever heard of again. The able-bodied are slowly worked to death In labour camps. The infirm are left to die of exposure and starvation, or are deliberately massacred in mass executions. The number of victims of these bloody cruelties is reckoned in many hundreds of thousands of entirely Innocent men, women, and children.

"The above-mentioned Governments and the French National Committee condemn in the strongest possible terms this bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination. They declare that such events can only strengthen the resolve of all freedom-loving peoples to overthrow the barbarous Hitlerite tyranny. They reaffirm their solemn resolution to ensure that those responsible for these crimes shall not escape retribution, and to press on with the necessary practical measures to this end"

     Norway's Jews had partly before the war left the country, some left with the Government on June 7, 1940, some left for Sweden before October 25, 1942 the date when Germany by telegram ordered the Norwegian Jews to be arrested.
     The Norwegian Jews will be handled in a later HNL:


D e c 1 a r a t ion .

The Governments of the Union of South Africa, the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, the Czechoslovak Republic, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ire-land, Greece, India, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Yugoslavia, and the French National Committee:

Hereby issue a formal warning to all concerned, and in particular to persons in neutral countries, that they intend to do their utmost to defeat the methods of dispossession practised by the Governments with which they are at war against the countries and peoples who have been so wantonly assaulted and despoiled.

Accordingly, the Governments making this Declaration and the French National Committee reserve all their rights to declare invalid any transfers of, or dealings with, property, rights and interests of any description whatsoever which are, or have been, situated In the territories which have come under occupation or control, direct or indirect, of the Governments with which they are at war, or which belong, or have belonged, to persons (including juridical persons) resident in such territories. This warning applies whether such transfers or dealings have taken the form of open looting or plunder, or of transactions apparently legal in form even when they purport to be voluntarily effected.

The Governments making this Declaration and the French National Committee solemnly record their solidarity in this matter.

London, January 5, 1943.

     The Norwegian Government could not know of any embezzlement of money or valuables in other countries. The government knew there were nothing to embezzle for the Germans in Norway. The only valuables Norway had were her industrial potential production, which were very small before the war. Truth German development her industrial potential were increased by the Germans. The most valuable gods 'in Norway' were the merchant fleet and the income that came from her. The government had 'taken' the fleet with them as they left the country. The fleet and the merchant sailors will be subject to a later HNL.
     Yes, the Germans bought fish, timber, pulpit and other goods from Norway, but they paid for that, and they supplied Norway with food. Before WWII Norway could not supply herself with food. During the war we had to get the food we needed from Germany.

Dated: May 2, 1944

On the 5th January, 1943 the Royal Norwegian Government and certain others of the Governments of the United Nations issued a warning to all concerned, and in particular to persons in neutral countries, that they intend to do their utmost to defeat the methods of dispossession practised by the governments with which they are at war against the countries and peoples who have been so wantonly assaulted and despoiled.

One of the particular methods of dispossession practised by the Axis powers has been the illegal seizure of large amounts of gold belonging to the nations they have occupied and plundered. The Axis powers have purported to sell such looted gold to various countries wich continue to maintain diplomatic and commercial relations with the Axis, such gold thereby providing an important source of foreign exchange to the Axis and enabling the Axis to obtain much-needed imports from these countries. The Royal Norwegian Government cannot in any way condone the policy of systematic plundering adopted by the Axis or participate in any way directly or indirectly in the unlawful disposition of looted gold.

In view of the foregoing facts and considerations the Royal Norwegian Government, referring to declarations made on the 22nd February, 1944 by the governments of the United States, The United Kingdom and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, hereby formally declare that they do not and will not recognize the transference of title to the looted gold which the Axis at any time holds or has disposed of in world markets. They further declare that it will be their policy not to buy any gold from and country which has not broken relations with the Axis, or from any country which acquires gold from any country which has not broken relations with the Axis, unless and until they are fully satisfied that such gold is not gold which was acquired directly or indirectly from the Axis powers or is not gold which any such country has been or is enabled to release as a result of the acquisition of gold directly or indirectly from the Axis powers.


     The gold which were in the Bank of Norway before the war were transported out of the country during the winter 39/40, from October 39 to February 40, on Swedish vessels, "Glimmaren", "Innaren", "Tennaren" and "Vingarden". The ships belong to the Swedish shipping company 'Transatlantic'. This company issued a declaration dated June 9, 1965:

"We have received your letter of May 18. Our answer is that our ships ((see names over) my comment) which were part of The Swedish American Line called at Bergen before April 9, 1940 to take onboard cargos of gold. These vessel had a tonnage of 6000 - 7000 BRT, (Gross Register Tons). Even other ships belonging to Swedish America Line called on Bergen in this time period.

Shipping Company Transatlantic (signed)

Above letter had a list of the number of times which the ships called on Bergen 8 - 9 times. So even in this matter the Norwegian Government in UK did tell leis.
The Norwegian Government signed three more agreements during her stay in the UK. That was one agreement with each of the following countries: UK, USA and Soviets. The agreements were for freeing Norway from German occupation. These are very interesting agreements, I will write a special NHL on those. But before they are posted I need to give you a short story on Norwegian history. Let us leave that to a later NHL.

Thank you for reading this letter. Have a nice week

Heil og Sæl


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