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11th arrondisement
street view of 10 Nicolas Appert
France false flag 13 Nov 2015  Nov 13th 2015 Paris false flag.   Come on, people!   I'm not very impressed with the Youtubes so far; when there's an out­standing one, I'll link!   (Don't forget the paramilitary exercises the same day!) – Rerev  France false flag 13 Nov 2015


A few notes on this new false flag. Sample cartoons (below)

[1] CHARLIE-HEBDO (I think) may refer to Americans, and their alleged freedom and outspokenness. The 'Hebdo' presumably means once a week, though possibly there's a pun on hebrew or Hebes in there. Maybe the magazine was satirical at one time, though I doubt it and suspect it must have been even worse.
    Incidentally, note the way Paris, like London, has the Jewish worldview imprinted daintily on it: Liberté Libération, Napoleon's tomb, and so on.
    Google's map shows two references for CHARLIE-HEBDO: the northern one seem to be a printer and/or distributor of magazines, and this one has the message translated by Google as The Journal still lives, he will be drawn to 1M copies Wednesday. Wednesday (Mercredi) 14th January promises 1 million copies.

[2] The second map shows the location of the office, in eastern Paris. 10 Rue Nicolas Appert is the relevant address. The third diagram is a road photo, showing No. 10 Rue Nicolas Appert, which appears to be a hotel.

[3] Historical note: Some burrowers may recall the New Yorker edition, designed to plant the official view of Hiroshima as a nuclear bombing. That edition was August 31, 1946—the firebombing was August 6th 1945. Almost certainly the Wed 14th January 2015 CHARLIE-HEBDO will contain a lot of false-flag data (and probably worth keeping as a souvenir). I would guess the object is to support wars in the middle east for Israel, though possibly the objects may include excuses for Jews to leave France in the mess they created, or even to do something positive to prevent immigration. Maybe it was a King David Hotel job (22 July 1946), with Jews masquerading as Muslims killing a few French goys. It's even possible that the intention is to allow the fakery to become known, to allow the image of Islam to be mollified, or for some other reason.

[4] Another historical note: Many burrowers will recall the entangling of money issues with Jewish frauds: European wars to make money for Jewish bankers, 9/11 as an insurance fraud, the Holohoax as an income stream fraud.
    Many paper publications are faced with diminishing readership; not catastrophic, but continual and unmistakable. Don't be surprised if CHARLIE-HEBDO turns out to have been losing money, in a similar way to Private Eye in Britain.
Probably a café which may well not have any connection with Charlie-Hebdo. Probably not a Charlie Hebdo building

The inevitable printed posters. The pun on 'Jesus' suggests to me that the Jews may have decided to try to get Roman Catholics onside.
printed placards


Miscellaneous downloads of images.

Jew liars and 9/11
9/11. Total lack of understanding, of course. The Jewish media certainly had inside knowledge of 9/11.
French coffins
Elaborate cartoon to try to whip up French feeling. Who is really responsible for foreign immigration into France? - Jews
nucler lies
Nuclear issues. A perennial Jewish set of frauds.
Circumcision cartoon. Both Muslims and Jews carry out this mutilation.
koran quran
"Koran is shit and doesn't protect against balls."
Dieudonne quenelle ananas
Cartoon of Dieudonné (Franco-Congolese) whose song about Holocaust and pineapple is well-known in France. This may be a pun on banana. Obviously Jews want to continue getting money for their fraud. The 'quenelle' is a sort of inverted NSDAP salute.
Femen are well-known to be Jewish-funded; it suits Jews to use fake paper money to debase white girls and advertise their disgusting messages.
Fvck goats
Do Jews in France want to fuck goats? Who knows. Probably it would be too controversial to show Jews having sex with 3 year old, or using Slavs as prostitutes.
Hitler Yids
Hitler addresses yids. The usual sophisticated analysis by Jews.
Jews hate Christianity
Jews hate Christians. Typical cartoon ridiculing Christianity; in this case, the Resurrection ...
Life of Mahomet
... And a Life of Mahomet, presumably a genuine publication by Charlie-Hebdo. But where is the material on the Talmud? Nowhere! Surprise!
queer marriage
'Gay marriage' is another Jew promoted freakish thing; no doubt they are pleased at imposing this nonsense. I've noticed a few publicised 'gay marriages' in the Jewish press, all of them between Jews! They have to pretend it's serious.
Marine le Pen
Several cartoons showing one or both of the Le Pens. Jewish policy is of course to promote immigration. Incidentally note the poor quality of the cartoons; maybe the heart isn't in it.
Marine le Pen
Probably a typical Jewish obsession, as many observers have noted.
Marine le Pen
Yes, again.
Marine le Pen
These 'right wingers' are so violent, aren't they. I tried to find a cover related to mass killings in Palestine, but, surprise surprise!, nothing. Or mass murders in the USSR!
homosexual kissing
Slobbery kisses are supposed to be especially offensive to Muslims.
Jews and laws and crimes
Something to do with a man imprisoned before trial (or something). Almost certainly a piece of tokenism, as with non-reporting of black crime in USA by the Jewish media. And non-reporting of Jewish financial frauds and the Fed and other 'central banks'.
Jews and Norway
Norway has issues with Israel, for example over organ harvesting.
immigration into France
Romney and probably something misunderstood about immigration. Typical Jewish material.
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