National Petition: Enough is Enough!

Squaddies living in slums… Guns and radios that don’t work… Wounded heroes being abused by Muslim staff in civilian hospital… Huge pay-outs for injured Iraqi rioters but a pittance for injured British soldiers… Fallen heroes and their grieving families denied even a funeral escort by the MoD…

Hardly a day goes by without news of yet another insult by the Labour government to the brave men and women sent by Blair and Brown to fight in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have nothing whatsoever to do with Britain. Everyone knows it’s wrong; everyone complains; but no one does anything.

But now we’re going to start to change that. The first step is to make Gordon Brown realise that the disgusting failure of his regime to treat our Boys and Girls properly is provoking deep and righteous anger among a huge and growing number of decent British people like us. This is why we’re asking you to sign the following online petition and to send copies or this link to friends and ask them to do the same.

You could also download and print off our paper version, take it to your workplace, pub or Royal British Legion Club and get it filled in, then scan it and email it back to us or post it to;

Leeds BNP
PO Box 304
LS14 9DJ

Dear Gordon Brown,

We the undersigned are disgusted by your Government’s repeated insults to and abuse of our service personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. We urge you to take the following five basic steps to start to put things right:

1) Provide an immediate, tax-free, bonus payment of £25 per day for all personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan;

2) Launch an emergency programme to bring all HM Forces accommodation at least up to the standard enjoyed by asylum seekers under the Home Office Joint Tenancy Agreement;

3) Open dedicated hospital wards for injured troops, run by military medical staff;

4) Provide all our Fallen Heroes with a full police escort from the airfield to their final resting place at home;

5) Guarantee war veterans leaving the Armed Forces top priority in the allocation of council accommodation in the local authority area of Britain of their choice.

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