HISTORICAL NEWS LETTER No. 4 [19th Jan 1999 - RW]

Dear Friends!
     i HAVE HAD SOME PROBLEMS REWRITING MY ADDRESS-LIST. Those of you that have received this News Letter twice or three times, please forgive me. I am in business again. I do not intend with my news letters to force to change your opinion of history I merely wants you to start thinking. I hope you can, if I brake this my intention, tells me. In the time we live in all manhood needs to think and be observant in what to believe in of all the information one gets from TV, news papers and radio. One must also seek other information then those given us by the mass media. This also goes for all you get from Internet.
     I intend to give you stories that are printed in books, mostly German books, they are the only, in my opinion, books we can be certain do not contain any lies if they are dealing with revisionism. Why? Because the strict German paragraphs related to revisionistic literature. In Germany one can be jailed for not telling the truth, ie you must be able to proof what you write. This only when it comes to war histories. When it comes to stories or question related to holocaust one can definitely not relay on German sources. But you know all this as well as I.
     This week I will concentrate my letter to you round matters that has been puzzling my for many years. I will in the beginning look into a news that hit the world on March 6, 1977, and could be read in the German news paper "Welt am Sonntag". The news had the following headline:

The only money came from the grandchild

Ilona Sugar was operated without general anaesthesia at a concentration camp. Ilona Sugar was freed as a very sick woman. Sadistic NS-doctors had operated her in their medical experiments. They had moved her heart from the right side to the left side of her body, and the liver had also been moved to the left side of her body.

The amassing thing, according to 'Welt am Sonntag' was that Ilona Sugar after the war did not received any money from the German authorities. The news paper suggest that Mrs Sugar gets her indemnity from the German government before her death. As 'Welt am Sonnrag' wrote about her destiny she was living off the social benefits, DM 250 pr month, from her husband.
     Mrs Sugar, 81 years old when the news paper brought her story, left all documents with her lawyer, Rechtsanwalt Dr. Lothar Buggarth.
     Sorry but I do not know the end of this story. I regret that. I can not tell you whether or not she got her compensation. What I know is that the doctor , whether it was Dr. Mengel or not, that operated Mrs Sugar, if her hearth and liver were moved, was the first medical doctor that ever undertook such a operation. This should have happened more then 22 years before Dr. Christiaan Neethling Barnard made his first hearth transplant. Sorry the German did not make any documentation on their achievements.
     We should all send letters to the various publishing firm that they must rewrite their encyclopaedias to take account of Mrs Sugar's incredible story.

The Mengele - Tribunal
     I will also refer to you from the eyewitness conference on Mengele, the Mengele-Tribunal, in Israel. I quote from the leftist 'tagezeitung' from February 8, 1985:

Among the victims of Mengele was a dwarf, Elisabeth Moschkowitz. She and her relatives, all dwarfs, whom were appearing in a Romanian circus were forced to appear in front of 2000 NZ-officers. Heinrich Himmler was one of these officers. (I do not know when Himmler was watching the dwarfs performing their acts. 'tagezeitung' did not tell. Why? I do not know. .My comment)

My comment to the stories:
     I thought Himmler and his 2000 officers had other things to do then to watch dwarfs. But then again what do I know about officers business during a war.

From the above tribunal 'tageszeitung' also let us hear the sad story of a Auschwitz-survivor who's initials were O.C. O.C. gave his statement behind curtains. He told that Mengele took off one of his testicle.
     Other cases that were brought up during the tribunal the victims told that 'the Germans made tobacco pouch from 'testicle bags'. (I am not quite sure what the correct English name is, but I am sure you do understand. My comments)

My comments:
     Really remarkable stories, do you not agree? I presume Dr. Mengele used general anaesthesia when he operated on O.C. and those who had to give away their 'bags'. At least the tribunal did not tell if anyone were operated without general anaesthesia. Believe me, they would have if any of the participants in the tribunal have experience anything like Mrs. Sugar.

