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Bilderberg Conferences - Secret lobbying for Corporate Europe by Transatlantic Elite

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This site campaigns for general press access to Bilderberg venues - and a declaration from the organisers that the discussions are public, not private - keep up to date with the PEPIS occasional email list

Prince Bernhard, creator of the Bilderbergers, was card carrying member of Hitler's SS

The first Bilderberg meetingTony Blair misleads when answering House of Commons questions about himself and members of his government attending Bilderberg

08Feb00 - What are Bilderberg meetings all about?

05Aug99 - Bilderberger Robertson confirmed as new Secretary General of NATO

07Jul99 - Fear Not the Forces of Darkness - Tony's 1999 article

28Jun99 - Power Elite Public Information Service - occasional email list

16Feb99 -Tony's open letter to the Bilderbergers - with their response

World Government on the way - Tony's 1998 Article

December 1998 - Two sets of Bilderberg questions tabled at the European Parliament - with replies

The New Unhappy Lords - anti-elite poetry

Several of my original source articles

Bilderberg organisational structure: Steering and Advisory Committee members - at November 1997

Elite and discreet - Ne plus ultra - The Economist's conference guide to Bilderberg

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Is The Spotlight racist?

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What are Bilderberg Conferences all about?

TG 08Feb00 - The Bilderberg Secretariat proclaims the conferences to be '...private in order to encourage frank and open discussion'. Frank and open discussion is a good thing in any forum but when those doing the discussing are some of the very most powerful financiers and media tycoons in the world it begs the question: If what they discuss is for the good of ordinary people why not publicise it! Isn't it a perverted use of the word 'open' when no-one can find out what they're saying?

Is Bilderberg a secret conspiracy?

When such rich and powerful people meet up in secret, with military intelligence managing their security, with hardly a whisper escaping of what goes on inside, people are right to be suspicious. But the true power of Bilderberg comes from the fact that participants are in a bubble, sealed off from reality and the devastating implications on the ground of the black-science economic solutions on the table.

No, it's not a 'conspiracy'. The world's leading financiers and foreign policy strategists don't get together at Bilderberg to draw up their 'secret plans for the future'. It's subtler than that. These meetings create an artificial 'consensus' in an attempt to spellbind visiting politicians and and other men of influence. Blair has fallen for this hook, line and sinker. It's about reinforcing - often to the very people who are on the edge of condemning Globalisation - the illusion that Globalisation is 'good', 'popular' and that it's inevitable.

Bilderberg is an extremely influential lobbying group. That's not to say though that the organisers don't have a hidden agenda, they do, namely acumulation of wealth and power into their own hands whilst explaining to the participants that globalisation is for the good of all. It is also a very good forum for 'interviewing' potential future political figures such as Clinton (1991?) and Blair (1993).

The ideology put forward at the Bilderberg conferences is that what's good for banking and big business is good for the mere mortals of the world. Silently banished are the critical voices, those that might point out that debt is spiralling out of control, that wealth is being sucked away from ordinary people and into the hands of the faceless corporate institutions, that millions are dying as a direct result of the global heavyweight Rockefeller/Rothschild economic strategies.

When looking at one of the (partially reliable) participant lists it should be remembered that quite a number of participants are invited in an attempt to get them on-board the globalisation project. These are carefully selected people of influence, who have been openly critical of globalisation. Examples are Jonathan Porritt (Bilderberg 1999) and Will Hutton (Bilderberg 1997) but there are many others. Most of these kinds of participants are happy to speak about the conference afterwards, and may even be refreshingly critical.

The Bilderberg organisers are accepted by those 'in the know' as the prophets of Capitalism. Will Hutton, deputy Editor of The Observer newspaper in London and left-leaning Economist, described private clubs of the elite as masterminded by 'The High Priests of Globalisation'. The ecclesiastical allusion is not accidental. The Bilderberg high-priests are a force against good, out to wipe morality from the earth. For the organisers Bilderberg Conferences are an annual ideological assault by the world's most power-hungry people. Not content with owning unimaginable amounts of money and property they want to use that wealth to acquire even more power for themselves. Power is the most dangerous and addictive drugs known to man. Will the craving be satisfied when a handful of men own and control everything on earth?

And just like the Nazi party in the 1930's the global Capitalist Elite are rising in power by peaceful means. There are some very uncomfortanble and unexplained connections between Bilderberg and the Nazis through the Conference's founder Prince Bernhard.

These crown princes of capital use violence at the sharp end - the destruction of dissent - the repossession of homes men and women have worked a lifetime for - needless deaths from starvation and geopolitical machinations - this violence is notable by its absence from the annual meetings.

One can't help but wonder, when the Bilderberg organisers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger and the rest have completed their project of enclosing all global goods and services into their own hands, enclosing too the media to stop people freely discussing what they are up to. What then?? What happens when the men who would be gods turn out to be the global devils?

Who is behind Bilderberg?

Bilderberg is run by a Steering Group - if you're wondering who's responsible for so much of the capital-friendly and dissent-crushing law-making, poverty and general misery in the world this may be the place to look. Up-to-date lists are available from the Bilderberg Secretariat. This is the closest approximation to a shadow world government. And this is another hidden agenda at Bilderberg.

There may be other groups pulling the strings behind even the Steering Group possibly even high degree occult groups such as The Masons or Illuminati! [eg.] - but that is 'conspiracy theory', Bilderberg is not.

There must certainly be some sociopathic minds behind Bilderberg since they go to so much trouble to promote policies that lead to exploitation, inequality and despair. These individuals seem oddly switched off from the suffering they are clearly causing. Surely only pernicious people would want to control the ideology of the world's mainstream press, and undermine natural political discourse. Public opinion and democratic institutions are a threat when you want to own the world.

The perverse objective of the Bilderberg Steering Group is to dress totalitarian corporate ideology up to appear rational and push it out for mass consumption under Chatham House rules without anyone knowing where these 'inevitable' ideas have come from. Meanwhile, outside the Bilder-bubble, 'god-is-money' globalisation is on the loose with the greedy given a pat on the back as they destroy both the earth and the human spirit.

Official (and therefore only partially reliable) participant lists
for 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 conferences see separate pages

Sacking of a columnist who discussed Bilderberg in the London Financial Times

British Prime minister, Tony Blair, gives a misleading answer about his 1993 Bilderberg trip when quizzed at question time

There's heaps of evidence that he was there, so why bother to deny the trip? What has he got to hide?

Blair at G8Blair asked about Bilderberg trips, replies: "none"
Was Blair at the 1993 Bilderberg Conference in Athens? Evidence - clearly Yes

Blair's rise to power following Bilderberg attendance
Further parliamentary Bilderberg questions
Letter from a worried MP, Christopher Gill

Blair replies to parliamentary question on Bilderberg participation - From Commons written answers March 1998:

"Mr. Christopher Gill MP: To ask the Prime Minister which members of his Government have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. [34298]

The Prime Minister [holding answer 16 March 1998]: None. "

Might the PM have forgotten the trip? No, this reply is misleading. Blair attended the 1993 Bilderberg Conference in Athens. He even belatedly declared it in the register of members' interests. His presence was reported in, to take just one source, The London Times, 4th March 1996, page 16 in an article entitled Wall Street, treason and Pat Buchanan by William Rees-Mogg, who attended Bilderberg 1993 in Athens too.

What we are not told is that anything that took place before Blair was made PM is deemed not to have existed when replying to parliamentary questions. How convenient!

Five proofs that Tony Blair was at the 1993 Conference in Athens... fuller details below

  1. William Rees-Mogg writing in The Times who was also there

  2. 1993 Bilderberg Press Release

  3. Parliamentary Memorandum

  4. The Times Diary

  5. The Guardian

Firstly, confirmation from eyewitness and London Times columnist, William Rees-Mogg on 4th March 1996

..."Last time I went to a Bilderberg conference, it was held in Athens, about three years ago. Tony Blair was there, not yet leader of the Labour Party, Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel were there, the Queen of The Netherlands was there. It was all pleasantly grand. ..... The Queen of The Netherlands is as Euro-fanatic as Ted Heath, Tony Blair is a modest good European, I have been an anti-Maastricht campaigner and Mr Black is a Canadian neo-realist who owns 500 newspapers."

from 04Mar96 - London Times article: "WALL STREET, TREASON AND PAT BUCHANAN."

