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Reading, Writing, Illiteracy in White Countries
Mona McNee & Alice Coleman's book. And video of Mona McNee Speaking in Liverpool.   |   Mona McNee facebook
Mona McNee & Alice Coleman's book. Spreadsheet Attempt to Understand the 'Experts' since 1945
The Jewish Issue
Mona McNee on Phonics
The Dyslexia Industry

Reviews etc
The inability to read and write can be a serious handicap...
Disastrous effects on individuals (and the people around them) include truancy, adult low self-image and misery, crime, poor job prospects, low income, restricted leisure activity, frustration, and humiliation. Aggression and exclusion and 'disruption' correlate with poor literacy.
Numbers of people affected: typical figures quoted (which may or may not be true!) are that half the children in juvenile court are dyslexic, as are 45% of prisoners. Dyslexia affects 1 child in 7, and four boys to one girl, so at least 16% of boys and 4% of girls are dyslexic.

Why has this situation been allowed to develop?
• There is money in it. if it takes twice as long to teach reading and writing, twice as much money can be made.
• It is a way to control people. If they can't express themselves, they can be kept down. Probably this is ultimately connected to Jewish control of money, and people collaborating with Jews: Jews instinctively want to harm people, and are natural allies of (for example) the Monarchy who do not want educated people. It is related to the practice of giving inferior food and water and lifestyles to keep people down.
• It enhances the self-opinion of the chattering classes, the commentariat, actors, politicians and other logocentric groups who lack ideas and know-how, but like to feel superior.

How have reading and writing been made artificially difficult?
The main problem is the 'look say' method, also known as the 'whole language', 'WL', 'shared reading', and 'whole word' approach to teaching reading. Incredibly, children are supposed to memorise the shape of words, even though fonts vary and the letters are essential components. This worthless method seems to still be in use.

What is wrong with 'Look Say' teaching?
There are far too many words to memorise. Spelling is a way to put any word into letters. Without spelling, every single word would need its own picture or symbol, and there would be thousands. Therefore, people must learn how words are coded to take advantage of this wonderful invention.

Does this mean learning the alphabet?
Yes. And the same applies in other languages: Greek, Russian, and Arabic have their own alphabets, which have to be learned.

What follows if the alphabet is not known?
A person looking at text is in a similar position to a person who does not know a system of hieroglyphics. These have to be learned one by one. These is no way to decode or interpret them.

What's the best way to learn the alphabet and its words?
There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet. Every computer keyboard has them. There are complications of shape and size and sound. A fluent reader and writer can understand words and write them down. But there is no escape from the aspect of learning: there is no other way to grasp these things than by learning them.

What is 'dyslexia' and why does it appear to be relatively new? There is legitimate doubt whether 'dyslexia' exists—there seem to be no specific, accurate, diagnostics. But the muddled confusion of children who have not been taught the alphabet is understandable. Lack of phonics first and wrong starting education makes many children 'word-blind'.

The best sceptical media presentation - which is not saying much - I've seen is a British Channel 4 TV programme of 2005 largely about Professor Julian Elliott Dispatches: Dyslexia the Myth (not to be confused with at least one other video with much the same title). To repeat, there seem to be no specific, accurate, reliable diagnostics. That video is not on Youtube, but can be watched here:-
Dispatches: The Dyslexia Myth
As with IQ there are many personal issues round this topic: "I didn't know I was intelligent until I passed the IQ test" or "Your child may be bright, insightful, clever, but unable to read" or "How dare you suggest dyslexia doesn't exist! I KNOW it does". And of course such people love to have public attention and money spent on them. The thesis of the critics, for example Mona McNee and others, is simply that the children weren't taught properly from the start. And presumably never got over the shock and shame of bafflement at the 'whole word' presentation, so much so they are permanently 'word blind' - just the sight of words makes them fearful and scared. This is perfectly possible: many people seem to remember teachers and subjects they disliked at school, and remember them for life. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World has children reaching out for brightly-coloured attractive books, and touching electric wires. The same idea: permanent deterrence from reading.
    (It's worth pointing out many children have nothing worth reading in their surroundings; just the detritus and garbage of the Jewish-controlled media. This page is unusual in pointing out this rather obvious fact. And this page is also unusual in pointing out the probable Jewish link with deliberate mal-education).
    We are losing so much potential, a brain-drain beyond imagining, with secondary education a non-event for many children. This disaster is world-wide, in all English-speaking countries.