Did someone really do it?
     In Meyer's encyclopaedia, Leipzig 1908, one can read the following when regards to "Human skin": This were used during the French Revolution. A repport dated September 20. 1794 tells about a manufacturer in Meudon, that made leather from human skin, this was supported by the politicians with 45000 Fr. The Citizen Egalité (Prince of Orlean who had joined the Revolutionaries, should have made trousers of such leader. According to Hyrti (Anatomie) Granier de Cassagnac had a copy of the Constitution written on human skin. Even in 'Meyer's Encyclopaedia' of 1928 one could read about use of human skin during the French Revolution. But in the edition of 1945 all mentioning of human skin in 1794 were moved from the encyclopaedia.

My comments: Why was the text moved from Meyer's Encyclopaedia? Were someone interested in removing the knowledge where the use of human skin came from? You do know, according to their own bragging, were behind the French Revolution?

     According to the 'Los Angles Times' of April 20. 1997 rabbi Martin Riesenberger was the Chief Rabbi of Berlin during the war. Actually all major European cities had chief Rabbis during the war. These Rabbis performed their duties according to their positions in the Jewish communities. They performed their jobs according to old Jewish rules, they settled disputes, issued guidelines for the communities and preformed funerals.
     A Gestapo officer, Alois Brunner, approved Rabbi Riesenberger as Chief Rabbi of Berlin. The Chief Rabbi performed his duties until the end of the war. Rabbi Rosenberger was permitted to hold religious services in the Berlin Jewish Cemetery Administration building. He was allowed to make Jewish calendars, mail notices for synagogue services which included funerals, processions, weddings etc. Jews at Ausschwitz were assisted by the Germans in mailing urns of relatives back to the Rabbi for a religious funeral and burial in Berlin.

My comments:
     If the Germans meant to exterminate the Jews in a holocaust, why did they allow them to have synagogues in berlin and other European cities. Why did they, in case their intention were to exterminate the Jews, allow the Jewish Rabbis to perform their religious duties?
     Do you not think it is time the Jews explains this to us?
     We also need an answer to how many Jews were buried in Berlin and other European cities?
     We need answers to the death reasons of those who were buried in the Jewish cemeteries around Europe? Here we must see the death certificates the Germans issued with the corpses.
     Why did the Germans allow Rabbis to live and function in the big cities when they, the Germans, wanted to exterminate the Jews? A lot of questions the Jews should answers, don't you think?

I leave you here, and wish you a very nice week. Stay alert, and think what you can do for your nation and her history. We must all of us do what we can to save our countries from the Oneworlders. Oh yes, I live in the same world as you, but I live in my country and so do you. The oneworlder wants us not to think of our country but of the world. In that way they can move around and do their tricks. They know that we live in our home permanently, we are not nomads and have never been, but the oneworlder have always been a nomad.

German text of the article on human skin:
     Taten es andere tatsächlich?
     In Meyers Konversationslexikon, Leipzig 1908, hieß es zum Stichwort ,,Menschenhaut": ,,Am ausgiebigsten hat die französische Revolution Gebrauch von Menschenhaut gemacht. Em Rapport vom 20. September 1794 berichtet von einem Fabrikanten in Meudon, der die Haut Guillotinierter zu Leder verarbeitete, und der Nationalkonvent unterstützte diese Industrie mit 45000 Fr. Der Citoyen EgaIité (zu den Revolutionären übergelaufener Prinz von Orleans, d. Red.) 8011 Ho-sen nur noch aus solchem Leder getragen haben. Nach Hyrti ('Anatomie) besaß Granier de Cassa-gnac em in Menschenhaut gebundenes Exemplar der Konstitution von 1793." Zum Stichwort "Menschenhaut" hie(3 es in "Meyers Lexikon", 8. Band (Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig, 1928): "Liefert beim Gerben em gutes Leder, dessen Narbe der des Schweinsleders sehr ähnlich ist. Zur Zeit des größten Terrors der Französischen Revolution wurde die Haut Guiliotinierter zu Leder "besonders für Hosen (culottes) verarbeitet." In den Meyers Lexika nach 1945 ist dieser Hinweis verschwunden.



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