Secondly, confirmed in a press release issued by Bilderberg Secretariat at the conference:

(attendance list extracted from Press Release)...............
S, Carl Bildt; Prime Minister
ICE, Bjorn Bjarnason; Member of Parliament
CDN, Conrad M Black; Chairman, The Telegraph plc
GB, Tony Blair; Member of Parliament (Shadow Home Secretary, Labor) <===HERE IS BLAIR!
N, Erik G.; Managing Director and CEO, Braathens SAFE
IL, Connor Brady; Editor, The Irish Times
GB, Rudric Braithwaite; Foreign Policy adviser to Prime Minister

reference on this site

Thirdly, confirmation from a Memorandum submitted by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards:

"Complaint against Mr Kenneth Clarke 1. Mrs Lynn Riley, of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, wrote on 28 February 1997 to a Member of the House, alleging that Mr Kenneth Clarke MP had failed to register `the free trip and accommodation he received from the Bilderberg Group ... unlike Tony Blair who attended the same meeting'. She enclosed a letter from Mr Clarke dated 6 September 1995 in which he states that `my recollection is that I paid for my flight but that I was accommodated while I was there'. The Member passed the correspondence on to me……………………….

5. Mr Clarke subsequently explained that he and Mr Blair considered that they were attending the conference as representatives of the Government and the Opposition respectively, and stated that `I was quite confident that I was at the time meeting the rules applying to Ministers, and it did not occur to me that the new rules concerning registration could apply to this visit'. "

Fourthly, confirmation in the London Times Diary

The London Times: diary, 24 May 1995, p16:

"With concern about sleaze in mind, Tony Blair has belatedly listed in the updated Register of Members' Interests (published tomorrow) a visit he made in 1993 to the Bilderberg Conference in Athens as Shadow Home Secretary. His companion, Kenneth Clarke, suffers no such qualms, he hasn't registered the trip."

Fifthly, confirmation in The Guardian, 29May97, in article headed "GALLOWAY CLEARED IN SAUDI CASE."


"Committee backs Downey report on MP's role in deportation case

.... "The former chancellor Kenneth Clarke was also cleared of any major breach of Commons rules after allegations about his attendance at a conference in Greece with Tony Blair. The committee agreed in a report published with Sir Gordon that any breach of the rules on registration was "relatively minor". Mr Clarke allegedly failed to register a free trip and accommodation at the Bilderberg Conference on European and world affairs in April 1993 when he was home secretary. Mr Clarke paid his own air fare, but his accommodation was provided by the hosts.

GUARDIAN 29/07/97 P6

Chronology of Blair's rise to power

One possible reason why the Prime Minister has lied to the House of Commons about attending the 1993 Bilderberg meeting might be that it was the first stage of a business-driven, corporate press aided, selection process for his rise to political office. An 'interview' for the top job in Britain. Another is that he has been to more of these meetings than official Bilderberg attendance lists admit to. [see my article about Blair's unofficial presence at the 1998 conference in Scotland]

1993 - April 22nd-25th - Athens, Blair attends Bilderberg
1994 - July 21st - Blair becomes party leader by block votes [article]
1997 - May 2nd - Blair becomes Prime Minister

Other Parliamentary Bilderberg questions

[ Search here for latest Bilderberg questions in the Commons/Lords ]

Commons - Prime Minister Tony Blair's written answers (20 May 1999) Bilderberg Group
Mr. John Bercow MP: To ask the Prime Minister, pursuant to his answer to the hon. Member for Hereford (Mr. Keetch) of 7 May 1999, Official Report, columns 476-77, on the Bilderberg Group, what official (i) transport and (ii) funds have been used to facilitate attendance at Bilderberg meetings of members of his Government; which members have attended meetings; what reports they have made on the meetings; and what subsequent communication they have had with others attending on subjects discussed at the meetings. [84213] [John Bercow MP]
The Prime Minister: As far as I am aware, only one member of this Government--the Defence Secretary--has attended a meeting of the Bilderberg Group. He provided a detailed account of his attendance in answers to the hon. Members for Ludlow (Christopher Gill MP) on 23 July 1998, Official Report, column 609, and for Hereford (John Keetch MP) on 20 July 1998, Official Report, column 434.

Commons - Written Answers (8 Apr 1998) Bilderberg Group
Mr. Nicholas Winterton MP: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what assessment she has made of the operations and influence on world trade of the Bilderberg Group. [37923]
Mrs. Roche: The Department has made no such assessments.

Commons - Written Answers (7 Apr 1998) Bilderberg Group
Mr. Nicholas Winterton MP:
To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what representations he has received on the influence of the Bilderberg group on world agricultural prices. [37924]
Mr. Rooker: No such representations have been received.

Commons - Prime Minister Tony Blair's written Answers (30 Mar 1998) Bilderberg Group
Mr. Christopher Gill MP:
To ask the Prime Minister which members of his Government have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. [34298]
The Prime Minister [holding answer 16 March 1998]: None.

Letter From Christopher Gill MP, seriously concerned about the Bilderbergers' influence



Mr. T. Gosling,

21 November 1998

Thank you for your letter of the 9th November 1998 expressing your concern about the Bilderberg Group.

I do not for one moment discount the possibility of there being some very powerful forces at work and that their intention is to undermine and destroy the nation state.

That being said I feel sure that you will agree that we have to be practical about these things and I am at a loss to know how we as individuals can counteract the activities of such bodies as the Bilderbergers. Given the reluctance of elected politicians to acknowledge the nature of the very real threat to our democracy it seems inconceivable that they will openly attack these groups and the thought that they might actually proscribe them is just too fanciful for words. Neither am I aware of any mechanism by which individuals can be prevented from holding private meetings if they so choose nor of compelling them to publish their agenda and resolutions. The fact that their intentions may be treasonable is hardly the point if national governments see nothing wrong in their activities.

It seems to me that the only sensible course of action as far as people like ourselves are concerned is to concentrate all our efforts on trying to convince one or other of the main political parties, firstly, to recognise the enormity of the threat to our democratic rights and secondly, to come out of their corner fighting to defend them. As a democrat I believe in using the system to achieve my political objectives. Where this belief falls down is when there is a conspiracy to deny choice and I don't mind saying that I dread the lang term consequences of continuing on down that particular road.

At the end of the day the people will win but how much more desirable it is that they should win by the ballot rather than by the bullet.

Please be assured that I am doing everything I know how, within the Conservative Party, to bring about a fundamental realignment before it is altogether too late.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Gill MP

05Aug99 - George Robertson confirmed as new Secretary General of NATO

Is it mere coincidence that the only Government Minister named (there may have been others) as an attendee of last year's conference in the UK, when Kosovo was so clearly discussed, was the same George Robertson, and that the UK's previous NATO Sec Gen., Lord Carrington, was in the chair?

Paul Keenan


To understand who controls the leadership of NATO, the world's biggest military operation, you only have to look at the connection of the NATO Secretary-Generals to the Bilderberg Group.

The earlier sec-gens do not appear to have been Bilderberg attendees, but if you know different, please let me know. These were Lord Ismay (1952-1957), Paul Henri Spaak (1957-1961), Dirk U. Stikker (1961-1964), and Manlio Brosio (1964-1971).

But from then on, the leader of NATO has become a Bilderberg appointment.

They are:

How much easier it therefore becomes to instigate Bilderberg policy in the Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., etc..

David Icke

Fear Not the Forces of Darkness

7th July 1999 - Tony Gosling

Full page on the 1999 conference

There has been some particularly nasty disinformation around this summer's Bilderberg Conferences including a false participant list and a message on the 'June 18th global day of action' list from a made-up organisation accusing me of being taken in by Nazis [].

Please do check Bilderberg out for youself on the site I created free of speculation and racist claptrap to fill the knowledge gap from those on the 'left' and 'greens' about these global manipulators.

The alignment of the most powerful banking, media, and political forces at unaccountable forums must be taken seriously. Will Hutton calls them 'The High Priests of Globalisation'. Vandana Shiva, at last years People's Summit in Birmingham, called Globalisation: 'The New Totalitatianism'. We would hardly expect Bilderberg - which was started by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - card carrying member of the SS at the beginning of World War II [] - to be open about their activities or averse to a bit of disinformation.

Globalisation of their ownership power is the goal. 'Public opinion' and 'democracy' are competition that must be taken out of the picture. The annual meetings attempt to persuade powerful people who are critical of Globalisation to 'get on board'. This leaves the prime movers behing the pseudo-philosophy of Globalisation as a rich and powerful clutch of unaccountable 'High Priests': David Rockefeller, Evelyn De Rothschild, Henry Kissinger etc.. The Blairs and the Clintons of this world are merely their 'followers'.

Bilderberg appears to allow information to leak out to right-wing organisations like The Spotlight in the US so that information can be discredited as the rantings of extremists. Bilderberg produces official participant lists - which are on my site - but I have testimonial evidence [] these lists are only partial and that heads of state, influential bankers and others are 'missed off' the list to make the meeting seem less newsworthy.

Anything you can do to discredit the lies and prompt informed discussion about the Bilderbergers amongst journalists and in the newspapers/radio/TV etc. will be a service to the public.

I think we are entering a very dangerous time in history with the prospect of Global Corporate Rule moving ever nearer. These corporations and their top-down structures are totalitarian and apparently immortal. It is important that people are informed as to the dangers but they stand little chance of that with the media becoming idealogically narrower and every day being consolidated into fewer hands.