Defensive Actions by the Teaching Establishment are to be expected. Here's a list:
• Refusal of reading experts to accept outside criticism
• Reading experts' lack of knowledge about phonics teaching
• Unsubstantiated information in educational publications
• Refusal to admit that there is a literacy crisis
• Lack of legal redress for malpractice in reading instruction
• Establishment of .... teacher education as a monopoly
• Withholding information on performance levels of different groups of children.

Until teachers do it, parents must teach their children. Seeing your children learn to read is one of the joys of parenthood. Many can do this before school age. The cheapest, fastest way to tackle illiteracy would be by TV, in a six-month series. The Jewish media will never do this, but there is scope on Internet.
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image Book Review: Social engineering of education, dumbing down
Mona McNee & Alice Coleman: The Great Reading Disaster: Reclaiming Our Educational Birthright

Important issue treated with passion, but ..., Sept 3, 2008

NOTE: If you have a 'dyslexic' child, or child discouraged from reading, or know an adult who has been damaged by crap teaching of reading, try phonics4free.org -- Mona McNee's website.

Alice Coleman wrote on the architectural disasters of British tower blocks, and how to cure them, and deserves very considerable respect for this. Mona McNee was/is a teacher. (Google and search for videos of her; she by the way is promoted by the BNP).

The claim made (2007, by a small Exeter press—www.imprint-academic.com) iis very very important, namely that children weren't taught to read properly, which means by identifying letters as the—so to speak—atoms of words. When this was done most kids could read by, say, 7. (I'm talking of the English or 'Roman' alphabet). The authors maintain the 'look say' method was introduced by 'progressives', starting with Fred Schonell whose views ruled from 1945-1975, in which children were shown the shapes of whole words. Unsurprisingly they failed to learn and the result was decades—from say 1970—of near illiterates. Fascinating idea. In addition there's a lot on the official experts of what they call 'progressivism' and indeed one could guess what happened purely from analogous cases. E.g. not answering, legal threats, sackings and non-promotions, not reviewing books, pretending the issues were debated in the past, etc.

The question of whether this was deliberate isn't really gone into—but after all it's entirely possible that social engineers wanted other peoples' kids' education held back.

[1] This book is a perfect example of how not to write a revisionist-type text. There is no summary anywhere of what claims they are making, or what evidence they have. It's a long long book and the reader has the burden imposed of trying to extract the message. They know what they're claiming—they should say what it is clearly!
[2] Some of the material seems simply incredible, such as trying to teach the outline shapes of words. For one thing, there are numerous typefaces, so the shape of words isn't fixed. The authors don't consider this.
*** What I meant is, if there's such a naff system, why didn't people react? ***
[3] Not much international comparison. The one striking example is a page of Arabic script, with the comment that English looks like this to a child. It's clearly absurd to memorise words.
[4] Lots of deeply-felt criticism of opponents. This is understandable, and important, but should be kept in subservience to the aim of the book.

The book deals with a hugely important scandal in Britain, and perhaps elsewhere, and its thesis ought to be discussed and hard decisions taken about what to do. (Gordon Brown's appalling bunch of nonentities, including Balls, will of course prove useless). **BUT** in my view the failure to get to the point is a huge drawback of this volume. The authors should ask intelligent people, many from outside the education industry, to read it as consumer research. With luck it could be reshaped to make unanswerable and essential reading. It's unlikely they'd get any government funding for this, however, since the official experts will no doubt strongly advise against.

