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Nuclear weapons are a hoax. Nuclear power is likely another hoax. Explore history, politics, scams, war plans, 'Jews', nuclear weapon & nuclear power revisionism.  Read & weep.
Tour the Forum | Tour Nuclear Video Evidence | 'Lords of the Nukes'- 3½-hour audio or video banned in China & Japan!        Hiroshima & Nagasaki Evidence | Witnesses?        A-Bomb Myth | H-Bomb Myth | Neutron Bomb Myth | Lookout Mountain film fakery       Second World War deep revisionism | Pearl Harbor Bombed by Roosevelt | Holocaust Fraud       'Cold War' deep revisionism | 'Thousands of experts' myth | Israel has no nukes       Nuclear power doubts: | Chernobyl 1 2 &c | Fukushima 1 2 3 &c | Insane Costs | Dump load? | Waste dump? | Thorium? | Hinckley Point? | India Nuclear Hoax       Exit Strategies: denying past lies—nuclear, 'Holocaust', NASA, WW2, 9/11, &c
nuke lies | logo | nukelies Vanunu, Jewish fake spies | Breivik & Norway | BBC Syria lies  |  'Nukes' & Iran | John Pilger journalist bullshit | 9/11 inside job | 'Sabrosky' | NASA: 'space suits'... jews.. fake moonlandings... fake astronauts ... Space rockets, satellites, Hubble?? | Sociology & Economics of Science Fraud | Peak Oil as Myth Aiming at Population Crash | Submarines, aircraft carriers; nuclear? | History hyper-revisionism | Disease hyper-revisionism | Holocaust revisionism & results & Nero/Hitler | Chomsky | Bertrand Russell dupe of racist Jews | Jews: Talk about?... Do Jews Rule the World?.. Catholics v ZOG?... Need Thinktanks on Jews | Jews & UFO lies | Jodrell Bank | Women | CND | Randi JREF 'Educational Foundation' | voerioc on Jewish 'skeptics' | trolls | George Orwell | Extreme revisionisms | fluoride | Kinetic theory? | Nuke explosions wrong color | Brainwashing & Korea | LBJ, 'civil rights', Vietnam War | anti-white murders in South Africa | Derren Brown | FirstClassSkeptic's A-bomb Youtubes...'Daily Mail' 18 months late!
Anders Björkman (marine accident engineer; later, 9/11 investigator) first posted nuke doubts between Nov 19th 2011-May 9th 2012 (see, when nukelies was well established. His site is Heiwaco rerevisionist weblinks
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Birkenau 1990
jew-swastika TRUTHS ABOUT ‘JUDAISM’: (was one file; now three files)
1. HISTORY Khazar Note | Thuggee compared with Judaism | Opium | 1900 London East End | 1902 Royal Commission on Aliens | Jewish Book Propaganda 1908-1948 Britain | 1915 H G Wells Research Magnificent | 1916 Lloyd George Balfour declaration | 1916 Were 'Jews' secretly given Russia? | 1917 Moissaye Olgin Russian Revolution (Jewish coup) | 1919 Hungary & Bela Kun | 1920 Bertrand Russell on Bolshevism | 1922 Hilaire Belloc The Jews | 1924 R Coudenhove-Kalergi's Eurasian negro plan for Europe | 1928 Belloc's Belinda | 1933 | 1933 Dvornik Khazar conversion | 1934 Malcolm Muggeridge Winter in Moscow | around 1939 Jewish printed propaganda in Britain | 1940 Thorkelson | 1940 H G Wells Jewish Influence | 1943 Charles Singer Christian Failure | Eisenhower's death camps | 1945-1948 Anglo-Israeli War | 1952? Frank Britton Behind Communism | 1961 Benjamin Freedman's USA warning Improved | 1968 Mullins The Biological Jew | 1969 Jews in British academia | 1975 Nation Wreckers | 1991 Lady Jane Birdwood Longest Hatred: anti-Gentilism & Kitty Little | 1995 Barcelona Agreement | 1996 Pogrom Revisionism | 2002 Jewish UK Media Control | 2013 Sayanim & Hasbarat | 2015 Jews & BBC | Don't donate to Wikipedia metapedia on wikipedia and porn
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6. AUDIO & VIDEO: DISCOVER JEWS, Bondi, Chomsky, Leon Greenman, Hobsbawm, Martin Gilbert, Stephen Rose, &c