It is worth remembering that the solution to the cloud of darkness these great de-humanised profit machines cast across our world may well be spiritual rather than political.

See my Tribulation page for links

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16Feb99 - Tony's open letter to the Bilderbergers - with reply

This request to speak at the conference was an attempt to raise pivotal issues that the Bilderbergers seem unwilling to discuss:

The rights of indigenous peoples to self-determination and the rights of all of us to land and freedom from the slavery of debt.

14 Lancaster Road
St. Werburghs

Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tuesday 16 February 1999

Dear Sir/Madam,

My previous letter [November 1998] seems to have been mislaid by yourselves. Please could you put my mind at rest by replying to the following. I am set to have a very busy spring and it would be difficult for me were I called to speak at short notice.

I would like the opportunity to make a three minute presentation on international land rights and economics at this spring’s Bilderberg meeting.

I realise the usual form is that presentations are made by invitation only but I’m sure you would not wish to be totally exclusive.

I’m certain you’ll agree it would be as well to avoid the mistakes that might come if any group pursues ‘tunnel vision’.

I will not be offended if you cannot fit me in but I would like the courtesy of a reply, I am sure you are aware of the central importance of private property rights to the success, or otherwise, of international finance.


Tony Gosling

23Feb99 - Response:


Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone +31 20 625 0252
Fax +31 20 624 4299

Mr Tony Gosling
14 Lancaster Road
St. Werburghs

23 February 1999

Dear Mr. Gosling

In response to your letter of 16 February 1999 I must confirm that Bilderberg decides on its own program and that presentations are solely by invitation.


M. Bank
Executive Secretary

World government on the way

Tony Gosling - May 1998

When 'the high priests of globalisation' hold their annual gathering in the UK you might expect it to make the news. But the media chiefs in attendance conspire to keep Bilderberg Conferences as far the public eye as possible.

This extraordinary cartel of the world's richest bankers, media barons, multinational bosses, economists and politicians have been meeting secretly since 1954. Their alleged plutocratic plans, such as the EEC and EMU, later appear 'just to happen'.

A closer look at three central Bilderberg figures is illuminating.

Conrad Black, boss of the Telegraph and Hollinger news empire, hosted the 1996 conference. He is a devoted to one of the first preponents of World Government: Napoleon Bonaparte. In the early 1800's Napoleon suggested that: "Two powers like France and England, with a good understanding between them, might govern the world".

David Rockefeller runs Chase Manhattan, the bank that is prepared, quietly, to use it's 350 billion dollar power for political ends. A leaked Chase memo showed they used Mexican indebtedness to persuade the government to 'eliminate' Zapatistas (in the troubled Chiapas region) rather than talk to them.[see the memo on my page]

Finally Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who set up the annual Bilderberg Conferences, was an officer in Heinrich Himmler's elite SS or staff guard in Nazi Germany.

Articles, reports and background on the Bilderberg Conferences as well as 'insider leaks' from the Canadian 'New World Order Intelligence Update' and the U.S. 'Spotlight' newspaper can be found on the web through:

The Bilderbergers provide a disturbing insight into a New World Order which may be just around the corner. How chilling that whilst these individuals have arguably more wealth and power than any other group on earth we are allowed to hear not a single word of what they say.

In today's global network of power the Bilderbergers reign supreme. But they remain hideously silent on what their future holds for us and, more importantly, for our children and future generations.

November 1998 to February 1999 - Bilderberg questions tabled at European Parliament by Patricia McKenna MEP

European Parliament examining Bilderbergers

Tony Gosling

Since 1954 the secretive Bilderbergers have been holding private meetings that shape international economic strategy. They are one of the handful of groups that make up the annual 'Tribal Gatherings of the high priests of globalisation'*.

Though powerful people in and out of the public sphere attend they are 'requested' never to refer to the meetings as the place the international policy consensus has been reached.

At last elected members of the European Pariament are asking pertinent questions about the way in which cabals like the Bilderbergers compromise the integrity of senior public figures. In this case the unelected and powerful European Commissioners.

*Will Hutton (see: the article here)

Written questions, with evasive answers, tabled by Patricia McKenna MEP [Green Party - Ireland] to the European Commission, 3 Dec '98, in response to previous answers (see below)

Bilderberg Meetings: (Priority question)

Can the Commission explain more clearly its answer to my question H-0933/98, where it insists that participants attend Bilderberg *in a private capacity*, against all the evidence that these are far from being purely private meetings. If they are such, why does the Commission announce them in its Press Communiques, published by Reuters - would it announce a Commissioner attending a confernece on stamp-collecting, if that were his or her personal hobby?

And why is it that the Commissioners attending tend to be relevant to items on the agenda - Commissioner Van den Broek for Enlargement, Former Yugoslavia and Turkey, Commissioner Bjerregaard for Global Governance (applies to climate), Commissioner Monti for the European economy (Internal Market), or Commissioner Brittan for the EU/US Market Place. And most recently, at Turnberry, Minister George Robertson was ferried by military helicopter, on the clear understanding that he was present in an official capacity, just as happened in the past with Prime Minister Blair and then Minister Kenneth Clarke, now a member of the Steering Committee.

Does the Commission actually expect Members of Parliament to accept that British Ministers are attending these meetings in their official capacities, while Commissioners attend the same meeting in a private capacity?

And, why would the police exclude, and even arrest and charge, card carrying journalists if these were genuinely private meetings, whereas, if that were actually so, it would be the responsibility of the organizers to control access to the meetings by journalists, and the police would merely provide security checks to ensure the safety of the participants.

Since former Commissioners have continuing rights from, and duties to, the European Union, surely it behoves them to answer questions on these meetings, should the Commission so choose to ask them, and will the Commission now undertake to ask all former Commissioners still living whether they attended these and other similar meetings during their time as Commissioners.

P-3880/98EN Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission (19 January 1999)

The Commission's reply that Members of the Commission who attended Bilderberg meetings expressed their personal views means that they were not representing the Commission, that they did not speak on behalf of the Commission and that their comments were not binding on the Commission. Naturally they were invited to attend the meetings mainly on account of their functions. The Commission considers that its Members should be free to express their views on subjects relating to the work of the Community, in particular during exchanges of views in international forums, without their participation being in any way binding on the Commission.

Further questions:

Participation of Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard in 1995 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Bjerregaard in Bürgenstock from 8-11 June 1995, could the Commission state:

1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?

2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,

3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?

4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Participation of Commissioner Hans Van den Broek in 1995 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Van den Broek in Bürgenstock from 8-11 June 1995, could the Commission state:

1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?

2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,

3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?

4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Participation of Commissioner Mario Monti in Bilderberg:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Monti in Toronto from May 30 to June 2 1996, could the Commission state:

1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?

2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,

3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?

4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Does the Commission feel that Commissioner Monti should have declared his membership of the Bilderberg Steering Committee?

Participation of Commissioner Emma Bonino in 1998 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Bonino in Turnberry, Scotland from 14-17 May 1998, could the Commission state:

1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?

2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,

3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?

4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Participation of Commissioner Leon Brittan in 1998 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Brittan in Turnberry, Scotland from 14-17 May 1998, could the Commission state:

1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?

2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,

3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?

4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

The Common answer to the 5 questions to individual Commissioners,

Answered by Santer, newly emboldened by the Censure fiasco:

E-3899/98EN to E-3903/98EN Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission (5 February 1999)

Travel and accommodation costs were covered in accordance with the provisions currently in force.

With respect to Mr Monti's participation at the Bilderberg Steering Committee meeting, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to the answer to her oral question H-933/98 at question time at the second November part-session. (Debates of the Parliament No November II 1998).

Patricia McKenna's previous questions [now with answers]: November 98. To the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Commissioner Mario Monti (Strasbourg, 5.30-7pm, Nov 17th '98)

SUBJECT: Participation of Commissioners in Bilderberg Group


"Will the Commission fully inform Parliament about the content and conclusions (or consensus reached) of the Bilderberg meetings attended by various Commissioners over the years, indicating fully which Commissioners attended which meetings since 1954. If not, why not."

"Will the Commission clarify whether Commissioners attend in their private or official capacities, since on the one hand Bilderberg and the participants normally claim they attend in their private capacities, whereas on the other hand the Commission has formally announced the participation in the past by Mrs Bjerregaard, Mr Monti, and Mr Van den Broek, and also Mr Kenneth Clarke and Mr Tony Blair have stated to the House of Commons in the past that they attended in their official capacities, and the full security apparatus of the host state not only protects the participants but also ensures the secrecy of the meetings, including the arresting and charging of journalists reporting on the meetings? Is Mr Monti's membership of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee fully compatible with the duties and obligations of being a Member of the European Commission as per Articles 155 to 163 of the EC Treaty ?"

