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CAMPAIGN FOR A FAIR HEARING, PO Box 54, Cambridge CB5 8BB. Fax 01223 327042(Suzon Forscey-Moore, American Law Researcher)

POW TRUST, A Charitable Organisation,295a Queenstown Road, London SW8 3NP. Tel.0171 720 9767 Fax 0171 498 0477 (Gen.Secy. Peter Sainsbury)

NEW DEMOCRACY ACTION, PO Box 187, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 2DU Ph/Fax 01246 555713 (Organiser Eric Giles)

TRY "PUNCH" AND BUY "PUNCH" (£1 fortnightly)Write to Punch Letters, 100 Brompton Road, LONDON SW3 1ER. Fax 0171 225 6766.


Dacorum District Council - a stinking, lying, dishonest Council who threatened Demon Internet for permitting their subscribers to post this candid examination into their conduct. Don't take our word for it - consider the facts which expose these matters, in the public interest, here.

An American home of Liberty - Justice - Equality and the Truth - main site.

Mirror site for above mirror site.

Another group of individuals concerned at the perverse planning conduct of Chiltern District Council Chiltern - at it again?

More malpractice at Dacorum? Dacorum Action Group v Labour Masons in the Borough Council. This site has been removed by Demon Internet and the link which was exposing alleged wrongdoing in local government, protected by Law in the United Kingdom, may not work. The same material is now available here which is a location where Dirty Dacorum may find it more difficult preventing their voters from learning of their malpractice and skullduggery.

Acacia Press - an American stockist of hard to get books exposing Masonic skullduggery The American web site for Acacia Press International

Keith Rose imprisoned for murder involving a Masonic Judge and adverse publicity from a masons son Keith Rose - framed by the freemasons?

Scandals in Justice - Exposing The Internet site for Scallywag magazine.

  • The Freemasons: undermining democracy? is part of a larger UK based site run by Tony Gosling. Tony appears to be anti-Masonic, anti Bilderberger, ecologically aware and concerned about the growing security apperatus being developed by our global elites. It is nice to see some left leaning criticism of the Masons, but I would alert folks that in the United States organizations like the Green Party are sometimes run like cults and, like the rest of the American 'Liberal' establishment, can be manipulated by the leadership to defeat meaningful political activism. Within the US Green Party 'consensus decision making' is sometimes used to ensure a small cabal can defeat any real action, while promoting a false and manipulative notion of solidarity.

    *Secret Briefings in The (UK) Court of Appeal*
    Published by J M Todd, Misbourne Farmhouse, Amersham Road, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks. HP8 4RU Per pro Vomit. No copyright. Tel 01494 871204. Fax 01494 870031 E-mail Us


    If government is concerned about corruption (sleaze) it must declare secret societies like the Yakusa, the Yardies, the IRA, the Mafia, the Knights of St Columba, the Masons, Opus Dei, the Bilderberg Group and the Tongs unlawful. For the purposes of the Act a secret society would be deemed to be a body that does not publish a list of members and its branches. (All 33 Masonic degrees and ultra secret lodges) The list must be updated annually.