BNP  [British National Party]  Internet Site, with Online Comments, mostly 2008.

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* I've added my comments here and there in square brackets. My sour look at some naive nationalists.
* Gives some idea of the ferment and the actions - 'Rerevisionist' July 2016

Outreach   BNP activities under Nick Griffin, including merchandise, newspaper, newsfeeds, 'Identity' magazine, CDs.
More articles by the BNP News Team   Titles and outline of articles to show their scope. The News Team was run by Arthur Kemp.
Social networking   The BNP encouraged social networking, as it grew
LAND AND PEOPLE   Full-colour attractive long illustrated page, reconstructed here
PEAK OIL   Article on Oil and alternative energy; it was never completed
Wingfield   A writer for the BNP, Martin Wingfield. Titles of some of his articles.
National Petition to Provide Our Troops with Better Accommodation
Asians shatter man's skull in race hate attack [Anti-whites deny race motive]
Is the BNP 'racist'? [Slogan]
Archbishop of Canterbury   [Rowan Williams]   says Sharia is inevitable in Britain
BNP's budget for Barking and Dagenham Council 2008/9
BNP policies
BNP mission statement
BNP information pack
BNP website is now the most popular political website in Britain
Labour [Jew subservient party, hence anti-white racism] says white candidates should be barred from standing
BNP wins 100 seats for the first time
Richard Barnbrook first ever Greater London Authority BNP representative
So-called 'Eco-Towns' are a disaster
Harriet Harman [Jewish paedophile]
What is immigration good for?
Islamic extremists
Gordon Brown [Jew-subservient Prime Minister] insults our Queen [note: Kosher traditional, Churchillian, 'nationalism']
BNP Members' meeting August 2008 Curse of Overpopulation [Overpopulation is promoted by Jews]
Red, White and Blue Festival
USA again drawing Britain into conflict [of course, Jews drew USA into Europe]
Bogus 'Asylum Seer' jailed for swindle ['Asylum-seeker' one of many lies told by Jews about invaders]
Broxtowe BNP meeting the 'best ever'
English lad killed by invaders
Derby Council subsidises Muslim funerals
RWB festival directions
EU loosens invader rules by weakening air passenger list checks
German patriots respond intelligently to persecution
Italian arrests show Islamic threat
Government spends £1 million a week on senseless surveys [Opinion Surveillance]
Invader barometer
Jews backing 'Labour' want the money back when peerage promise is foiled
Labour's job creation schemes a money-making scheme for 'Labour'
Land and people - a new dawn
No multicultural bliss in British prisons
Health waiting lists for Britons - 78 billion 'foreign aid'
OFSTED [Education inspector & and garbage - joke item]
BNP appeal for money for equipment takes only three days
Police spend half their time form-filling
Race and knife Attacks
RWB festival
RWB political agenda
RWB update
Resistance: the only road to freedom
Red, White, and Blue festival plans
Tories privatised utilities, so bills go up [Jew unaware]
Sun sells Nazi memorabilia [Kosher nationalism]
Sun and Telegraph ['British' 'newspapers'] make fools of themselves
'Zoo Nation'. in Beijing Olympics [Non-white promotion]
Tory Councillor Sex Offences
Tuberculosis in invaders
Victim's mother wants killer deported
How Union bosses live

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