Commissioner Mario Monti's reply to Question 69 (H-0933/98) tabled by Patricia McKenna

The Bilderberg meetings are an international forum in which political leaders and economists express their personal views on topics of general interest, particularly in the spheres of foreign policy and world economics. The participants attend meetings in a private capacity and the statements which they make are not binding on the Commission; no resolutions are passed, no votes are taken and no political communiques are issued.

For the above reasons, the Commission is unable to supply details of the substance and conclusions of such meetings, nor does it have any statistics regarding the participation of its members since the first meeting held in 1954.

Of the current Commission Members, Mrs Bjerregaard and Mr van den Broek attended the 1995 meeting, Mr Monti the 1996 meeting and Sir Leonard Brittan and Mrs Bonino the 1998 meeting. They all spoke in a private capacity at those meetings. Mr Monti was a member of the Steering Committee between 1983 and 1993, before becoming a Member of the Commission in 1995.

To the COUNCIL OF MINISTERS (Strasbourg, 5.30-7 pm, 18th November 1998)

SUBJECT: Council Member participation in Bilderberg Group


"Will the Council fully inform Parliament about the content and conclusions (or consensus reached) of the Bilderberg meetings attended by various Council Members over the years, indicating fully which Council Members attended which meetings since 1954. If not, why not."

"Will the Council clarify whether Council Members attend in their private or official capacities, since on the one hand Bilderberg and the participants normally claim they attend in their private capacities, whereas on the other hand Mr Kenneth Clarke and Mr Tony Blair have stated to the House of Commons in the past that they attended in their official capacities, the full security apparatus of the host state not only protects the participants but carries Ministers to the meetings (Mr Robertson at the recent Turnberry meeting) and also ensures the secrecy of the meetings and, for example, most recently Mr Campbell Thomas, a journalist and reserve police officer was arrested and charged at the Turnberry, Scotland meeting, it would appear for trying to report on the meeting for the Scottish Daily Mail, subsequently losing his position as a *special constable*?"

Commissioner Mario Monti's reply to Question No 4. (H-0932/98) tabled by Patricia McKENNA

In reply to the Honourable Member's question, I must stress that the Council has never had any occasion to discuss the matters alluded to. It might be pointed out in this connection that the meetings referred to took place outside the European Community framework. I should also like to draw the Honourable Member's attention to the fact that, in line with standard practice followed since the creation of the European Communities, the Council refrains from commenting on or taking a view on events outside their formal meetings. The Honourable Member will understand that, on these grounds, I am not in a position to reply to the specific question raised.

The New Unhappy Lords

They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,

Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.

They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;

They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.

And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,

Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.

GK Chesterton - "The Secret People"

Extracts from my first source articles:

Many more articles here on the reports page and elsewhere - things have moved on a bit since I first read these articles!

nexus1. 'The Bilderberg Group, The Invisible Power House'

With its membership selected from the power elite of Europe and North America, many wonder if the Bilderbergers are conspiring to establish a 'new world order'.

Nexus magazine, Vol. 3 #1, Available from:

PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.
+61 (0) 7 5442 9280

2. 'Bilderberg Meetings, including letters from the Bilderberg secretariat' On Target Magazine

"'Democracy' has been imposed upon one autonomous regime after another as power is centralised by this International Oligarchy as communities and cultures are decimated. We believe that this evil power is ultimately Satanic...."

'On Target' Available from: Donald A Martin
Bloomfield Books, 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 6TD, England.
Telephone (01787) 376374

3. 'Bilderberg treason first decided it: SINGLE CURRENCY MEANS THE END FOR BRITAIN' Portman Papers

"...ordinary people... do not know Bilderberg exists, and hence are powerless to scrutinize the highly questionable activity of this treasonous, corporatist oligarchy of influence."

Portman Papers, Vol. 1 No 6, available from

20 Portmans, North Curry, Taunton, TA3 6NL.
Derek Tozer, 01823 490590.

Bilderberg organisational structure

Lord Carrington in his garden with pagan god - Bilderberg Chairman 1990-99 - photo Lord Snowdon

Lord Carrington with Pagan god

The following Bilderberg Organisational structure is from a Bilderberg pamphlet dated November 1997

Source: Grattan Healey, Green Party adviser to Patricia McKenna MEP at the European Parliament.

Members Advisory Group *

Canada: Anthony GS Griffin, Company Director.

Germany: Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff Industrieberatung und Beteiligungen GMBH.

International: Max Kohnstamm, Former Secretary General, Action Committee for Europe; Former President, Europe University Institute.

Italy: Giovanni Agnelli, Honorary Chairman, Fiat SpA.

Netherlands: Ernst H. van der Beugel, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings for Europe and Canada.

United Kingdom: Lord Roll of Ipsden, Senior Adviser, SBC Warburg Dillon Read.

United States of America: William Bundy, Former Editor, Foreign Affairs;
David Rockefeller, Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee.

* all former members of the Steering Committee

Steering Committee:

Chairman: Peter, Lord Carrington-Chairman of the Board, Christie's International plc; Former Secretary-General NATO.

Secretary-General: Victor Halberstadt-Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

Treasurer: Pieter Korteweg-President and Chief Executive Officer, Robeco Group.

National Representatives

Austria: Franz Vranitzky, Former Federal Chancellor.

Belgium: Etienne Davignon-Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique; Former Vice Chairman of the Commission of the European Communities.

Canada: Conrad Black, Chairman, Telegraph Group Ltd; (2nd place vacant).

Denmark: Toger Seidenfaden, Editor-in-chief, Politiken.

Finland: Jorma Ollila, President and CEO, Nokia Corporation.

France: Bertrand Collomb, Chairman and Executive Officer, Lafarge; Andre Levy-Lang, Chairman, Banque Paribas.

Germany: Christoph Bertram, Diplomatic Correspondent, Die Zeit; Hilmar Kopper, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Matthias Nass, Managing Editor, Die Zeit.

Greece: George A David, Chairman, Hellenic Bottling Company SA.

Ireland: Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs International; Former Director General, World Trade Organisation.

Italy: Umberto Agnelli, Chairman, Instituto Finanziaro Industriale (IFIL).

Italy/International: Renato Ruggiero, Director General, World Trade Organisation, Former Minister of Foreign Trade.

Norway: Westye Hoegh, Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh & Co ASA.

Portugal: Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Professor of Communication Science, New University of Lisbon; Chairman, Impresa SGPS; Former Prime Minister.

Spain: Jaime Carvajal Urquijo, Chairman and General Manager, Iberfomento.

Sweden: Percy Barnevik, Chairman, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

Switzerland: David de Pury, Chairman, de Pury, Pictet, Turrettini & Co Ltd.

Turkey: Selahattin Beyazit, Director of Companies.

United Kingdom: Kenneth Clarke, Member of Parliament;
J. Martin Taylor, Group Chief Executive, Barclays PLC.

United States of America: Paul A. Allaire, Chairman, Xerox Corporation;
John S Corzine, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs & Co;
Marie-Josee Drouin, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Inc;
Louis V. Gerstner, Chairman, IBM Corporation;
Richard C. Holbrooke, Former Assistant Secretary for European Affairs; Vice Chairman CS First Boston;
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr, Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Field, (Attorneys-at-Law);
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc; Former Secretary of State;
Jack Sheinkman, Chairman of the Board, Amalgamated Bank;
Paul Wolfowitz, Dean, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy;
Casimir A. Yost, Director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

USA/International: James D. Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank;

"Elite and Discreet"

from The Economist - 26 Dec 1987
Our Good Conference Guide: Magic mountains for the mind

The complete guide - Magic Mountains of the Mind - is on the Dangerous Liaisons page


Ne plus ultra

BILDERBERG takes its name from a Dutch hotel where, in the early 1950s, the first meeting took place under the aegis of Prince Bernhard. The occasion has outgrown the hotel, but the Dutch link remains. Among several European royals who attend as occasional guests, Queen Beatrix and her husband come regularly. A Dutch professor who has brokered coalition governments into existence on her behalf is one of the secretary-generals (the other, American, one lives in San Francisco), and Bilderberg's tiny secretariat sits in The Hague. The meetings now take place by informal rotation in countries of the Atlantic community.

Some 100 or more attend, by invitation of a steering committee. The meetings happen once a year, in the spring. They last 2.5 days (Thursday night until Sunday lunch) and are held in varying but always comfortable surroundings - in 1987 Lake Como, before that Gleneagles. Apart from a half-day on the golf links or sleeping off the previous night's dinner, morning and afternoon sessions fill up the time.

A mixture of able and distinguished folk attend - a sprinkling of serving prime and cabinet ministers, central-bank governors, defence and other experts. They talk, often to galvanising and fascinating effect, about the main issues of the day - East-West relations, arms control, deficits, debt, the Falklands, sanctions, whatever. Their thoughts may not be repeated outside the meetings and never are. This frustrates outsiders but helps 100 great and good people be frank with each other, as does the fact that Bilderberg members are limited to people of NATO and West European countries who know how to be kind or rude to each other without causing such misunderstandings as would occur if Indians, Fijians, Africans, Chinese or Japanese were also present.

