Exchange of e-mails—or rather one single e-mail—with Sumeria on the subject of material they appear to be promoting commercially. No reply received to this complete and un-deblundered email—RW

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Raeto West
CERBE doesn't seem sound.
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:21:59 -0000
Dear Neil,

I like your site (and have a link to your AIDS material from my site).

However, I wasn't very impressed by the CERBE material. Since I just emailed a supporter with brief argumnts against it, I've pasted them here in case you're interested.

Rae West.

========= COMMENTS FOLLOW ====

CERBE and The microscopist. As the article states, the idea of an optical microscope of new, super-increased power is a bit like Rife.As far as I can tell (since no micrographs seem to have been produced) he uses fluorescence to appear to increase the resolution. (Because an object to small to be resolved normally, if it gives off light, can be seen as a dot). This might be impressive if new discoveries or visualisations were presented of things such as (e.g.) the nucleolus, chromosomes, the cell wall, and other structures which at present are mysterious. And if they did, they would constitute evidence for this new device. But he seems to produce nothing of this sort. (It's as though, when the telescope had first been invented, nothing new was found - no rings of saturn, craters on the moon etc). So he doesn't make much of a case for his microscope.

On cancer, unfortunately he seems to believe in the 'immunosurveillance' idea which was popular years ago. he thinks the immune system can act against cancer. The problem with this view is that, as cancers grow from a single cell, the immune system has the ideal opportunity to react to it and kill it, but doesn't. probably, most cells which divide in some wrong way are detected by the immune system - there are billions of them, and this must happen. But occasional cells, for some reason, don't register with the immune system; they just aren't recognised as being strange. So the immune system doesn't work.

Whether his camphor-based compound works, I have no idea - it's possible for things to work even if the theory supporting them turns out to be completely wrong. This is an empirical thing that would need proper trials. I don't know if any have been done.

So that's a bit disappointing!

Rae West
============= END ========

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