'Lunar Wave'
A New Artefact of Video Cameras

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What are 'Lunar Waves'?
    [1] The screen shot (right) shows a frame from a Youtube video, which allegedly shows a 'lunar wave' travelling down the moon. The phenomenon isn't very obvious in a still picture; I select this one because the red arrow marks the horizontal position of the 'lunar wave' at one instant.
    [2] The 'lunar wave' is clearer in videos in motion: a more-or-less horizontal wave, like a single water ripple, appears to move down the image.
    [3] Typically there is a high magnification; the image may be zoomed in 50x, with the camera presumably on a secure tripod, so that the image doesn't move.
    [4] Refraction caused by air currents is common is such conditions: this is not what's under discussion here.
    [5] The moon appears to move through the sky, mainly because the earth rotates; in one hour it will move through roughly 1/24 of the entire sky, or 15°. That is, 1/4° per minute, or 1/240° per second.
    [6] Video cameras typically save 25 or 30 entire frames per second. One frame therefore allows about 1/7000° of lunar motion. Depending on the number of pixels and the magnification, the entire lunar image will shift 1 pixel in its direction of motion in some calculable time.
    [7] Because the sun, moon and earth are in the same plane, the moon's motion will appear to be perpendicular to the sun's shadow on the moon.
    [8] The pixels appear to be scanned one by one; very fast, but not simultaneous. Some pixels will happen to be on the point of changing to their neighboring pixel; and clumps of these pixels will be in lines. Above the line will show an image 1/25th or 1/30th of a second before or behind the image below the line, depending on the way the image scans.
    [9] I conclude the 'lunar wave' is an artefact of the way video cameras work. (As are 'rods' - see below). This is testable. Using the same camera in the same way, but turned through an angle, for example upright, at a right angle rather than the natural horizontal position, is predicted to give a wave at whatever angle the camera is tilted.
    To check it's not lunar, what's needed is high magnification of an object which is almost static, but not quite; a shadow thrown by the sun on a striped fabric should do the trick. Again, a wave should be visible as the pixels scan horizontally in the camera.

supposed lunar wave from Youtube

Moon as Back Projection?

Related idea based on the wrong idea of the moon as being subject to linear waves.

Rob Skiba (right) has a competent piece on Youtube debunking NASA's images of the earth from space: his arguments include the absurdly small number of such images, the use of a round dark window (see picture, from FLAT EARTH CONSPIRACY EXPOSED) to convincingly simulate a planetary outline, the obviously cut-and-pasted repeats of bits of clouds, and an image of the earth, rotating, in which the clouds remain completely static—even though the rotation time exceeds one day!

However, he goes on to speculate about the moon being a back projection in the sky of a flat earth, and uses the digital refresh argument (above) as a possible confirmation. Which, of course, it isn't. His site is a Biblical site: the devil, or Satan, being a patient person, and the Bible being regarded as a scientific compendium. Oh, well. At least he's not an obvious fraud, like NASA.

'Flat Earth' Promotion - Why?

Skiba's non-American name, and this odd nonsensical idea, seem to be a small part of a push for a flat earth. I can't decide why: poking fun at stupid whites? Part of the de-education function of anti-white activity? Time-wasting activities to help destroy whites in the Bible belt USA? Is there Jewish money in it? Maybe someone has a good idea, out there, what if anything is behind this? Here's my guess: Flat earth promotion

HTML and Image capture and comment on 'lunar waves' - Rae West/ Uploaded 1st Dec 2014.
Rob Skiba and 'flat earth' promotion - upload 15 July 2105. Airplane image through round window 14 Nov 2015.

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Rob Skiba debunker of NASA planet images
round airplane window view