Elite and discreet, Bilderberg has inevitably been talked of in hushed tones by conspiracy theorists over the years. It needn't be. The lists of attenders are published, as are the agendas, and before each meeting the chairman (currently Lord Roll) holds a press conference at which few journalists bother to turn up.

Where does the money come from? Not complicated. The steering-group members raise from business the small sums necessary to keep the organising secretariat going hand-to-mouth in The Hague. Members from the host country raise enough money to pay for the hotel and conference when it takes place on their home soil (they are allowed to ask extra guests to make this money-raising easier). Participants pay their own long-haul travel, but are usually shepherded as VIPs from the nearest airport. They also pay expenses over and above the basic bill for their hotel room - the Bilderberg custom being that a whole hotel is booked for each meeting so that Bilderbergers may be alone with each other, their words, their thoughts and, these days, their security men.

When you have scaled the Bilderberg, you have arrived.

* * *

The complete conference guide - Magic Mountains of the Mind - is on the Dangerous Liaisons page

Conference venues since 1954


???? 2001: ????, ????
1-4 June 2000: Genval, Brussels, Belgium.
3-6 June 1999: Sintra, Portugal.
14-17 May 1998: Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland.
12-15 June 1997: Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA.
30 May -1 June 1996: Toronto, Canada.
8-11 June 1995: Zurich, Switzerland.
3-5 June 1994: Helsinki, Finland.
22-25 April 1993: Athens, Greece.
21-24 May 1992: Evian-les-Bains, France.
6-9 June 1991: Baden-Baden, Germany.
11-13 May 1990: Glen Cove, New York, USA.
12-14 May 1989: La Toja, Spain.
3-5 June 1988: Telfs-Buchen, Austria.
24-26 April 1987: Villa d'Este, Italy.
25-27 April 1986: Gleneagles, Scotland.
10-12 May 1985: Rye Brook, New York USA.
11-13 May 1984: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
13-15 May 1983: Montebello, Canada.
14-16 May 1982: Sandefjord, Norway.
15-17 May 1981: Bürgenstock, Switzerland.
18-20 April 1980: Aachen, W. Germany.
27-29 April 1979: Baden, Austria.
21-23 April 1978: Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
22-24 April 1977: Torquay, England.
1976: No conference was held due to Prince Bernhardt's involvement in the Lockheed Scandal.
25-27 April 1975: Çesme, Turkey.
19-21 April 1974: Megìve, France.
11-13 May 1973: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
21-23 April 1972: Knokke, Belgium.
23-25 April 1971: Woodstock, Vermont, USA.
17-19 April 1970: Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
9-11 May 1969: Marienlyst, Denmark.
26-28 April 1968: Mont Tremblant, Canada.
31 March - 2 April 1967: Cambridge, England.
25-27 March 1966: Wiesbaden, W. Germany.
2-4 April 1965: Villa d'Este, Italy.
20-22 March 1964: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.
29-31 May 1963: Cannes, France.
18-20 May 1962: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
21-23 April 1961: St Castin, Canada.
28-29 May 1960: Bürgenstock, Switzerland.
18-20 September 1959: Yesilköy, Turkey.
13-15 September 1958: Buxton, England.
4-6 October 1957: Fiuggi, Italy.
15-17 February 1957: St Simons Island, Georgia, USA.
11-13 May 1956: Fredensborg, Denmark.
23-25 September 1955: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, W. Germany.
18-20 March 1955: Barbizon, France.
29-31 May 1954: Oosterbeek, Netherlands.

Bilderberg offices

In Europe and North America

Current Bilderberg Steering Group pamphlets are available from these offices as well as past attendance lists.

Maja Banck-Polderman
Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (20) 625 0252
Fax: +31 (20) 624 4299

Ex-directory phone numbers at Bilderberg Towers, Amstel 216 by a helpful source: 626-8932, 626-8932, 624-1672 (phone of Victor Halberstaat?), 620-6278, 420-7075, 420-7400(pretty def. Bilderberg phone), 620-9104. add +31 (20) to all if dialling from outside Amsterdam.

North America
Charles W. Muller
American Friends of Bilderbergs, Inc.
477 Madison Ave., 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Phone: +1 (212) 879 0545

Bilderberg Public Relations.
Charles W Muller or Ronnie Glattauer of
Murden & Co., Georgia, USA,

Phone: +1 (770) 945 8921

Another office reported at:
Bilderberger Group
1, Smidswater,
Den Haag,

Phone (070) 45 21 21

Books that comment on the Bilderberg conferences:

A useful source and/or starting point for the following and similar publications is:
Bloomfield Books, 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, CO10 6TD.
Telephone 01787 376374

Search: Enter keywords... logo

Atkinson, Rodney, 'Europe's Full Circle, Corporate Elites and the New Fascism', Compuprint, 1997, £7.95, ISBN 0 9525110 0 2 "Europe has come full circle. The UK faces the same political crisis as in the 1930's... suppression rather than expression of public opinion." From This England books: 01242 515156.

Atkinson, Rodney & McWhirter, Norris, 'Treason at Maastricht : the destruction of the nation state' Compuprint, 1995. ISBN 0950935395 (pbk) 0952511010 (hbk)

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Chesterton, A. K.: (Arthur Kenneth) 'The new unhappy lords: an exposure of power politics', Candour Publishing Co, 1972. ISBN 0851720218 (DeluXe ed.) - 0851720242 - 0851720250 (pbk.) Extract from this vitriolic author here

De Jager C.:The Structure of the Quiet Photosphere and the Low Chromosphere, Proc. of the Bilderberg Conference Arnhem, Holland, April 17-21, 1967. Reidel 1968. [presentation at conference]

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Krieg, A. H.: 'The Satori and the New Mandarins', Hallberg, Tampa, Florida, 1998, ISBN 087319 044 0. Note: this book lists all known Bilderberg members.

Ligens/Loth: 'Documents on the history of European Integration', Volume 2 and 4 : Berlin/ NYC 1986/ 1991

Pomian, John: Joseph Retinger - Memoires of an eminence grise: Sussex 1972 (very difficult to get your hands on it!)

Rarick, John: 'Bilderberg: The cold war international', US-Congress, Congressional Record Vol.117 Part 24, 92nd Congress 1st session, Wednesday, September 15th 1971

Ross, Gaylon, Sr.: Who´s Who of the Elite: San Marcos, Texas 1995

Scholte, Jan Aart: 'Global capitalism and the state: International affairs', 73,3 (1997) p. 427-452

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Sklar, Holly: 'Reagan, Trilateralism and the Neoliberals': South End Press 1986

Van-der-Pijl, Kees: 'The making of an Atlantic ruling class', Verso, 1984, ISBN 0860918017


TREASON - The New World Order, Cassandra Press, 1996. ISBN 0-945946-14-7


Feature Film: "They Live" by John Carpenter. The film depicts how an alien race has infiltrated earth, slowly taking over all govt's and the World Power Elite. Released in 1989, it gives an uncomfortably accurate picture of manipulators hidden from the people.

See also NWO intelligence update's books and videos page

Links to other www sites:

Warning! - Some of these sites and articles come from groups with extremely nasty views. Their factual information (eg. The Spotlight) is often entirely accurate but the spin put upon it may make articles painfully vitriolic.

One frequent irritation is anti-jewish racism. The assumption that because some of the world's most powerful men are Jewish bankers then all Jews are to blame, should be obvious nonsense to anyone who bothers to think it through.
Have those who research the Bilderbergers been taken in by the extreme right??????????

Who Controls The Australian Government? An Australian ex-politician blames the Bilderbergers

Bilderberg Chairman - Etienne Davignon

Bilderberg Secretary General - Victor Halberstadt

The News in Portugal - complete Bilderberg 1999 articles

27Oct99 - Bilderberg steering group meet in Washington? (offsite)


Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. to merge?

The Bilder Burger Vegetarian Sandwich

Etienne Davignon - new Bilderberg Chairman

Search The UK Parliament pages for the latest Bilderberg questions

Illuminati News

Names and who is related to what other organisations - Namebase

Recent lists of names of the elite etc.

Etienne F. Davignon, Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique - profile

Those who have real power typically avoid exposure and unwanted attention by denying that they have it. The Establishment exists but doesn't want the public to get the full picture of its control.

The Juggernaut of Globalisation - from South Africa

Photo Gallery of the Elite

Bilderbergers and the Kosovo Crisis - John Whitley's site

Nazi industrialists escape to the USA in a giant U-Boat before Hitler's fall. Prince Bernhard, Bilderberg supremo, is loitering on the coast!