Jewish scams to flood Europe with Africans

200 JADAR (Jew-aware) sites including Akira, Duke, Endzog, Occidental Observer... AND MANY MORE
JOFF (Jew-ignorant) sites including BBC, Greenpeace, New Internationalist, KKK, 'Labour Party'... AND MANY MORE
Bertrand Russell - Why I Am Not a Christian
Bertrand Russell
Why I am not a Christian
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Obituaries: Tony Benn | Denis Healey | 'Warren Mitchell'/'Alf Garnett' | The Independent
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Click, watch! Rerevisionist's Youtube site  |  Descriptions of my Youtubes | Selected Youtubes: Lords of the Nukes | Irving on Himmler | "Were 'nuclear bombs' faked?" | "'Holocaust' faked?" | Hiroshima? With John Friend | Nuclear Bombs? Power? With D Spingola | 50-second US nuclear propaganda clip | Shakespeare/ E de Vere

False Flag playlist (not mine) Includes Airbus, Ferguson, 'Charlie-Hebdo', Sandy Hook, Lee Rigby, 9/11 &c
open borders for Israel The aging, low-IQ, population of the beggar state, Israel needs invigorating new blood.  Black Africans and bushmen will diversify New Israel to the max!  Progressive black change agents may be resented by Jewish racists, but the transformation must take place as G-d planned.  Jewesses crave black lover shalom with New Jews!  Jewish science 'proves' blacks are racism-free, so modernize apartheid Israel with mass migration NOW!  Diversity politicians, lawyers, and gipsies will enforce free housing and benefits; Israelis must learn to love.  Diversified Israel means strength, with fewer inbreeding deformities and mental diseases!   Majority Rule for Palestine!   Law of Return for Palestinians! [ 729 barcode in shops = Israeli registered company. Look for 'Country of Origin' too ]
How much Modern Physics is fraud?
[c. 1999]

Einstein cardsharp Atom bomb? | e=mc2? | Superfluid helium? | Light speed a limit? | Quanta? | Heisenberg's absurdity | Detection of particles? | Accelerators? | Relativity? [1967] | Big Bang? | Weather? | Façade | Higgs boson?]
[Kurt Johmann [c. 2000]: big bang, black holes myths? | ice ages? | USA drug war? hemp suppressed?]
Harold Hillman biology fraud How Much Modern Biology and Medical Science is a Fraud?
Mostly a detailed look at the work from 1964-2008 of Harold Hillman.
Long detailed audio interview
    Hillman exposed multiple errors in theoretical biochemistry, cell structures and nerves. These errors remain the official view; they span entire professions. Now (2012) videos of films made for biology students, professors, researchers and practitioners are online.
30-min video, Jan 2013 Harold Hillman living cell video
Very serious problem areas include: Cancer research (cell structures are misunderstood), Immunology (cell surface receptors don't exist), virology (detection relies on bad techniques), 'auto-immune disease', and brain research (synapse junctions & brain structure are misunderstood), 'high energy bonds' (1 & 2), 'antioxidants'... | Cancer Research: Harold Hillman developed a theory of cancer—but I don't know what it is.

Cervical cancer: nuns v prostitutes myth | Spurious high blood pressure with age [1998]
HIV? AIDS? - The great HIV/AIDS fraud   Details of 1984 fraud, mostly written 1999
AIDS propaganda myth of AIDS 1 Traditional theories BUT [False Positives | injections]
2 Opponents [ e.g. Peter Duesberg | Bryan Ellison | Christian Fiala | Neville Hodgkinson | John Lauritsen | Thabo Mbeki | Joan Shenton | Michael Verney-Elliott | Martin Walker | Susan Warman ]
3 Failures [ BBC | Coca-Cola | Duncan Campbell | Hiram Caton | Chomsky | Elton John | Bill Gates | Gallo | Glaxo-Wellcome | Masters & Johnson | monkey researchers | nam | NIH | Louis Pascal | Penguin Books | 'Skeptics' | Susan Sontag | Terrence Higgins | US Govt | Robin Weiss | Robert Willner ]
4 Future? [EBOLA Virus - another fraud | India | Sweden]
5 Others: Leprosy | Jim West on Polio | DDT | 'West Nile virus'
6 Audio recordings: Include: Ellison, Hodgkinson, Perth Group, Shenton, Verney-Elliott
How the Global Warming fraud started
This scare was generated by defective computer modelling. Transcription and my detailed notes all from a brilliant public talk by Sir John Mason in 1995. Includes the Q&A session.