Incidentally the Daily Mail a British newspaper of typical UK quality has helped promote this cause, as has Civitas, a think-tank which unlike most seems not to be funded by Gordon Brown's unelected clique.

NOTE 1: There is an outline of Mona McNee's teaching method; anyone with a child with reading difficulties might do well to buy this book for that, and the background information.
NOTE 2: The authors believe that dyslexia is a genuine condition. But they say children taught by the sensible alphabetical method, even if liable to be dyslexic, should not ever manifest dyslexia. In other words, the huge epidemic of dyslexia was caused by 'look say'. This of course allows the teaching 'profession' to absorb more money correcting their own errors. At the cost of unruly and bored classes, frightened of never getting a grip on literacy.
NOTE 3: It follows there's a class issue here—in the societal sense! Obviously households of a middle-class type have books and magazines as a matter of course, and in any case the parents are familiar with reading and can teach it themselves. In effect the losers are the lower echelons. And these are the least likely to get any sympathy.
NOTE 4: P. 266 goes some way to quantifying the waste: school education cost £36 billion in 2005, some time before this book was published. Shockingly wasteful for a substandard product. The authors seem slightly naive in not perceiving that the people getting all that money may see it differently...
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Notes on Coleman & McNee's book The Great Reading Disaster in spreadsheet from.
In an attempt to overview The Great Reading Disaster I started to compile a page-by-page spreadsheet of the main 'players' as the system took shape. With roughly-sorted 'baddies' and 'goodies' in red and green. Here it is:-

Great Reading Disaster - spreadsheet.

One of my motives was to try to find if Jewish input had been a problem then, as now. For example, the 'Hadow Report' (1931) on, or including, primary education, may have been a precursor to today's 'Holocaust education' fraud. What about the 1944 Education Act? In the middle of a hugely destructive war, what were parliamentarians doing about education? Why were Grammar Schools abolished? Why was 'Why Johnny Can't Read' (1955) ignored? How was European history misrepresented by Jewish authors? Is it possible to assess the wastefulness of the education system?
    Unfortunately the authors test no hypotheses concerning the forces behind 'progressive education'. Just as many people have not yet woken up to the forces behind immigration into white countries. There are no doubt other forces: religions; employees looking for skills; groups such as the monarchy keen not to be analysed; teachers themselves and their unions.
    But anyway my spreadsheet remains unfinished; it's difficult to piece together a jigsaw when the pieces haven't been seen yet.
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The Jewish issue. Jews are ubiquitous in governments, but also in frauds, wars, encouragement of crime and all forms of corruption. This includes racial activities, for example pushing for Asian and African immigration into white countries. In view of their record, notably genocide of whites in the USSR, we must suspect that any anti-white activity may have Jewish backing.
By this time, many people have pointed to Jewish involvements in knowledge frauds. Obviously, news and current affairs have led the field. But there has been a constant tendency to pollute and corrupt science: nuclear physics is a good example, though few people are aware of this as yet. Better-known examples are in anthropology (Boas, notably) and psychology (Freud, notably) and evolution (various, including Lewontin and Gould). Sciences which need very expensive equipment have been targets: huge cyclotrons, NASA, AIDS and virology and electron microscopy, microbiology and drug research, illustrate vulnerable subjects. Biased attacks on religion and philosophy, where control of publishing has an effect, show the same force at work. There is no reason to suppose that education is immune, and it should be investigated.
Deliberately-planned but secret damage to education is an off-topic thread on 'nukelies' (clearly a dumbed-down unscientific population is not much of a threat; on the other hand it will not create much).
    Mona McNee and Alice Coleman don't see anyone behind systematic attacks on traditional education (though they are aware of paedophile rings).
    I'm posing the question: Were Jews - as education ministers, 'gurus', promoters, publishers of articles, publishers of books, promoters of think tanks, funders of this or that, supporters of damaging teaching union leaders etc, the moving force behind the damaging 'look say' teaching method, dumbing down policies, suppression of facts on race etc?
    As an example, here's a BBC blurb for a radio programme (22nd October 2012): Michael Gove [Jewish Minister of Education, under Jewish Prime Minister Cameron plus Jewish Clegg] is a fan of E.D. Hirsch, the American educational thinker. Fran Abrams explores Hirsch's radical ideas and how they could transform schooling in England.
    A similar issue is: were the post-1945 attacks on grammar schools (but not public schools, as expensive schools are called in Britain, and not Jewish schools) orchestrated by Jews? Were 'comprehensive schools' designed to produce bad results?
    There are many other issues - dumbing-down of universities, failure of universities to back free speech, altering of syllabuses - and I'm just interested in raw evidence. Were they or weren't they, or to what extent were they, Jewish designed?
    All observers of education have the moral obligation to test the hypothesis of Jewish damage.
  America's Secret Establishment - Skull and Bones Society by Anthony C. Sutton
Page 62 (and onwards) of Sutton's book has an account of 'look say' in the USA. Originally it was a method of teaching deaf-mutes.
Sutton's book is Downloadable as a free PDF file. sandiego.indymedia.org/media/2006/10/119639.pdf
Iserbyt on US education Jews and Educational Dumbing-Down
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
Lots of frantic rhetoric about commies and mind control, but no analysis of Jews