Collection of John Whitley's Bilderberg Articles

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Georgia paper reports on 1997 meeting

James Wolfenson is admired in Africa!

Two pages with general Bilderberg information and articles

Short biog. of Will Hutton, Editor of The Observer and Bilderberg attendee

Lots of Bilderberg references in German

New World Order - Quotes and Chronology

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Excellent Bilderberg and elites analysis page

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The Bilder-Burger Vegetarian Sandwich

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Complete list and pics. of some of the 1996 participants

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An Australian Band, Black Lung, that sing about global elites

Conspiracy booklist

David Icke has been talking about the Bilderbergers ever since he 'left' his job in television

National Patriotic Front leader in Russia, Gennadi Zyuganov, blasts Bilderberg.

Eisenhower's diary describes Bilderberg's_Diary.html

List of International organisations

Article on 1996 Bilderberg AGM

Listed on the CV of the Prime Minister of Portugal

The art of deception, including more background on secret societies

Ark-hive, comprehensive world government and conspiracy pages


Greek site (in English) detailing Bilderberg activities from an insider's view and links page

Bilderberg and the new world order

Peacemaking in action...? Greeks and Turks encouraged to have a drink together at Bilderberg

Bilderberg brings down the Turkish government?

The Kennedy Arts Centre reiterates Wolfenson's key role in Bilderberg

Healing the hurts of nations

Comment on Richard Fletcher's essay 'Who Were They Travelling With?'

European Socialism must adapt to Bilderberg's new reality

Some Bilderbergers break silence

'Civic' Bilderberg duties of James Wolfenson, President of the World Bank

Watcher Website on the New World Order

Conspiracy Nation comments on Rockefeller and the Bilderbergers

International Herald Tribune / October 9, 1996 / By Max Jakobson

A better approach?

See also Power Élite www links on my bad links page

In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, 'Make us your slaves, but feed us' --The Grand Inquisitor, in The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky -1879

Is Criticising the Bilderbergers anti-Jewish?

I steer clear of the expression 'Anti-Semitic' because most Jewish families in the NATO countries are of Eastern European descent and not therefore Semitic (Middle Eastern) Jews. Why Jews and others continue to use the inaccurate 'Semitic' term is a mystery to me. Answers to

See also:
16 reasons - why everyone should be concerned about Bilderberg
Is The Spotlight racist? Are critics of Bilderberg aligned with Spotlight?
Critics of Bilderberg must be Conspiracy Theorists - further discussions

Anyone who thinks criticism of the Bilderbergers is somehow anti-Jewish or Fascist should first take a look at Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who started the conferences back in the 1950's. He also chaired them up until 1975 when he was publicly discredited after being shown to have taken a million dollar bribe from Lockheed. The Prince was a card carrying member of Hitlers hated SS. [reference on this site]

So why the repeated accusations that critics of the Bilderbergers are anti-Jewish? Are the Bilderberg Steering Group entirely from Jewish families? Maybe someone else can start a website on that! I don't care whether they are or not there is no excuse for their obsessive secrecy in such globally powerful networks. The Bilderbergers may leak information to right-wing individuals and groups - such as John Whitley and Spotlight magazine - in order to give credence to this powerful slur. To assume that because some commentators on the Bilderbergers are on the extreme right Bilderberg is not worthy of level-headed examination is simply lazy thinking. I think it makes work I and similar critics do more worthwhile.

I probably don't see half the disinformation and subsequent criticism of my work but I publish whatever I get. I WISH these people, whoever they are would look at what I've written! [examples of disinformation]

Branding all critics of what the prime movers behind globalisation do as anti-Jewish is simply inaccurate. And I don't take it too seriously. Isn't that just the same as saying if you don't support globalisation you must be anti-Jewish. Equally nonsensical.

Here are some non-extreme-right critics:

Hansard - record of British Parliament - on the website and not far right
Patricia McKenna MEP - European Green Party - on the website and not far right
Kenneth Clarke MP - Conservative Party - on the website and not far right
Christopher Gill MP - Conservative Party - on the website and not far right
On Target magazine - Barry Turner - on the website and not far right
Nexus Magazine - Australian - on the website and not far right
The Economist magazine - on the website and not far right
Robert Eringer - book: the global manipulators - on the website and not far right
Alden Hatch's biography of Bernhard - on the website and not far right
Wall Street and the rise of Hitler - Anthony Sutton - on the website and not far right
......the list goes on and on

Check out the material and you can help put paid to the disinformation. It is no accident that the Bilderbergers feed disinformation about themselves to groups that can be ill-informed. Wrong accusations of being anti-Jewish are particularly pernicious slurs that can only eminate from the most twisted sources. Unfortunately some are taken in by it. And let's not be naive, some organisations that put out information about the Bilderbergers may be funded by Foundations of the Power Elite.

TJ - 3rd November 1999

"...false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their licentiousness, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words; from of old their condemnation has not been idle, and their destruction has not been asleep."

2 Peter 2.2-3

See further discussions on this subject which took place during and after the 1998 Bilderberg Conference at Turnberry in Scotland

Unsubstantiated slurs of anyone being anti-Jewish are particularly underhand and need looking into!

In fact, in the case of Nexus magazine there were viscious rumours circulating about the Editor, Duncan Roads.  Even purporting to be condemnation by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. This condemnation later was unveiled as false and the Board of Deputies conducted a serious investigation into who was wrongly using their name.

The purpose of these slurs is to dissuade editors, writers and readers from pursuing lines of enquiry that point to any Jewish malingering . Some Bilderbergers are Jewish yes but someone from a Jewish family is not immune to criticism - neither to the temptation that comes from greed and avarice.

The motives of anyone making such a broad unfounded accusation need to be looked into carefully by Jews and all those who take seriously the Nazi exterminations and round-ups.

Do I want to expose lies and corruption in Mossad/Zionism/Kaballah/The Israeli government? Yes. Is Bilderberg related? Who knows? And I have friends and colleagues who are Jewish that I love dearly. Yes.

Are all Jews immune from criticism? No.

Finally here are Christ's words to the Christian Community in Philadelphia spoken to John:

"Come, I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan, those that call themselves Jews but aren't - on the contrary they are lying - see, I will cause them to come and prostrate themselves at your feet, and they will know that I have loved you."

Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)

Story from Scallywag

This letter is over-generalising but makes some interesting points.[TG]

An Open Letter to Tom Rosenthal


In a full-page article in the Weekend Telegraph of May 16 1998, you, a gentle, considerate, intellectual Jewish publisher, complain that once, when you were a schoolboy, some of your fellow pupils insulted you in a "terrifying manner" by calling you a "Christ Killer." You say that this came about because your father, a German pre-war immigrant Jew forbade you to attend any religious instruction in the school and you would sit out the classes by reading a book in the playground. This was the first of several cases of discrimination you encountered during your education and later in your life as a publisher, most of them of a less serious nature.

At almost exactly the same time of the ultimate Jew-baiting which has obviously stayed with you, while I was myself at secondary school, I struck up a friendship with a school mate whose adopted name was John Martin. He played Cassius to my Brutus in a school production of Julius Caesar. We so enjoyed our roles that long after the production had ended we would go onto Hampstead Heath and re-enact the choicest scenes with great gusto. He often came home with me to enjoy whatever the austerity of the period allowed in the form of tea. One day, rather shame-faced, he told me he could not invite me to his home for tea because his parents disapproved of him having any close friends who were not Jewish. While I found this a trifle odd, I was able to shrug it off. In fact it was the first time I had even known he was Jewish, let alone cared about it. His parents, he told me later, were similar to yours, but from Austria where in 1938 they had flown anti-Semitism and found refuge in London.

In the school summer holidays we would go together on a working holiday to the Purbecks in Dorset where we camped and did haymaking for a local farm. During the days of rationing, farmhouse meals were direct from heaven and we were paid for an arduous day's work with three sumptuous meals and a gallon of cider each. In those idyllic days the Purbecks were still thousands of acres of medieval meadows in which, during the day, the air hummed with an orchestra of insects and at night we could read a book by the light of the glow-worms. Apart from our mutual love of Shakespeare, we also both deeply enjoyed, even bathed in, the wildlife of such a rustic paradise. I only found out later that Martins had lied to his parents about my actual identity.

One day, by chance in the street, John was summons over by a man in a newsagents. The man said: "What are you doing, going with a Goy? A Yiddisher and a Yok? You should be ashamed of yourself." To my surprise, John Martin, aka Cohen, denied our friendship and said he had only just met me. He then walked off in another direction and I did not see him until the next week in school where he mumbled a form of apology. The newsagent had told his parents that he had been seen with me and they had been angry and forbade him to see me again. And that was an end to it. "If we do meet again, why we shall smile. If not then this parting is well made."