earth weather Audio | Video | Written Version [Greenhouse effect | Uncertainties | 1st computer model | Better models | That's it | Q & A]
Mayer Hillman Jewish-funded support for science fraud [2000]

Lost BNP green policy files (badly formatted) Land and People [2008] showing typical misunderstandings
Would-Be Science Re­vision­ists
[c. 1950-2010]
science revisionism
Black Inventions Myths 2004?
USSR Inventions Myths
Jew Inventions Myths
Another little-known Jewish 'Conspiracy Theory': Control of Foods...

1947 Food Shortage Lies & Jewish Plans

1986 Texas, beef, Jews, industry control: Rudy Stanko

1996+ OPs (organo­phosphate insect­icides against warble fly) and beef. The BSE scare; CJD; Gulf War | Summary of OP effects | Wheatley | Mark Purdey

2000 BSE 'Public enquiry' - Jewish-chaired

2001 Foot and Mouth
Oxfordian views of Shakespeare [c. 2000] de Vere Society

Edward de Vere: the Shakespeare authorship question
[ Anglo-Spanish War declared by England. Propaganda &c | Burford/Beauclerk: important issue | Challinor | Derran Charlton v Kathman | Exams | External links | Rogues Gallery | Sonnets dedication puzzles | Stratford Monument | Tourism]

1995 Excellent Youtube Lecture (49 mins) & 1995 Good Q & A Session
2011 'Anonymous' film review
2014 Lady Jane Grey hypothesis
big selling Napoleon life bookNapoleon and the 19th Century
Balance of Power? | Flags?

Nap­oleon in the Light of 21st-Century Revisionism
Ireland Scotland Jews
Ireland, Scotland, Jews
Poland & World Jewry & USSR mass kill­ings; & another reason for WW2
David Irving Libel Trial
(David Irving's website is
David Irving Lipstadt
Detailed account, written in April 2000. One of the best commentaries anywhere on Internet. Long!
Part of the general process of Second World War revisionism
[And with full unedited official court transcripts | by Date, Topics | Commentary | Witnesses | Media Hacks | Judgment]

Prof Evans | Funke | Keegan & Browning | Longerich | Kevin MacDonald | van Pelt | Watt

My email exchanges
Russell on American war crimes in Vietnam intro
Vietnam war dead
Bertrand Russell's Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal   [1967]
Note: probably 'controlled opposition'—there was no 'cui bono' investigation of war profits, nor of Jewish involvement in the genocide*. One ~1 MB download. These links jump directly into the same file—
[ Matorosso: Tribunal Rules | Burchett | Caldwell | Chomsky | Russell | Tariq Ali | Kolko 1944-1944 | Fragmentation Bombs | Bombing | Victims | Dikes | Napalm | Chemical Warfare | Torture | Thailand, Philippines, Japan | Testimonies: four Vietnamese & Tuck & Martinsen & Duncan | Verdicts: Stockholm & Roskilde | Sartre on genocide     List of Members, Reporters, Witnesses]

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Articles [1969-1973] Vietnam War end era [Ho Chi Minh | US Empire | BR Interviewed by Ralph Miliband | Mark Lane | Israel | Arnold Toynbee | David Horowitz | Harold Wilson | Gabriel Kolko | J F Kennedy, BBC lies | Papandreou Greece, CIA, NATO | Students | War crimes Terry Whitmore | Pentagon Papers: Chomsky, Farley | Edward Said]

Russell's 1927 essay Some Prospects: Cheerful and Otherwise
Russell & E. D. Morel's Red Rubber—little-known Belgian Congo atrocities in Africa c. 1900
Russell on Rhodesia | Harold Smith (civil servant) on Nigeria

• Bertrand Russell and the BRPF: case study in Jewish-influenced pseudo-opposition   (Incomplete)
Russell Tribunal on Palestine (sessions c. 2012-2014)Russell Palestine
Weary of nasty issues? General Interest, Light Stuff, Short Articles, Thought-Provoking Items, & Visuo-Mental Artefacts (One long file, suitable for browsing)

