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America is once again drawing Britain into conflict

Freedom journalist Steve Johnson warns against being duped by our Government’s interpretation of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and our media’s deliberate anti-Russian propaganda about the conflict in Georgia.
THE long-standing Labour and Tory policy of blindly following the wishes of American Presidents and entangling our country in unwise foreign alliances could just involve our country in a [...]

Privatisation has left our energy industry in chaos

AS the cost of electricity, gas and petrol keep on rising, it’s going to be a long hard struggle this winter for British families to keep their lights on, their houses warm and even to get to work in the morning.
With our North Sea oil supplies all but run out and our nuclear power plants [...]

The Government should provide our energy supplies at the lowest possible cost

THERE has been yet another massive hike in gas prices as British families pay the price of Thatcher’s Conservative privatisation policy and New Labour’s commitment to the global market economy.
At the end of July ‘British‘ Gas raised prices by an obscene 35%, even beating the greedy 22% hike a few days earlier by EDF (Electricite [...]

Industry Experts Echo BNP’s Energy Analysis

The BNP’s energy policy and analysis of the energy crisis is now being echoed by the industry’s top analysts.

South of the Border: Inroads Made into Another Labour Stronghold

The Labour MP, the prospective Labour MEP, Labour councillors, a Labour mayor and a Labour internet team were all brought in to campaign after canvassing returns showed the BNP making inroads into the Labour vote.

BNP Contest Local Council By-election in Boston Today

The local BNP election team, helped by activists from Leicester and Charnwood, have worked hard to raise the profile of British National Party candidate David Owens. A recent day of action saw the team deliver the election address in the villages of Leverton, Benington, Butterwick and Freiston.

The Government is the Servant of a Square Mile of Money and Greed

The manipulation of the stock markets leads to financial instability and the soaring prices and credit crunches we are now experiencing. The lavish lifestyle of these wheelers and dealers is funded in the end by ordinary people like us ….

BNP’s Charity Work Shows Party In Its True Light

Freedom’s readers were moved by Gill’s plea and despite the credit crunch gave nearly £200, all in small donations, to her Gurkha appeal.

BNP campaign wins planning review!

“Their words hold no fear for us and neither do their threats. We serve the people, they serve themselves. That is the difference.”

Labour is as out of touch with Muslims as it is with the public in general

THE Government’s complete lack of understanding of Islam is starkly exposed this morning by the Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, with the announcement that her department is to sponsor a theological board of leading Imams and Muslim women in an attempt to refute the ideology of violent extremists. Blears & Co hope that this committee will [...]

Broadcasters told ‘employ more ethnic minorities or get fined’

POSITIVELY discriminate in favour of the ethnic minorities or face a fine! That’s the blunt message from the Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips to Britain’s broadcasters.

He wants a financial levy placed on every single television programme produced, and if that production meets its ethnic minority quota and diversity targets it [...]

Labour brings Zimbabwe politics to Sheffield

THE TRUE anti-democratic face of New Labour has been exposed for all to see in Sheffield.
Labour Party thugs have intimidated the committee of a local social club into cancelling a meeting of the British National Party due to be held in the city tonight.
The meeting was set to be held at Southey Social Club, but [...]

Report echoes BNP’s warning on threat to the environment posed by immigration

THE effects of unrestricted immigration over the last 10 years, seen through new building developments and spiraling house prices, have changed the character of our countryside beyond recognition.

The British National Party warned back in 2002 of the threat immigration posed to the environment through the carbon footprint caused by the large scale movement of people [...]

A coal miner speaks out over Labour’s betrayal of his industry

YOU WOULD have thought that a Labour Government would have taken great pride in rebuilding Britain’s coal industry after it had been devastated by the Tories, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In 1997 when it came to power, Labour promised to halt the decline of the coal industry but the following list of [...]

Nuclear policy ‘on the hoof’ threatens future generations

LABOUR has lost its grip on government and is running around like a headless chicken. It is making up policy on the hoof in a desperate attempt to show the public that it is still in charge, but this is a dangerous road to go down and decisions made now, in panic, could have a [...]

Three Elections This Thursday

THREE out of the four local council by-elections taking place on Thursday give the electorate the chance to vote for a British National Party candidate.
In Worcestershire, following the death of Labour councillor Betty Passingham who held a seat on both the county council and Redditch Borough Council, there are two contests in Arrow Valley East [...]

Only National Freedom Will Enable Us To Harness Star Fire

AS ENERGY costs rise, British scientists are to launch a new bid to harness the almost unlimited cheap energy that makes the sun and the stars burn.

The Rutherford Laboratory in Harwell, Oxfordshire, is to be the home of HiPer, which will use high-energy lasers to cause hydrogen to fuse into helium.

The aim is to destroy [...]

BNP contesting three by-elections today

THE British National Party are involved in three local council elections today, in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Essex.
The three contests are very much ‘looking to improve our vote‘ contests as the Party seeks to build up its foundations of support in preparation for next year’s all-important European Elections.
In Cranbrook Ward for Redbridge Council, our candidate Anthony [...]

Water provision shouldn’t be for profit

Ofwat has stipulated the cost of the fine must be borne by shareholders and not passed on to customers ….

Make that FIVE!

FURTHER to yesterday’s by-election report on the four local council elections being fought on Thursday, the British National Party are also contesting a seat for Corsham Town Council.

There’s a great deal of competition for the seat in Corsham ward where the BNP’s National Youth Officer, Mike Howson, takes on the might of all the major [...]

Four local council by-elections this Thursday

THE British National Party will be contesting FOUR local council by-elections this Thursday all of which have something in common - we didn’t contest any of them the last time around.
This means that it is new territory for the Party so expectations must be kept in check, but the results will be analysed with interest [...]

In every sphere the British National Party is becoming more sophisticated and professional as each day goes by

THE British National Party’s brightest and best came together at a glorious location just outside Welshpool for a weekend of political seminars at the 2008 BNP Summer School.

Over 200 delegates registered on Saturday morning to hear welcoming address from Simon Darby, the Party’s Deputy Chairman, before separating into six different groups to attend lectures on [...]

Harriet Harman’s 1984 ‘Newspeak’

This morning Harriet Harman introduced a new “Equality” Bill and that bill directly discriminates against a person if they are White, and discriminates against them again if they are male.

Cut flights to Asia and bring the BAA back under State control

One third of Heathrow’s traffic, which makes the airport so busy, is transfer passengers who contribute nothing, either to Heathrow, or to London, or to the UK economy.

Our troops should be back in Britain, guarding our ports and airports!

It was wrong to invade Afghanistan and it was wrong to invade Iraq. The British National Party would withdraw our troops from both countries immediately.

It’s not just Henley on Thursday

We also have candidates standing for local council in Blackpool and Hatfield.

“You can vote Labour” Tory council leader tells Croydon voters

What’s this, Voters?

The Tories telling you to vote for Labour?

Labour telling you to vote for the Conservatives?

It’s the LibLabCon-trick - Fully exposed!!!

The Demise of our Merchant Navy - A naval officer speaks out

Britain used to have one of the greatest merchant fleets in the world, with vessels plying their trade all over the globe.

Eco-towns are an eco-disaster

It appears that 40% of these homes are to be affordable housing, but for whom?

It will be British innovators & businessmen who top the Rich List in our BNP Britain

FOR ordinary Britons, times are hard because last year prices went up 7% while pay went up just 2.5%
But the global super-rich, whom Labour have encouraged to flock to our shores, have never had it so good.
According to the latest Rich List, the top 1,000 richest people in the country now have more than [...]

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