The irony of all this only caught up with me much later in life when I began to really understand the "Jewish Problem". There were many Jews in post-war London and my mother knew a wide selection of them. Two old and dignified Jewish ladies lived in my grandmother's vast house in Nassington Road, Hampstead, (where I was myself brought up) and as a kid they were incredibly kind to me. Despite strange accents, one did not think of them as "Jews", merely as sweet old girls who saved their sweet ration for your birthday. It was they, however, who constantly reminded you that they were Jewish. I did not realise the full catastrophe of the holocaust until I saw a horrific film of its consequences when I was 13. Then, naturally, one felt - along with the whole of civilised humanity - a revulsion and guilt, however abstract, that it had happened. The personal guilt that I felt then lasted until the Six-Day War which I witnessed as a newspaper correspondent. The Israeli victory caused within me a great euphoria when a small and vulnerable nation to whom humanity owed a vast psychological debt had stood up to the "Arab Hoards". That only began to erode gradually as I stayed on in the Arab world, mainly in Amman and Beirut, and watched as Israel began a form of genocide against the Palestinians. Only the Jews, I came to think when the State of Israel "celebrated" the fiftieth birthday of their state, could have spent all that time in conflict with their neighbours. It was a savage irony to me to realise that the Jews, themselves victims of millenniums of racist hatred, were themselves the greatest racists.

It became a further irony to realise that the Jews were themselves quite incredibly discriminatory out of choice. They wished to be a race apart and to keep it that way. So did you when you chose to obey your father's instructions and read a book on your own in the playground while the others undertook religious instruction. How could the bible have tainted you? Half of it is a history of the Jews and the other half is an attractive, certainly not dangerous, theological theory. I have studied The Bible, the Koran, Buddhism, Jewish scriptures, and am still drawn in some way to Catholicism. I am also conversant, say, with Karl Marx, Mein Kamph and, come to that De Sade. But it never made me a communist, a fascist, or a sadist. It is not because The Bible would have tainted you, of course, it is because your father, along with most Jews, including Martin's parents, were ardent separatists. As such, I find your paranoid whinging a trifle pathetic.

Jews simply can't have it both ways. Any race which purposely sets itself apart from the rest of humanity by claiming it is "chosen" and therefore elite, should not complain if the rest of humanity accept their wishes and treat them as a people apart. The persecution of the Jews is only a small part to do with the fact that their own politics led to the crucifixion. It is mainly to do with the fact that in any community in which they have found themselves, since the death of Christ, they have created their own form of apartheid. So how is it anti-Semitic for a person to call you "you people?" If it is a matter between "you" and "us", you people have always, literally, asked for it.



16 reasons - why everyone should be concerned about the Bilderbergers

Tony Gosling

Secret clubs of the rich and powerful are bound to arouse suspicion, particularly when the evidence suggests those in power are using it against the public interest. So why should those who investigate the Bilderberg, a secretive club for the world’s most rich and powerful, be labelled as Nazi collaborators?

The argument used to discourage investigation by the left is a powerful one: By doubting Bilderberg’s own story, that they are a harmless talking shop one is aligning oneself with extreme right-wing fascists such as those at the racist Spotlight magazine in the U.S. Also with a ‘loony fringe’ of those like Nexus magazine or author David Icke that talk seriously of UFO’s preparing to invade the Earth and members of the Royal Family ‘shape shifting’ into lizards.

So that’s it. Right-wing Fascists and hunters of the Lizard Men are critics of the Bilderberg Club therefore all critics must be dangerous Nazis, nutters or both.

One look at Spotlight and it’s clear some kind of racism permeates its agenda, even if it is to balance what they see as the imbalance in the mainstream. Spotlight has an uncomfortable hypocrisy: on the one hand arguing that the white elite are running roughshod over democratic institutions and on the other targeting black people who vent their wrath on whites. From a ‘leftist’ perspective not the sort of journalists one would expect to be balanced.

Lycanthropy aside, David Icke has linked Bilderberg to an anti-Jewish document banned in several countries. ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is thought by many to be a forgery. This links him in closely with the ‘extreme right’.

With such fellow travellers most people and journalists, if they value their reputation and career, will back off. So why pursue the Bilderbergers?


In fact there are some very good reasons why the Bilderbergers should be vehemently pursued and investigated. References to all information can be found on this website

1) There are far more respectable sources that criticise Bilderberg eg. Holly Sklar, The Big Issue, European Green Party, Lobster magazine etc.

2) The argument being extended is one of ‘contamination’ or guilt by association. No-one is right about everything, the contamination argument makes a basic wrong assumption that people are either correct and trustworthy and wrong and sloppy. Since we are all somewhere in-between this is patent nonsense.

3) Jim Tucker, Spotlight’s Bilderberg watcher, has gathered secret information from Bilderberg conferences which has subsequently proved accurate.

4) The Bilderbergers themselves have a greater claim to being Nazis, they were started by an ex-member of the SS.

5) British Prime Minister Tony Blair has gone to extreme lengths to cover up his attendance at Bilderberg after initially having entered his trip in the register of members’ interests. Even to the extent of lying in the House of Commons (in reply to two separate written questions).

6) Criticising the excesses of banks and big business, including the corporate media is one area where left and right are broadly allied. Left and right wing are not simply opposite ends of the political spectrum but groupings around two different priorities both with possibly erroneous assumptions.

7) Links with anti-Jewish groups are tenuous at best. The most incisive criticism of Bilderberg is on their abuse of power. A legitimate criticism of anyone, Jewish or not.

8) Anyone or group of people with control of wealth or other form of power that could be described as ‘vast’ that then seeks deliberately to avoid public scrutiny should be regarded with a healthy suspicion.

9) Bilderbergers claim they are simply a ‘think tank’ yet they lie about who attends the meetings, leaving high-powered participants such as British Prime Minister Tony Blair off the attendance list. As they lie about such a fundamental thing aren’t we right to investigate further?

10) In a world ravaged by the excesses of Globalisation, what Vandana Shiva has called ‘The New Totalitarianism’ any forum which pretends this is the global ‘consensus’ must be regarded with suspicion. They must show themselves able to represent diverse views for that consensus to be valid.

11) Bilderberg prohibits all participants, often against their wishes, from commenting to the press. On one occasion the Greek finance minister was collared by a journalist while jogging at the conference, he finished his apology for not being able to reveal much with: “ critical whatever you write.”

12) National intelligence agencies organise security for these conferences. Why? This is surely not appropriate for a ‘private’ conference.

13) If the Bilderbergers have nothing to hide why do they label the participant lists ‘Not for Circulation’?

14) The bosses of most, if not all, the global news empires are at the conference yet they do not even inform their readers that the event is taking place. Why?

15) On the J18 discussion list, an email list for discussions around a day of action against global capitalism on June 18th 1999 an email was sent out saying critics of the Bilderberg are Nazis. This turned out to have many inaccuracies and to come from a fictional person from a fictional Russian organisation. Clearly deliberate disinformation.

16) Sloppy Journalism - Journalists steer clear of Bilderberg, either because they are told to or because hard information on them has been difficult to source.

17)............the list goes on.........

Is The Spotlight racist? Are all Bilderberg watchers? Make up your own mind. Tony Blizzard for Spotlight and others argue the case.

Spotlight is one of the several alternative media outlets you can find reports on the Elitist and secretive Bilderberg Conferences. One of the papers' freelance writers, Jim Tucker, is regularly the only person in the world to track the Bilderbergers meeting place down before the event. Though Tucker's views are not identical to Spotlight the Spotlight/Bilderberg connection is used in an attempt to discredit ANYONE who attempts to analyse the newsworthiness or wider political significance of these clandestine and extremely high-powered Bilderberg conferences.

Thanks to Tony Blizzard from the Spotlight for these explanations of his magazine's 'patriotic' racism. I have serious problems with The Spotlight's seeming hatred of ethnic minorities - particularly as these people invariably begin life with such a disadvantage in Western countries.

Whatever the ultimate conclusion about it The Spotlight certainly provides an easy to discredit outlet for information on Bilderberg. [TG] Spotlight Magazine:

Why The Spotlight covers Bilderberg when hardly anyone else ever does

From Tony Blizzard -

The Spotlight covers the Bilderberg meetings because it long ago came to the realization that those meeting were the movers and shakers of this world and that shortly after their yearly meetings things in the political and economic worlds moved and shook. On closer examination it was discovered that the agendas presented at the meetings have a direct relationship to those movings and shakings.

The Spotlight has, from the beginning, covered the meetings seriously while the establishment media, handmaiden of the same movers and shakers, either ignored them, presented them as benign, or ridiculed The Spotlight for taking these “good ol’ boy, social get togethers” seriously.

The Spotlight’s editorial policy is that the people of the world have a right to know who it is that manipulates their lives, no matter how powerful these individuals may be.