Amen  |  Beatle  |  Diana  |  Elvis  |  Fairy Tales  |  Gobëkli Tepe fake?  |  Graffiti  |  Heroin  |  Website Hints  |  Lawyer Jokes  |  Leys ('Ley lines')  |   'Lunar Waves' and 'flat earth' promotion  |  MacDonalds  |  Monarchy  |  Motorcycle design  |  Male circumcision  |  Muesli  |  'Orbs'  | Orion's Penis  |  Political Correctness  |  Puzzle Rings  |  Razor Blades  |  Reverse Speech  |  'Rods'  |   ''Ropeworms''  |   Salt Demonisation  |  Smoking and Diet     Star Trek UFO  |  Taj Mahal  |  UFOs   |   UFOs & Jews  |  UFO emails  |   World Tree  |  Year 2000 Panic  |  Yoghurt
Debunking Chomsky
I now take the view that Chomsky is a faux radical, whose task is to hide 'Jews' and pretend the US govt is Amer­ican. Bear this in mind; articles are less critical than they should be.
1992 Pilger Inter­view
1995 New World Order
1995 Minimalist Explor­ations
1996 Chom­sky on AIDS
1997 Is 'Chomskyan Linguistics' any use?

Reviews 'Manufacturing Consent', 'Propaganda' etc
Rationalism* and anti-Roman Catholicism: Jesus Christ
Wheless: Is It God's Word? [1926] [Anti-fundamentalist]
Wheless: Christian Forgery [1930] [Apostles | Constantine | Middle Ages &c | Christianity Triumphant]
McCabe's Rationalist Encyclopaedia [1948] [FULL DOWNLOAD w/intro] Extracts from McCabe
[1948] [Arabs | Countries | Religions | People | Popes | Papacy | 1870 Vatican Council | Social Effects | Wars | Massacres | Institutions | etc]

Did Jesus Exist? [...1946, '74, '82, '99, 2000...]
Utter worthlessness of Church of England - passim  |  Humanism [B Gogineni, of IHEU 1997]  |  US Christian fundamentalism  |  Mother Teresa as fake do-gooder [1998]  |  Blunt's detailed Victorian Dictionary of Sects, Heresies... [1874] heresies

*'Rationalism' in the true sense; not the fake & pseudo-scientific versions of rationalwiki, James Randi, Jews, 'Skeptics', Dawkins.
RICHARD ENNALSBritish Private Hospitals criticised union flag [1998-2001] with Richard Ennals
2 KEY POINTS – MEDICAL including Consultants | Single Rooms | Nurses | Dangerous Staffing | 'Cherry-picking' | Equipment | NHS Waiting Lists | Costs to NHS of Private Treatment]
3 KEY POINTS – ADMIN including Advertising | Managers | Incidents Specific to Private Hospitals | Poor Records, Statistics | Collusion to Suppress Figures | 'Charity' Hospitals | Insurance | 'Quality Audits']
4 CONCLUSIONS including Private Wings in NHS Hospitals | NHS Patients in Private Hospitals | Complaining | I.H.A. | Multinationals]
5 RECOMMENDATION – if you must, use private wings of NHS hospitals!
Freemasons: Booklist

Bilder­berg Inform­ation

[Recovered from VOMIT (Victims of Masonic Ill-Treatment), a website I downloaded in 25 Aug 2000. It includes 1998-2000 issues which vanished from Internet. Not my website; of some interest. Note: it may be a JOFF site]
H G Wells tried to popularise genuine socialist ideas & world government; but came to support Jewish 'Communist' wars and finance
A 'pogrom' [1915. Jews promoted myths about pogroms via their press; see Andrew Joyce on this]
Outline of History inc. McKillop & Deeks [1920]
Russia in the Shadows [1920]
'Currency crank', 'com­petent re­ceiver', & defenders of Jewish paper money [1926,1934]
New World Order [1928]
Jewish influence inc. Nesta Webster [1939,1940]
Crux Ansata [1943]
Mind at the End of its Tether [1945]
Waco Texas Carol Valentine (mirror)
WACO, Texas revisited [1993]
... Or a PsyOp/ False Flag?
Waco – psyop hoax by 'Jungle Surfer'
American Empire, bases etc as the result of Jewish finance. Comparisons with multinational corporations, and religions.
Trying to understand the American Empire c. 1970   Not a very important article. But it shows the need for such investigations by white nationalists
Evolution [Still Under Construction!]
Prompted by people unable to understand the ideas and implications of evolution
Outline of Evolution | Attacks | 'Skeptics' and Weaknesses | Sociobiology |
Alfred R Wallace as originator
Audio: memes
Bad Education link to mostly Mona McNee & dyslexia
Education is over-priced, low quality—and lucrative. We examine dyslexia and the 'look say' method in reading and writing, and consider if mis-education was/is another deliberate Jewish policy of deliberate harm to whites.
Self-help plan for dyslexics.
Salt in food.   Salt drives all the processes of life. Opposing the widely-promoted demonisation of salt, we present evidence that high salt intake is good for health and well-being.
The myth that salt is harmful [2014]
• Improved April 2016
Small particles in air:   Diesel engines, coal, incinerators &c: asthma, heart attacks, low IQ, cancer, mutations