Kevin MacDonald's evolutionary 'social identity theory' predicts (I take it) that Jews in the USA would have intentionally damaged the education of 'Gentiles'. In view of their 'intellectual' predominance, based in my opinion on Jewish control of paper money, Iserbyt if serious would investigate their effects. She doesn't; there is no mention of Jewish influences anywhere in this book. She presuambly had no idea of the part played by Jews in 'Communism'.
Gatto on Miseducation   Miseducation   John Taylor Gatto: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling
Someone please write about Jews and education...,
I haven't read Gatto's book; judging by the reviews it's not worth reading.
    It's well established (see e.g. MacDonald's The Culture of Critique) that Jews in the USA have been in the forefront of promoting immigration, concealing the truth about Jews in the USSR, concealing the fact that Jews have huge influence because of the paper money fraud, and that this money filters down, so Jews own all the media, and control most assets.
    Therefore it makes sense to assume Jews have had a huge impact on education, since naturally they want their rivals to be as dim as possible. Mixing in blacks, promoting useless schemes like 'look say', all forms of dumbing-down, writing junk textbooks, starving serious universities and colleges of funds, discouraging languages, encouraging truancy etc etc are the sorts of things to be expected from Jews.
    Someone (or some group) ought to write a well-researched book on this topic.
To: Campaign for Real Education (October 2012)
Dear Chris McGovern---
I found your website (while searching on 'Campaign for Racial Equality' I think) and would like to pose a question. (If your organisation is no longer functioning, apologies).
    In view of the fact that Jews have had a systematic long-term campaign to damage Britain through immigration and increased crime and (for want of a better word) perversions of various types, has the 'Campaign for Real Education' made any attempt to check for Jewish influences in movements which damage education?
    For example, the 'look say' method may have been promoted by Jewish 'gurus'; the downgrading of standards by e.g. Jewish 'experts' in education, publishing houses, and what have you; the faking of history by disallowing history teachers to teach wars etc except in ways approved by Jews; economics weakened by insistence on Jewish influences studiedly being ignored. (These examples are not of course intended to be exhaustive).
    Since you're presumably serious about the need for real education, obviously you must have considered this issue.
Robin Eubanks' 2013 book, "Credentialed to destroy; How and why education became a weapon", USA. I haven't read this book, but Robin Eubanks has a blog presumably in the same style. Despite the facts of Jewish domination of the US's rather laughable education system, he/she makes no mention of it in that blog. A more serious group of writers is essential for the USA, possibly along the lines of Kevin MacDonald on Boas and Freud and others, but generalised to the whole education system.
The 'IQ' issues are notorious for stormy irrelevancies; unfortunately Jewish pressures for secrecy, including making results unavailable, and lying which seems unavoidable with Jews, has led to continual time-wasting while educational years are frittered away. And there is constant disinformation, for example the 'Flynn Effect' which absurdly claimed increases of 'IQ' over time.
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Notes taken from Mona McNee's website
Families that know there is a dyslexic in their family should teach their own child to read.
The first step has to be WRITING "c-a-t d-o-g" to practise the anti-clockwise movement in 5 of those letters.
The LAST letters to learn are: l k h b q.
This then introduces letters starting at the top of a "tall" and b is a "bat and a ball". q is last because there are no 3-letter words with q.
With 26 letters you then practice 3-letter words to get the left-right direction, and not to press on too hard - a lot of writing practice.
Do not use non-words. If you want low-frequency letters, use the atlas: Omsk Tomsk Vladivostok. That is the first half of learning to read.