Is the Spotlight racist? 1

From Tony Blizzard -

The Spotlight abhors the word “racist,” a new addition to the English vocabulary. The word implies that anyone who uses the word “race” as a description of the different peoples of the world is somehow nasty. This is patently ridiculous. The word “race” exists for the very purpose of describing the differences in, well.... races. How else do you say it? If there were no differences, the word would not exist, but it does, for the simple reason that races are obviously different, physically, temperamentally, etc. To say otherwise is to put oneself in denial to those realities.

The Spotlight has black and Jewish writers at times and it has black Asian, Jewish and other ethnic and racial subscribers, worldwide, but it is accused of being “racist” because it is not cowed into political correctness by the likes of the Israeli lobby or any other group that has illicit influence in American (or other nations’) affairs.

It does not blush to say that some races (or other artificially manufactured “minorities”) commit more crimes than whites or are otherwise not always upstanding citizens. And it is not afraid to give whites credit where credit is due - in other words, it has not been conned into self-destructive, false guilt nor into denial of all the accomplishments of white civilization which the whole world clamors to get a piece of.

It’s editors find the hypocrisy of having “civil rights” laws (which are supposed to be totally “color” blind) while at the same time enforcing euphemisms for non-white racial preference, like “affirmative action” and “quotas,” contradictory past the point of insanity.

The Spotlight’s crime is simply in telling it like it is, letting the chips fall where they may. Organizations like the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith don’t like that because, when the truth is published, the “chips” too often fall on such groups which conspire together for mutual gain for themselves and to the detriment of the general population.

Not being in the pocket of any special interest but that of the people at large, The Spotlight doesn’t care who the truth hurts, it cares about telling the truth. This is what the public has always expected from “news” media but seldom received.

Is the Spotlight racist? 2

From Tony Blizzard - Mon, 14 Aug 2000

Well, I'm still just as gung-ho for Buchanan after his vp pick (who sounds just like him), but you must understand that in the US today you are practically a felon waiting for prison if you are a white male.

Racism in this country is the vehicle of all others and it is open season on white males. There is seething hatred of us for no other reason than that we are white males. The discrimination is unending and escalating, to the country's disadvantage. There WILL be a backlash. There always is.

Matter of fact, American women are already discovering that they were lied to and they don't want to compete in the workplace and would be much better off married and raising a family in their home, where they can work at their own pace; choose whatever they wish to do at any time. In other words, be their own boss without the pressures they really can not handle in the workplace. The only women who can really handle the workplace are bitches like my sister. A real pain in the ass to anyone who has the misfortune of working under them as they are totally unrealistic in their outlook and capricious in their dealings with others. Minority men are also having problems in positions they can't handle with lots of suicides.

The bottom line is: Give the job to whoever can handle it and quite violating our laws of free association with forced associations among people who don't want them (on both sides). This is a direct violation of nature's law and necessarily leads to violence. Speaking of violence, the U.S. still has a crime rate about the same as Japan's (very low) if you rate only the whites in the country. Black males are about 6.5% of the population but commit upwards of 70% of all violent crime (fact, not propaganda). --

No, it's not pass misuse, it's the difference in races. That's why they are labeled "races." Matter of fact, black males today have EVERY advantage. Those who use them have just as much problem with those who don't as any white man. Also, blacks are developing a great fear of hispanics, who are going to replace them in numbers shortly if the U.S. doesn't soon get the balls to have national borders again.

Hispanics in general want the advantages of the civilization here created by whites, but they are insisting on bringing their own failed culture with them which, at the same time, they are running from. Two guesses of the outcome of that insane "reasoning."

So is The Spotlight playing fair? - by an Anonymous Guardian columnist

Their justification is worrying in two respects:

1. Equating race with crime is extremely dangerous. All assumptions of this nature have so far been exposed as false, as:

a. They take no account of socioeconomic factors (poverty/lack of opportunity to engage in the legitimate economy)

b. They tend to concentrate on certain categories of crime in which people of different ethnic groups are more highly represented due to factor a. For example, they look at street burglary, but ignore white collar crime (fraud, embezzlement etc) which, because white people have more opportunities to engage in it, happens to be a largely white activity.

2. Take a look at the BNP [British National Party] website, and you will find strikingly similar language and justifications used.

Spotlight's racism - Mike Peters

Dear Comrades

I had better make my position clear. The ‘No Platform for Fascists’ principle has been the consensus most of my political life and I am willing to conform to it, despite its ignorant misuse to throw around the ‘fascist’ label unthinkingly, and the mob-hysteria mentality of rent-a-mob ultra-leftists willing to be used by Searchlight to serve the secret state’s own agenda. All these and other abuses of fashionable ‘anti-racism ideology I am on record as attacking. Moreover, I do not interpret ‘no platform’ as excluding the possibility of ideological debate with people seduced by racist arguments – hence the need for some ‘contact’ of some sort.

Nevertheless (real) fascists and (conscious) racists remain BEYOND THE PALE, as far as I’m concerned. They are the enemy not only politically but in human, moral terms. There is a danger of making excuses and there are (after Auschwitz) no excuses.

I understand the supposed ‘fears’ of white males (I am one myself) but this mentality is utterly useless and really stupid. It’s prevalent in the USA (and increasingly in Europe) largely because of the demise of old-fashioned class consciousness. Fortunately most ‘white’ working class males in the USA have more sense but unfortunately immense historical ignorance.

The fact that Spotlight is the only organ dealing with Bilderberg research is a symptom of the problem we face. They are not, however, reliable (their information cannot be trusted and must be checked independently – Grattan has done more useful work in the last months than Spotlight). Tucker’s research MUST be prised away from Spotlight. Anyone acquainted with the history of the ‘Liberty Lobby’ in the USA cannot fail to see what they are all about.

Speaking of Auschwitz (which I visited only last week for the first time) I recently read Shermer & Grobman’s The Denial of History, which painstakingly takes apart the Holocaust ‘revisionists’ (and has interesting sidelights on Willis Carto) and I recommend this book, if you have the stomach for it. It emphasises, if nothing else, the possibility of discovering genuine facts independently of ideology, which is something (so-called) anti-racists should think about, and which Bilderberg researchers have an interest in keeping clear-headed about.

These issues may not bother you the way they bother me. I despair, for example, at people of the calibre of Chip Berlet saying things like ‘elite research is stupid and always reactionary’. If it really does not matter who is in what position, then why has the left spent so much energy for 100 years trying to get leftists into key positions in organisations? Chip Berlet – it is leftists like you who are saying stupid things and there is no excuse for this either!

Willis Carto set up the Liberty Lobby which publishes Spotlight. He is a fascist (a l'americain) and an anti-semite and is happy to be involved not only with holocaust-deniers (IHR, Irving etc.) but with a seedy underworld including the occultic Moonies and Lyndon Larouche (who are, by the way, financed and manipulated by the CIA). If only on moral grounds, he and his like are nasty and malevolent, and their minds are perverted by hatred & ignorance. Nothing good can come from this discredited milieu.

'Critics of Bilderberg must be 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Tony Gosling - 01Dec99

Many so-called professional people, particularly journalists, pushed for time when faced with evidence of secret meetings of the power elite, like to pigeon hole them as a 'Conspiracy Theory' . It may, for whatever reason, make it easier for them to dismiss difficult-to digest research work but it doesn't bear any relevance to reality.

1. Bilderberg is not a conspiracy, it is one of the central Transatlantic lobbying and 'consensus setting' fora for globalisation and Capitalist Internationalism. It is certainly the most powerful such group in the 'Public Domain'. The major players there regard democratic institutions and the mainstream press as ideological 'competition' to be undermined. Their claim to be setting the consensus goes largely unchallenged by so-called Journalists. Press Releases are issued

2. There are enough facts around now about Bilderberg for it to no longer be seriously talked about as a 'Theory'.

3. Most people who use the expression 'it's just a conspiracy theory' do not attempt to acquaint themselves with those facts. By treating them as theory they only demonstrate contempt for unpalletable facts.

Unfortunately this means some of the alternative press are - just as the mainstream press - stopping ordinary people from understanding how massively undemocratic and disconnected from public scrutiny the process of globalisation is.

Bilderberg's role is mainly a lobbying one, to pull together powerful, influential people as representatives of 'the other view' to the Globalisation of Capitalism (they usually are of course the least radical people). This is done in an attempt to present them with an awesome view of an illusory 'consensus' of opinion in an attempt to 'get them on board'.

That is not to say that there aren't other, more secretive bodies, that form networks of influence behind the scenes. Eg Illuminati Quotations

Now THAT is a Conspiracy Theory, Bilderberg is not!

The only hope is for journalists, broadcasters and teachers of all sorts to break the mysterious taboo that hangs over the Bilderbergers and to cast off the labelling of them as a 'Conspiracy Theory.'

Tony Gosling is an ex BBC Radio reporter now working as a volunteer campaigner with The Land Is Ours, i-Contact video network and Ecovillage network UK

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