Dick van Steenis [1997, 2011]
Blood Pressure: the Hydraulics of Overweight

Simple treatment of the relation between weight and the heart, pulse and blood pressure, in normal people

bnp land and people logo Rediscovered archive! Aug 2008 BNP green policies! The writers were never paid or thanked. That site was deleted by Simon Bennett in 2009. It doesn't display properly. I've left it as a gentle hint to websites that simpler content may work better.
Land and people (in new window)

The BNP had the usual rehash of the controlled media. For some real complexities, see:-
World population. Doubts about numbers Nuclear power. Doubts about this and other energy sources Oil. Doubts about reserves Climate Change fraud. a scare Lomborg's Skeptical Environmentalist review
Camp of the Saints link

Anti-white racism: Griffin video 2009 Racism Cuts Both Ways | Booklet PDF download
I've researched many topics for years, and have contacts around the world. This site is serious, and I'd like to continue with it. Donations would be helpful, and gratefully received—including from public sources favouring truth and free speech ... Thank you!
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Jews Palestine

Open Borders for Israel
Jews Palestine

Jews Palestine
Link to hostile review of Private Eye
• Click for hostile review of Private Eye (British feeble satire) •

Note that Camoron thinks he's a Jew. So Miliband is lying, in Jewish style, when he says he wants to be the 'first Jewish Prime Minister', quite apart from Disraeli!
fanatical greedy jews and jewesses
Jewish frauds behind the scenes. See Birdwood's Longest Hatred
satire on Holohoax money making fraud
New archaeological find at Auschwitz! German version. Charlie Hebdo is the first to announce it
Thatcher Begin chosen people frauds
Thatcher's role was to ignore British interests, while getting British assets into Jewish ownership, since Jews know their paper money is worthless, and want to convert it. Here Thatcher shakes hands with a murderer.
Welby Jewish 'Archbishop of Canterbury' anti-white fanatic appointed by Cameron who thinks he's a jew
Welby, the Jewish-descent Arch­bishop of Canter­bury chosen from a shortlist by the Jewish Prime Minister, Cameron, begs & pleads with Jews. Time will tell whether this affrontery and insult to victims of Jews will work.
satire on Charlie Hebdo
What are people not saying about 'Charlie Hebdo'? ....

Nobody says anything about queer-only hotels race based women who think they're jews anti-white racism in South Africa - no Jewish media comment
Jewish media refuse to comment on anti-white crime. Jews are racist
Jews house Muslims in Britain but not Israel
Jewish policy is to import foreigners in bulk, piling up problems: taxes up, built assets reduce, loans to Jewish banks up.
Muslim drug and rape gangs and police inactionMuslims and Jews have similar attitudes to sex Schwartzkopf and Kissinger war criminalsAnimals

Links to some British websites of interest:– external sites of crime and scandal (Not my content. Some may be discontinued, incomplete, unfinished, threatened, etc)---
  councillors - liars buggers thieves thugs   About 300 jailed local councillors 2006-2013     'enrichment' in Britain   Violent crimes by mostly non-white immmigrants (2013)     judge watch   Judges who passed lenient sentences     the fallen   About 16 British murder victims of immigrants     rogues gallery   Immigrant murderers, white victims. Emphasis on Jewish media statistical deception     Labour25 Labour Party paedophiles and sex criminals Labour paedophiles. The so-called 'Labour' Party was created by Jews. Jewish 'sacred books' are full of child sex, white prostitution, other evils Channon and Christopher murders
US war flag   US site: Violence Against Whites

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