The second half is where 2 or more letters give one sound: sh ee ph , magic e (rat rate; pip pipe....), soft c,g.. y and w are a consonant at the beginning of a syllable (be beyond) and a vowel elsewhere. cry cries, happy happiness, and I works the same before the other 4 vowels: pay paid, they their, (i) boy boil Guy guide.

There are only 2 sight words: to, the.
Keep all other irregular words to after this programme, by which time they can take "people, yacht" in their stride without getting upset or defeated.

Dyslexics need logic and handwriting.

A safe programme for English is free at www.phonics4free.org. This works for any age, dyslexic or not.
Within the 'phonics' group there are several schools of thought. The traditional and simplest version uses 26 letters. There are supposed to be 44 sounds in English.
    The traditional version starts with simple short vowel sounds. Then supplements these with rules most adults must have internalised: long vowel sounds by adding an e at the end, as in 'rat' and 'rate'. The difference caused by double consonants, as in 'little' and 'title'. With a few extras, such as 'y' as a consonant, about 95% of usual words are covered. There are numerous anomalies, for example in loan words and invented words - 'opaque', 'Chianti', 'Antioch', 'polythene', 'logo', 'Vaseline'. So a dictionary is recommended; English is not an unwritten language, as Swahili was, and there seems no point pretending it is.
    The government-favoured method is to either invent new symbols for sounds, or to explain alternative pronunciations. And also to avoid 'rules', since these don't always apply.
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The dyslexia industry is very large. Here's the website of the 'British Dyslexia Association': British Dyslexia Association which has all the hallmarks of many other modern charity-style pressure-group organisations. The staff listed include Dr. Kate Saunders, Liz Horobin, Sue Flohr, Angelique Lyon, Donna Gray, Joanne Gregory, Adam Robson, Arran Smith, Giannina Zerilli and Dominic Llewellyn-Jones. Many of course are solely administrators.

They are hosting an International Conference in Guildford on 27th to 29th March 2014. 'Keynote' speakers are listed as Prof Joel Talcott, Prof Pol Ghesquiere, Dr Kate Cain, Prof Usha Goswami, Prof Michele Mazzocco, Prof Donald Compton, Prof Linda Siegel, Prof Brian Byrne, and Dr Julia Carroll.

Mona McNee commented [private communication] '... You can bet there will be no hint of Getting it Right First time. ... Last year Liverpool committee refused to forward a formal motion that the BDA should include prevention in its work! You would think dyslexics would WANT to end the failure. But the BDA has been run (?) by people whose income depends on a supply of strugglers. Ms Byrne, the current training manager says there is not, and cannot be one programme for all because all children are different. This is just not so. My programme works for all! But people trust the so-called professionals. ...'


Here's Bruce D Price's 'rave'
Mona McNee - Why She Fights for Phonics which summarises her views.

2014 Email interview by Bruce Price is here.

2011 'mumsnet' (UK for profit site aimed at middle class mothers). Debate on Coleman and McNee, phonics, teaching reading and writing Was 'look/say introduced to damage children's reading and writing?

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